Aquagenix Razor 9″ Rainfall Shower Head Review


If you want a cool new shower head which is very modern and unique-looking, you’ll want to know about this Aquagenix Razor Mega-size 9-inch Rainfall model.

And with a very attractive price like this, you will like it even more!

Because it offers some of the best features you can think of for such a low price tag.

And in this review, I will show you everything about it.

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A Very Interesting Thing About This Shower Head

This shower head is very attractive.

And this may be its key selling point.

Its innovative design is very different from the usual.

That way, it offers a true designer look, without the high-end price tag.

Large and square, it has a sculptural quality which is really impressive. And it will definitely add a touch of artsy beauty to your bathroom.

The square shower head face measures nine by nine inches.

This shower head is also quite functional.

And it will provide good water pressure for a soothing and enjoyable shower experience.

Many other customers gave this unit good reviews.

The “rainfall” experience that it provides is pleasant and so relaxing.

But it doesn’t stop there!


This Unit is Very Easy to Install

If I can do it, then you can do it too!

This model features an angle-adjustable connector nut made from pure brass.

And thanks to it, you’ll find that you’re choosing a shower head which is very easy to install.

In addition, this unit will be quite low-maintenance as it comes with 112 easy-clean jets.

Since you’ll be able to hook up this shower head without using tools, you’ll find that it doesn’t require a lot of “DIY” skills.

It’s a good shower head device that anyone can hook up with total ease.

You won’t even need tools in order to get this product working as it should.

Now, here is the product’s…

Summary of the Main Features

  • High-style Ergonomic Slim-line shower head is very stylish
  • Ultra-thin, three-eighths of an inch Razor profile
  • Nine inch by nine inch Square-shaped shower head face
  • Angle-adjustable connector nut is crafted from durable brass
  • 112 easy-clean jets
  • Easy installation without tools
  • Life-time Warranty

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Highlights of Customer Reviews

Reviews for this design are weighed over the positive side.

Most customers adored the rainfall shower experience which was produced by this design.

However, there were still some who found the water pressure of the product to be lacking.

Customers also differed a bit in terms of the basic quality of components – some liked the plastic parts and thought they looked great, while others found them a bit flimsy and a slight disappointment.

But most customers agreed that this unit looks fantastic once it’s installed and most also enjoyed the adjustability of the system.

It’s easy to change the direction of this wall-mounted shower head as needed and people liked having options in this regard.

In terms of disadvantages, this unit doesn’t feature an array of shower settings, like some shower heads do.

However, it does provide a rainfall showering experience, which is definitely extremely enjoyable!

All in all, I highly recommend you…

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