15 Tips on How to Buy the Best Shower Heads for Your Money

Buying new shower heads will allow you to access an array of impressive modern features, from stylish design to energy efficiency to adjustable spray settings and beyond.

If you’re in the market for new shower heads, our list of shopping tips will help you to access products which offer superior value for the money.

Once you’ve perused these tips, you’ll be able to shop around like a pro…

1) Consider Your Budget – If you don’t have a lot to spend on shower heads, focus your online comparison-shopping on cheap shower heads. The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to add the word, “cheap” to your basic Google search. Conversely, if you know that you want designer shower heads that are high-end, or mid-range shower heads which have some extra features, but aren’t too expensive, customize your search terms.

When you do, you’ll get targeted results which save you time and energy. Even if you plan to buy locally, shopping around online is the best way to find a great deal.

2) Research Different Brands – Lots of manufacturers design, produce and market shower heads. When you’re looking around online, be sure to consider brand reputation before making a final choice. While most online retailers have short blurbs about brands posted at their websites, the best place to get the inside scoop on brands is at the official websites of these manufacturers.

Also, checking out online reviews of brands will help you to form a wise and balanced opinion.

3) Look at Customer Ratings – These days, tons of online feedback about specific shower head models is available online, at Amazon.com and at tons of other websites. You should be able to check out customer ratings while you’re perusing different shower heads. Styles which earn hundreds of positive reviews and four and five-star ratings from real-life customers are likely winners.

Use reviews and ratings of specific shower head designs in order to narrow the field.

4) Think about Features – Some shower heads are very basic, while others have multiple spray settings. If you want variety in terms of your shower experience, paying more for shower heads with a range of settings, from Massage to Rainfall and beyond, will make a lot of sense. If you don’t need variety, you may be better off buying a basic model. There’s not much point in paying extra for a feature that you won’t use and don’t care about!

5) Look for Energy-efficient Designs–If you want energy-efficient performance, you should know that a lot of manufacturers create shower heads which are water-efficient. This means that they provide exceptional shower experiences, while also conserving water. Since the amount of hot water that you use will impact your monthly power bill, going for water-efficient designs is a smart way to save a little money. Overall lowering of household water consumption is also beneficial for the environment.

6) Consider Bathroom Décor – There are designer shower heads which look fabulous. They may cost a bit more, but they bring sculptural style to bathrooms. For this reason, you should give some thought to overall bathroom décor while you’re shopping around for shower heads. If you want high style, many respected brands will deliver. In general, the cheapest shower heads will have a basic appearance, but some people want more from shower head design. There is something for everyone out there!

7) Consider Extra Costs – If you’re shopping online, always factor in the cost of shipping or other related expenses. Some online suppliers offer free shipping for shower heads, while others don’t. While shower heads don’t typically weigh too much (weight affects shipping costs), they may be sent from far away and this may boost the price of shipping. You should be able to check shipping costs before you finalize an order for shower heads online.

8) Look at Warranty Information – Good companies will back up the shower heads that they sell by offering strong warranties. Since warranties vary widely, it’s up to you as a consumer to find out if a shower head that you are interested will come with a warranty. It’s always best to choose a shower head that does, as having a warranty will give you recourse as a consumer, if something goes wrong with your new shower head.

9) Consider Ease of Installation – Some shower heads are really easy to install. In fact, you may just need to screw them into place. However, others may necessitate more work in terms of installation (or even professional installation). You may usually get the inside scoop on how simple or difficult a shower head is to install by reading customer reviews.

10) Consider Ease of Usage – If you want a design which is of the multi-setting variety, you should look for a shower head which makes it simple for you to change settings, even when you’re wet, with shampoo on your hair. Some designs need to be wrestled with, while others adjust at the touch of a button or the twist of a dial. Again, reviews (and product descriptions, too!) should help you to find those which are easiest to adjust.

11) Look at Materials – Some shower heads come with a lot of plastic parts, while others feature materials which are more heavy-duty (such as stainless steel). If you want long-lasting quality, you’ll benefit from reviewing product materials before you buy.

12) Buy in Bulk to Save – If you are outfitting a home with shower heads, you may be able to save money on the cost of each unit by purchasing a group of shower heads at one time. In particular, many online retailers reward larger purchases by offering lower prices per unit.

13) Consider Return Policies – No matter where you buy, it will make sense to learn about that supplier’s return policy. You’ll be better off buying from a place which is nice about returns. After all, there’s always the possibility that a shower head won’t be right for your bathroom.

14) Check Out “Shower Towers” – Shower towers are multi-head products and they may be right for you. If you’ve never considered a multi-head design, Google “shower towers” in order to see whether or not they might be what you’re looking for. They provide more of a spa experience.

15) Costly Isn’t Always Better – Some cheaper shower heads offer a lot of features and perform well, even over the long haul. While certain designer models will offer great performance and great looks, it is possible to find a cheaper design that is great, so do consider more than price alone.