3 Mistakes You Must Avoid Using Waterfall Shower Heads

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid Using Waterfall Shower Heads

There are many people who like to go for a long weekend after day’s hard labor and go lost into the vicinity of nature, forest, waterfalls, etc. It is definitely an exquisite feeling for people to enjoy nature’s beauty at its best just like taking bath in natural water of waterfall. What if you get the same refreshing and soothing experience well at home without even stepping out of your house? Installing waterfall shower head in bathroom area is a smart decision that you can take to get highly refreshing experience of nice cold or warm bath after going through hectic schedule all throughout the day.

What are waterfall shower heads?

As the name suggest, waterfall shower heads are basically quite a size of thin plate with many holes from which water comes up in the just like it comes from the waterfall. Numerous types of elegant and eye-appealing shapes can be found in this type of bathroom accessory. One can look for best matched waterfall shower head either in flat shape or any oval figure in order to match overall décor of bathroom.

Common Mistakes While Using Waterfall Shower Heads

No doubt waterfall shower heads are quite a popular piece of accessory for bathroom that gives your relive from all stress and tension. However, there are some common mistakes that most household people commit that can be avoid. Some of these are:

Using High Force Showers

It happens with you many times after coming for scorching heat outside, you enter the bathroom and open the shower with full force. Just like waterfall water comes down at a huge speed in a same way waterfall shower heads running in full force can cause harm to your delicate skin. Doing this, one can get acne or rashes on the skin. This requires the users to open the shower at a normal speed to get a soothing bathing experience rather than in full force to face any kind of injury or skin disease. Moreover, you are also advised not to take your kid under waterfall shower head running at full force to save little infant from any injury.

Too Close to Electrical Switches

Not just proper installation of waterfall shower heads but also proper placement is also required to cause any type of accident. What happens at most of the time is many household people install their favored choice of shower head near to electrical switches or within short distance that can directly cause short circuit and loss life and property. Try to avoid this and keep your shower head installed at a great distance from any electrical switch or equipment.

Not upgrading your plumbing

While you are considering using the shower heads, make sure that you upgrade the plumbing and water pipelines connected to your place. While the use of shower heads is going to elevate your bathing experience, the low water pressure in your pipes shall destroy it all. Hence it is important that you think about these upgrades well in advance and then make the most from the shower heads installed at your place.