5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up a New Rain Shower Head

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up a New Rain Shower Head

You cannot do without a showerhead unless of course you live in the Arctic or Antarctic regions of the world. Every new home that is constructed across the world has to have a showerhead no matter whether they live there or not.

You will also find that there are hardly any star hotels today that do not have showerheads for their clients to bath. So, it is rather amusing to see someone living in the equatorial or the temperate regions of the world not asking for a showerhead.

Therefore, the first reason why you must have a showerhead is that everyone around the world uses them and you wouldn’t like to be embarrassed before your guests who had come to stay with you for a week during the holidays.

4 more good reasons to have showerhead

The first reason why you ought to have a showerhead has been stated in the above paragraph and this is that everyone has one anyway to give them the raining experience. The second reason why is that they consume less water than the water tap.

Although you feel that the brand new rain shower head that you have purchased shows that it is pouring water non-stop then breathe easy. It doesn’t mean more consumption of water, but that the water is evenly spread and looks enormous when coming out from different jet holes.

The third reason why new rain showerhead is almost mandatory in a modern bathroom is that it gives a class touch to your bathroom décor especially when you choose one of those best selling branded ones. They have larger diameter and this means that you may have the real rain like experience. The new ones would undoubtedly save both your water bill as well as energy bill.

The fourth reason why you shouldn’t stop yourselves from purchasing a new rain showerhead is that they are made of the latest technology. You may browse through the Internet and look for those online stores that sell these high tech showerheads. These are highly durable with excellent finish, slim and may have either Bluetooth functioning or audio system in-built within it.

The fifth reason although this may be not least and may even be considered as the first reason for some homes is that it is easy to unscrew and may be cleaned with a piece of cloth. Some of the modern ones are easily detachable and you may clean and again refit it within seconds. This would ensure that you have the filter well cleaned so as to have healthy, non-hard, non-chlorinated water and free of mineral deposits that would accumulated inside it.

Beyond the 5 reasons

You may have individual preferences and family specific needs while choosing new rain water showerhead. In many families it is better to discard the old overused ones and bring new rain water type for more rejuvenating bathing experience. There are several modern varieties that eject out colored water due to the placing of three or more colored LED bulbs inside them.