Ana Bath SS5450CBN Review

Available at a very attractive price on larger online retailers, this high-quality shower head is very versatile, as it features 5 interesting showering functions.

In addition, this Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5-inch shower head comes with a three-way diverter mount. As well as a sixty-inch, stainless steel shower hose.

In this review, I will show you why you should pick this one up.

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People Love This Feature So Much

The key selling point of this affordable shower head is its five-function feature.

This gives you access to five different shower settings all in one place.

Whether you want harder spray or a gentler shower experience, you’ll find that this design provides exceptional options.

Change it up in order to change the way that you feel while you’re getting clean!

Many other customers find that this shower head delivers excellent water pressure. And they enjoy being able to change settings whenever they like.

For this reason, this Ana Bath design earns very high ratings from actual owners.

But wait, there is more…

It Helps You Save a Lot of Money

In addition to offering variety, this Ana Bath SS5450CBN shower head is energy-conscious.

That’s why it will also save power in the long run.

Designed to use less water to better effect, this planet-friendly shower head may just save you money on the cost of your monthly power bills, by conserving a lot of hot water during each usage.

However, you should know that you WON’T experience weak water pressure or other drawbacks as a result.

It is cleverly designed in order to provide energy-conscious performance, without loss of water pressure.

You’ll find that it’s easy to get clean as you also do your bit to reduce your energy footprint.

Since it’s really easy to install, you’ll find that enjoying this unit’s features is a total breeze.


What Else Does it Have for You?

  • Combo Shower System
  • Five-Function, five-Inch Hand-held Shower
  • Five-Function, five-Inch Shower head
  • Large Three-Way Diverting Mount
  • Sixty-inch Shower Hose made from stainless steel
  • Easy to Install
  • Energy-conscious

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This shower head has a plastic finish.

Some people aren’t crazy about plastic – however, in this case, the plastic looks very nice and it will also be rust-proof (unlike many metals). So this may actually be a benefit.

And in case you’re still wondering about the quality of the product…

Here’s What Other Customers Said About it

Most customers were really happy with this design.

They liked that it was easy to install and they found the plastic parts to be durable and hefty, rather than cheap and flimsy.

As well, a lot of real-life owners found that this shower system provided great pressure, although one person did remove the system’s regulator in order to increase water pressure.

Another person complained about water pressure.

But this review was a bit of an anomaly, as many others loved the unit’s water pressure.

Overall, customers were pleased with this system in terms of its construction, ease of use and shower experience.

One customer was impressed with how easy it was to adjust the shower setting.

OK, so…

Is This Product Right for You?

If you want a shower head which has fun settings, such as rainfall as massage settings, this design may be perfect for your needs.

But I have to warn you, that the stock of this Ana Bath SS5450CBN shower head might not last forever.

So grab one at this incredibly low price today!