10 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Large Shower Heads

For those unprepared, something as simple as a large shower head can be difficult to figure out. If you are currently in the market, then you know that there are countless models of large shower heads to choose from. So, what makes a shower head worth purchasing and what should you stay away from? Let’s take a moment to review the 10 things to keep in mind when buying large shower heads.

Water Efficient Models Aren’t Necessarily Bad

There is the belief that water efficient large shower heads will create a worse showering experience. While it is true that enjoyment is correlated with water pressure, it does not mean that efficient models will deliver a terrible experience. For example, there are some models that provide a low 2 gallons per minute flow rate and still function as fantastic large shower heads. In the end it comes down to design.

Durability & Longevity

More often than not, we are concerned by the water pressure a large shower head can create and less concerned about the durability or longevity of the product when we purchase. Do yourself a favor when buying a large shower head and keep an eye out for what the warranty information says. The last thing you want is for your large shower head to stop working after only a few months of use and not have it covered by the manufacturer.

Price Is Not A Measure Of Quality

Price is not always a measure of quality. In fact, testing on numerous large shower heads created by companies all over the price range show that while the two are correlated, price is not always an indicator of quality. Rather, it may be an indicator of durability. While this is fine, it will be useless if you are looking for a particular experience out of your large shower heads, like a high pressure stream.

Beware Handheld Models

Handheld models have a number of benefits associated with their use. You can move them around your body and get a steady jet of water from pretty much any angle. The thing you should be aware of is that the handheld models will tend to break quickly. If you purchase an inexpensive model, then dropping it once or twice is enough to destroy it. In addition, the water pressure may be less than optimal. Carefully read reviews on the large shower head you are interested in if it also comes with a handheld model.

Instillation Should Not Be Challenging

Simply put, if installation is challenging, then you bought the wrong large shower head. Large shower heads have become increasingly easy to install over the past few decades. A major part of their design, companies that care about their products will go out of their way to make the experience easier for you.

Understand Low Flow Vs. Fixed Vs. Dual Showerheads

When shopping for large shower heads, you may see a range of labels applied to the showerheads. Without a good idea of what they mean, it may be challenging to figure out what product is right for you. Typically, and low flow large shower head is designed for reduced water consumption and unless you are careful may be a less than optimal experience. Fixed large showerheads may pivot at the top, but will remain with a limited range of movement. Dual showerheads include a fixed large shower head as well as a handheld unit. Quality is very important with the handheld units, as they tend to break down more quickly.

Rain Shower Vs. Pressured Water Delivery

The typical large shower head produced between 40 to 60 psi of water pressure. Towards the lower end you get what is called a rain shower. This is where the water droplets fall as if it is raining. On the upper end you get pressured water delivery capable of massaging and penetrating your hair for a more thorough clean. It is important to remember what your preference is when purchasing a large shower head.

Consider Spray Patterns

The market for large shower heads is pretty diverse, with a multitude of companies selling products that may interest you. One thing you should definitely keep in mind when buying large shower heads is the available spray patterns. Depending on your ideal shower experience, you will want something with multiple settings for you to choose from. Increasing the versatility among family and friends who may also use the shower, getting the jet, full, massage, and rain spray patterns to start is a good idea.

Remember That Quality Often Means Pressure

When a large shower head is labeled as a quality product, the ‘quality’ most often comes from the assertion that it provides a high pressure experience. If you are looking for a lot of pressure behind your shower, than this can be great. However, if you are looking for a low flow alternative or want a softer experience, than quality large shower heads may not be right for you and your needs.

Reads Customer Reviews

The Final thing to keep in mind when buying large shower heads is the usefulness of customer reviews. With customer reviews, you can look for other people who have a household psi similar to your own and see how the large shower head you are interested in worked for them. Read enough reviews and you can get a fantastic idea of how well the product works before you buy. You will literally save yourself a great deal of time and effort with only a few minutes of targeted searching online.


When it comes to purchasing large shower heads, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. As repeated throughout the 10 different things you should keep in mind, remember that one of the most important things you can do is to carefully read reviews left by other people. Identify what you need from a large shower head and go after the best rated product that provides that experience. Until then, good hunting.