3 Little Known Benefits of Owning a Good Shower Head in Your Bathroom

3 Little Known Benefits of Owning a Good Shower Head in Your Bathroom

There are several benefits that you derive by installing a good quality shower head in your bathroom. It not only gives you a complete bathing experience, but also makes you feel cooler than when you bath with water from a bucket. However, when it comes to lesser known benefits only three things stand out. Although some people know about these yet by and large most people are ignorant about the three unknown factors that compel a person to choose a shower head. .

Savings on water and energy bills

Among the top benefits of a showerhead is that it saves your water and energy bills. This is because according to studies conducted a modern showerhead saves more water than an average size pipe working non stop for the same period of time. It is also seen that a showerhead may save up to 35 to 40 percent or even more of water as all modern types actually lessen the speed of water and makes it spread out evenly by lessening the speed at which it falls on your body. This gives you an excellent bathing experience that allows water to fall all over your body keeping you drenched to the skin so that your body is easily cooled.

The net result is that you actually use less water that falls from the showerhead and by controlling the flow you still achieve a good bath. This when compared to tap water is less than half and if you choose a quality brand then you will be surprised at the water bill. Again, you do save on energy bill too. This is because the less water you consume due to showerhead the lesser water is needed to pump into your overhead tank.

Converting hard and chlorinated water

If you use a quality showerhead with an extra fitting called the filter then your bathing experience would be even better and safer as far as your health or family’s health is concerned. You will find several modern showerheads with in-built water filters that actually arrest the flow of water from falling straight on to your head and other parts of the body.

The use of filter is recommended as the water may be hard or too chlorinated as both can be disastrous for your health over a period of time. There are number of filters that do not allow water to gush out straight away, but converts them by lessening their speed. This way you avoid both hard water and chlorinated water to fall on your body harboring dangerous chemicals and bacteria.

Therapeutic experience

Not only the rain water type of showerheads give you a rejuvenating experience some like the modern types are able to swivel 360 degrees. Again, some make the water to fall slowly rinsing, massaging, bubbling, saturating and a combination of one or more of these to give you a total therapeutic experience.

In other words, using a quality shower head may give your body full relaxation and allow blood to flow evenly.