10 Top Rated Shower Head Brands You Should Know About

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, feeling a little bit groggy, and then sliding beneath a perfect jet of warm water – there’s something about a morning shower that recharges and rejuvenates each and every one of us.

And when it comes to showering, the following brands always have the best shower heads! Check them out.

Vida Alegría

Though probably not one of the most well-known brand names you’re going to come across in the world of shower heads, this is a company that has been responsible for making some of the most beautiful and innovative shower heads in the last few years.

Probably most recognized for their standard shower head designs, there range all shower head options are also well worth closer inspection.


One of the “Big Three” names in the bathroom fixture and plumbing world, you can’t go wrong when you decide to outfit your shower with one of these shower heads.

Legendary for their industrial style, dependability, and water efficiency, you really can’t go wrong when you decide to go in this direction. These shower heads are dropdead gorgeous, relatively inexpensive, and effortless to install. Many of them have the latest and greatest when it comes to shower head technology as well.


Another of the lesser known shower head brands you’re going to come across, this particular company is really starting to make some pretty substantial waves with the luxurious shower heads that they produce.

They make some of the most impressive rainfall style shower heads, make combination shower head and shower wand options, and are also starting to take advantage of chroma therapy technology with built-in LED lighting.

If you’re looking for a truly special shower head that is going to set your bathroom apart dramatically, you’re going to want to look in this direction. It also doesn’t hurt that they are relatively inexpensive when stacked up against the more established competition!


The second of the “Big Three” we are going to break down in this quick guide, and this just might be the most well-known brand name in the world of shower heads and bathroom fixtures and for good reason.

Each and every one of the products that this company produces are innovative, reliable, and take advantage of the latest in bathroom technology and engineering. You always get your money’s worth when you decide to go in this direction, and you’ll also be able to enjoy tremendous resale value because of the name recognition.

Seriously – if you want to be sure that you are increasing the value of your home by making this upgrade in your bathroom, this is the kind of shower head that you’re going to want to add into the mix. You can’t beat Kohler.


This is a brand name most closely associated with automatic toothbrushes, but they have been pioneering some pretty exciting (and super high pressure but water conservation friendly) shower heads that you are going to fall in love with.

Beautifully designed, elegant in form and function, and very dependable, these kinds of shower heads are going to be able to provide you with the kind of luxurious shower experience you’ve always wanted at a price point that is almost impossible to beat.

They may become more expensive in the future, but if you’re looking to upgrade your shower head right now, this is a brand that is well worth paying a bit of extra attention to.


These European style shower heads are really starting to catch fire today, as they go beautifully with a more modern aesthetic that a lot of people are starting to trend towards when they overhaul their bathrooms.

There rainfall shower head options are almost impossibly luxurious – the kind of experience you are used to enjoy it at a high-end hotel, resort, or spa. They do require a little bit of extra effort when it comes to the installation of these shower heads, so you want to budget for calling in the plumber if you aren’t comfortable tackling this kind of work on your own.

Even still, if you want a real premium experience in your bathroom, this is the way you’re going to want to go.

American Standard

This company has produced some of the best toilets that have ever existed, the kind of toilets that are dependable, reliable, and gorgeous from a design standpoint.

The shower heads and bathroom fixtures that they produce are also top notch. Many of these have been engineered to provide you with the kind of luxurious experience you’ve been hoping for at a price point that is less than you would have expected.

This is a company that has their priorities right, a company that understands the value of craftsmanship, and a company that stands behind their brand name and reputation.


The last of the “Big Three”, everyone recognizes Delta products when they see them – even if they aren’t able to see the brand name prominently displayed on the fixtures themselves.

That’s because the industrial design behind Delta products are so immediately recognizable, even from a distance. These bathroom fixtures and shower heads always take advantage of the highest and construction materials, always take advantage of the intelligent engineering principles, and use technology that is usually a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the pack.

Certainly a little bit on the more expensive side of the fence, Delta products are well worth the extra investment. They bring a tremendous amount of resale value to your bathroom, and will dramatically improve the kind of shower experience you’re going to enjoy on a regular basis.

If you are having a tough time choosing from these top 10 shower head brands, Delta is always a smart choice!


Another top-notch European shower head manufacturer, these shower heads are usually quite clean, minimalist, and modern as far as design is concerned – and will definitely fit with your bathroom aesthetic.

Available in a wide variety of finishes, each and every one of the shower heads that they provide are going to give you the immediate upgrade you’re looking for from a stylistic standpoint, but also give you a shower experience that is refreshing and consistent on a daily basis.


The last of the top 10 shower head brands we are going to review here today, this is a relatively new shower head brand responsible for producing elite options that can go toe to toe with almost all of the other brands on this list.

You’re going to find that there rainfall shower heads are absolutely beautiful, incredibly functional, and provide a lot of utility – and you will definitely appreciate adding them to your bathroom if this is the direction you decide to go in.

All things considered, there are a lot of different shower head options to pick and choose from. Hopefully you’ll be able to select one from the list that we have generated above to round out your new shower project!