10 Reasons Why Showering is Better than Bathing

If you’re a bath person, you may want to rethink things and take more showers. While an occasional bath is certainly a worthy indulgence and a great way to unwind, showering also has its advantages. In fact, showering is definitely better than bathing in many important ways.

To help you learn about the advantages of showering, versus bathing, we’ve compiled a list which is fun to read and easy to understand. These ten reasons to choose a shower over a bath just scratch the surface. However, they should help you to understand why taking a shower is such a smart way to go, in terms of hygiene, monthly power bills and general self-pampering.

1.) Showering is Quicker – If your goal is to get clean in no time flat, you’ll find that showering takes much less time. In fact, you may be able to get in and out of the shower in the time that it takes to fill up some bathtubs!

Showering doesn’t have to be super-fast – however, it certainly can be and this is just one reason why it’s so popular these days.

2.) Showering Utilizes Less Water – If you’re eco-conscious and you want to conserve water and energy as much as you can, a shower will be better than a bath. Since you may take a quick shower which uses much less water than a bath, as well as less energy for heating water, you’ll be able to get clean without the guilt.

You may make your shower even more energy-efficient by installing a water-saving shower head. These are affordable and they offer a great shower experience, while also conserving water.

3.) Showering is Probably Cleaner – When you soap up in the shower, you can reach almost every part of your body. After you’re soaped up, the shower spray will rinse off the soap and send it down the drain. This is a more effective cleaning method than soaking in a tub, as you won’t be rinsing off properly in the bathtub. Basically, you’ll be soaking in water that contains a mixture of dirt, debris and soap.

4.)Showers May Be Therapeutic – If you select the right shower head, you’ll find that you get a therapeutic massage every time that you stand under the spray. There are wonderful shower heads with adjustable settings. If you love a massaging sensation, be sure to buy a shower head which is renowned for its massage setting.

You don’t need to go for a massage setting if you don’t want to – many shower heads offer gentle “rainfall” settings to those who want a less intense experience. Multi-setting shower heads definitely make it easier to enjoy a spa-like experience in the shower.

5.)Showers Take Up Less Space – When it comes to home design, bathrooms which have showers without tubs may feature more floor space. There are space-saving shower stalls which allow homeowners to maximize bathroom space outside of the shower.

For example, those with three-quarter sized bathrooms may find that installing only a shower stall, minus the tub, is a great way to increase the value of a home and also give kids or other family members a place to shower if another full bathroom is being used.

6.)It Is Easier to Shampoo in the Shower – Washing your hair in the tub may be a little bit difficult. Rinsing in the tub is harder and this means that you may not remove all shampoo and/or conditioner when you shampoo as you soak. For this reason, you’re probably much better off shampooing while you take a shower. It’s easier, it’s faster and it’s more efficient.

It’s actually possible to do a lot of skin care treatments and hair care treatments in the shower, so the possibilities are endless. It’s all about having access to effective rinsing.

7.)Showering Costs You Less– Showering generally uses less power. It costs more to heat the water for a bath. If you’re interested in lowering your monthly power bills, you’ll benefit from showering more often. It’s best to think of a bath as an occasional treat and to consider the shower the best and most cost-effective place to get clean.

While an extremely long shower may cost close to the same as a bath, most people shower for thirteen minutes at the most and this means that they save money, compared to those who bathe frequently.

8.) Shower Water Heats Up Fast – Shower water reaches the perfect temperature quickly and it’s simple to turn off when you’re done, so you never need to worry about filling and then draining, like you do with a bathtub.

9.) Showering May be Romantic – Americans take 5.7 showers per week, so showering is definitely more popular. Also, some people shower with partners, which may be quite romantic. Of course, showering with a partner will also save water! As well, single people may use their shower time in order to shave or perform other grooming and these grooming tasks may be harder to perform in bathtubs.

10.) Showering is More Popular – People gravitate towards what works for them and the popularity of showering, as opposed to taking baths, is proof positive that showering is the most convenient and efficient way to get clean. This is why the beauty industry offers so many shower-specific products for men and women alike.

Showering Just Makes Sense

Hopefully, our fun guide to ten reasons why showering is better than taking baths has provided you with some valuable insight and some interesting facts! Showering is relaxing, just like taking a bath is, and it’s the least expensive way to get clean. When you outfit your shower with the right shower head, you may turn your shower into a spa and enjoy doing hair and skin treatments while you stand under the spray.

While it’s fine to take a bath sometimes, doing so all of the time may not be such a great idea. Our guide is designed to show you the value of showering frequently.

If you want to change your shower head, you should know that some exceptional styles are available online and these shower heads come with an array of ultra-modern features, including adjustable settings, water-saving capacity and so much more. These shower heads come at an array of price points, so there is something for everyone’s budget. Whether you want something simple and basic, something mid-range or something high-end, you’ll benefit from checking out the latest products.

Also, be sure to treat yourself to some shower gels, special shampoos and moisturizing conditioners. Pamper yourself in the shower in order to make the most of every single shower experience!