8 Tips on Choosing Shower Heads That Make Your Kids Love Having a Shower

The majority of kids out there just aren’t all that wild about the idea of taking a shower on a regular basis.

Most of them have come to love bath time, but there’s just something about showering that they cannot get their little heads around. It’s really not their fault – all of us are pretty resistant to change, and when kids aren’t sure of why they have to start taking showers things can get a little bit confusing.

Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do to choose better showerheads that will help your kids love taking a shower.

Let’s jump right in!

Find showerheads that don’t spray water directly in their eyes

Many times when children are afraid of taking showers it isn’t that they are afraid of the shower itself, but that they are instead afraid of getting water or soap/shampoo in their eyeballs.

This is a pretty reasonable fear (after all, kids are rather small and of the water seems to becoming quite a long ways to get them), and it’s one that you are going to be able to solve without too much difficulty.

Simply get your hands on showerheads that do not spray water directly in the rise (like a rainfall showerhead), or get your hands on a shower wand that allows you to control the direction of the spray more easily.

Speaking of that shower wand

When you are getting ready to upgrade the shower experience that your children are going to enjoy with a new shower head, you are going to want to seriously consider getting your hands on a shower wand.

The right shower wand is going to give kids complete control over the shower that they are taking, and when they get this kind of control they are going to be more likely to enjoy it.

Why get just one shower wand when you can get two?

A lot of parents are going to simply go with a showerheads set up that includes a single shower wand, but why stop there when you do can gain control over the shower experience with a flexible wand without depriving them of the control that they are after.

Look for shower ones that have “split valves” and you’ll be able to keep control over shower time so that it moves along speedily without having to worry about your kids freaking out when it’s time to jump in.

Make the transition smoother

Kids are naturally going to resist change (as we mentioned above), which is why you are going to want to try and gently ease them into the new bath experience.

Rather than simply jolt them into a life of showers when they were used to taking baths this whole time, slowly transition them from one to another. Look for showerheads solutions that run at the same time as a bath, and you’ll be able to run a bath while showering them so that you don’t get a lot of pushback.

Look for LED showerheads

LED showerheads are all the rage right now, and you will be able to find them at almost every price point imaginable. Seriously consider installing one of these brand-new showerheads into your bathroom and you might be able to get your kids to beg you to take showers more often!

The different colors really draw children in, and there’s something about the space-age technology that transforms boring showers into adventures. You really can’t go wrong!

Look for “fun” showerheads

You certainly aren’t the first parent to ever want to find a solution that helps their children get used to the idea of showers, and you certainly aren’t going to be the last, either.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer “fun” showerheads that are built into crazy patterns, their favorite animals, or their favorite cartoon characters. Slap one of these showerheads into their bathroom and you won’t ever have to worry about them running when it comes time to clean up in the shower.

Instead, you’ll have children that are excited about visiting their favorite characters again, and that’s going to make the transition to showering a lot easier.

Showerheads that blow bubbles shouldn’t be avoided

There are a couple of showerheads available on the market today that actually blow bubbles while they provide a shower experience. This is one of the best ways to distract your children, to get them to think about shower time as playtime, and to effortlessly convince them to climb into the shower and have a good time.

You’ll have to supply the soap (and regularly top off the reservoir), but that extra effort is nothing compared to all the effort you are going to be able to save when you don’t have to deal with angry kids at shower time.

Transform “bathtime” into “creative time”

There are a couple of kids focused showerheads that are standard units that include water paints that your children are going to be able to use while they shower, and are then going to be able to be used to wash away all of that artwork without any headache or hassle at all.

These are a little bit more expensive, but are definitely a viable option if you’re looking to win over children that are really having a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of taking showers instead of baths.

As a parent, you are definitely going to be facing a bit of an uphill battle when it comes time to get your children into showers. Some children are definitely going to take to showers a lot faster than others, but for the most part you’re going to have come up with some creative solutions that get you passed all of their arguments and barriers.

Luckily, with the tips and tricks above – and the right showerhead – you aren’t going to have too much to worry about!