5 Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost When Using Bronze Shower Heads

5 Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost When Using Bronze Shower Heads

A bronze shower head is a shower head made of bronze that you can use for an effortless experience in your bathroom. There are handheld bronze shower heads available as well. They are almost always generally attached to a flexible hose that connects with your traditional plumbing setup. Handheld shower heads provide you with more versatility and flexibility.

The handheld bronze shower heads let you enjoy the same type of adjustable pressure and spray patterns as in the traditional shower heads. Bronze shower heads allow you to pour water on every untouched nook of your skin and let you enjoy an effortless and comfortable bathing experience.

Installing Bronze Shower Heads

Earlier, installing shower heads used to be a tough task and often caused chaos. But in today’s time, with advanced methods, they are easy to install and can be completed in under 10 minutes. Usually no tools are required for this job. If you have the tools, patience and time, then installing a bronze shower head would not be a huge problem for you.

5 Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding the following five mistakes when installing bronze shower heads raises the performance and efficiency of shower heads.

  1. Not utilizing the right tools and materials: If you don’t use the right tools and materials, you will increase the chances of making a mistake while installing a bronze shower head.
  2. Applying extra force: You run the risk of tearing the threads of the fitting if you use too much force while removing the shower arm from its fitting and turning it counter clockwise. It is the same in case of replacing a new shower arm. Applying too much force while rotating it clockwise to tighten it might damage the fitting which in turn, may result in slow leaks behind the shower wall and floor.
  3. Purchasing several shower head parts and accessories that do not fit: You would not want to purchase different parts and accessories and make the mistake of matching them even when they don’t fit each other. It would turn out to be a disaster if you purchase the shower head and the shower arm from different manufacturers and try to match them.
  1. Forgetting to turn the main water line off: You might think that this is quite obvious, but many people do forget to turn the main water line off before installing a bronze shower head.
  2. Adjusting the wrong water pressure: There must not be any need to adjust your water pressure service after installation of the bronze shower head. Avoid this mistake of increasing the water pressure after a low-flow bronze shower head installation. It is important to avoid this since this may lead you to run the risk of damaging the water supply pipes and shower fixtures.

Hence, if you can manage to avoid these mistakes, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience when  installing a bronze shower head.