Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5-Function LED Handheld Shower Head Combo Review

ctaLooking to upgrade your showerhead?

Before you resort to ordinary shower heads that will probably give you a year or two of service before they fail again, take a look at this Ana Bath LSS5430CCP review.

It is not very often you come across a LED showerhead that lights up every time you turn the taps on.

This unique design allows you to have your baths with colorfully illuminated sprays of water.

First Glance

The showerhead makes a great first impression with its dual operation mode.

You can either go with the traditional hands-free shower mode or opt to hold and direct the spray from the shower head with your hands.

All thanks to its versatile handheld option.

To seal the deal, the incredible dual showerheads can operate simultaneously so you get two functioning shower heads for the price of one.

On the score of energy efficiency, this showerhead will not cost you a dime in energy bills as it is powered entirely by your water supply.

There is no need for any additional batteries or electricity for it to run.

Power outages hindering your morning shower will be a thing of the past.

Key Features

This bath looks prepared to ride it out with you on a long-term basis.

Its features lean towards making it more durable and more flexible in the bathroom.

The main features of the Ana Bath LSS5430CCP are below.

Dual Operation Mode with LED Shower-head

Aside from the fixed shower-head, a sufficiently long 5-foot stainless steel hose attached to the handheld shower head facilitates its flexible movement.

Its durable build and rustproof material makes it ideal for washing your kids and your pets easily and more flexibly for years to come.

The bases of the shower-heads lights up in an ambient blue LED light that really takes your showering experience to a whole new level.

Five Spray Settings

The showerhead comes with five exceptional shower spray settings that you can adjust depending on your preference.

You can switch to the saturating spray for washing your hair or furry pets.

Or a bubbling spray for your kids to enjoy their showering experience and for you.

Or a soothing massage spray to help you calm your nerves after a long, exhausting day.

Durable Construction

A tasteful and lustrous chrome-plated finish for the entire set up makes it more resistant to corrosion and more attractive.

In addition to that, a high quality 3-way diverter valve—one of the best in its range—is fitted into this unit.

You will not be needing a replacement for this in a long time.


Enjoy all the features of the Ana Bath LSS5430CCP dual showerhead twice. Both showerheads come with five spray settings so no matter your mode of showering, you get to enjoy your favorite setting.

Brass attachments and a chrome-plated finish make the showerhead resistant to corrosion and wear.

Installing it is a breeze. Regardless of your level of skill, it will take you about fifteen minutes to set up.


A potential deal breaker is that the bearings in the showerhead wear out very quickly.

The worn down bearings emit an uncomfortably loud squeal when the showerhead is operating.

However, the replacement of these bearings at no extra charge is covered by the warranty.


Ana Bath LSS5430CCP deserves props on its elegant and durable build and incredible multi-functional design.

The dual LED showerheads give you twice your money’s worth and ice the cake with the addition of a vibrant blue water show as you take your shower.

It is a home upgrade worth making.