Are All Bathroom Faucets the Same Size?

A homeowner may not understand that there are a few different types of bathroom faucet designs that all fill a different need. To get the correct faucet for the project, it is essential to know the primary design types and to know that are all bathroom faucets the same size?

Similarly, as with most home remodeling items, bathroom faucets have different sorts of formats that influence how well the faucet will fit in with the project design. Some faucet types won’t work with a vanity relying upon the design of the vanity and the necessities of the bathroom. Here are different types of bathroom faucets size.

– Single Hole Faucets

Single gap faucets have one handle and acknowledge the water feed pipes at only one point. To use a solitary opening faucet, it is important to have a solitary gap format in the bathroom sink.

– Center Set Faucets

Focus set faucets have two handles however the feed pipes meet at the base close to the spigot. Every handle does not have its own particular feed pipe connection. It is altogether done through the base and the water is controlled by every individual handle.

– Spread Set Faucets

These faucets come in three pieces and require a spread set bathroom sink for appropriate installation. The spigot and every handle are separate gatherings that are mounted into their particular openings as three separate units.

– Shelf Back Faucets

Shelf back faucets are commonly found in showers and bathtubs. They are set up like spread set faucets in that they consist of three separate pieces, yet as opposed to mounting to a horizontal sink top, they mount to the side of a bathtub or shower.

– Vessels

Vessels are taller spigots with single handles that look like water wells. These are tall and thin units that don’t offer a tremendous amount of water pressure. These types of bathroom faucets permit a consistent stream of water as opposed to one that pushes with a great deal of water pressure.

– Tub Faucets

These are the most fundamental bathtub faucets with the single spigot and the pull-knob on top that figures out whether the water goes through the bathtub faucet or the shower.