Are Baby Bathtubs Necessary for Your Babies?

You may be a first time mom and shopping for what you will need for the baby you are expecting. When it comes to baby bathtubs, the question about their use arises more often than not. Are baby bathtubs necessary?

For a mom working with a budget, a baby bath is not at all necessary. To say it is unnecessary does not mean that a baby bathtub is necessarily expensive, but it does mean that it will be an unnecessary expense. The saved cash can be used to purchase something else.

As well, a mom who is short on space at home may not need a baby bathtub. Baby bathtubs often come made of thick plastic. Storing them can be difficult where storage space is unavailable.

You can wash a newborn baby in any bowl big enough to conveniently hold the infant. A basin available in the home can serve this purpose. you can wash the baby in the kitchen sink. When he is slightly bigger, he can go into the bathtub or shower with his Mom or someone else.

Another reason why a bathtub for baby seems unnecessary is that a newborn will only require a sponge bath for the first few weeks of his life. Even after the umbilical cord has healed, washing him too often may irritate his skin. So even if you acquire a bathtub, it will rarely be used for the first few weeks of his life.

Babies also outgrow the bathtubs very quickly, and it turns out that most do not hold the baby as conveniently as expected. The wet baby still slides in the tub. The one washing the baby must hold the baby carefully and not rely on the baby tub so much to keep the baby from slipping.

If you do struggle to hold the wet baby in the kitchen sink or bathtub, you can try to use a bath sling. This is especially convenient if you have limited space. You can use it in the bathtub or sink. The baby will be easy to clean as you the sling will help hold him.