Are Pedestal Sinks and Bases Interchangeable?

Moving into a new home with these kinds of sinks can be a turn off when you are used to your favorite brand. However, you can still transform your sinks by interchanging the pedestal sinks and bases. Many of these sinks are not universal to let you fix any available brand. Therefore, going through the available possible replacement from the original manufacturer can be the perfect solution to your current problem.

Most of these products do not contain labels that will indicate the size or other measurements that can facilitate quick match in the market. However, they do include the country of origin, and this is the first step towards getting the perfect replacement.

Take a few pictures from different angles of the sink you desire to interchange and visit any of the local stores stocking similar or those bearing great similarities with the old model. You can make a call to the nearest store you have identified online that currently stocks that particular brand you are about to replace before stepping out.

Some pedestal sinks to your amazement will be compatible to some of the stylish sinks you are admiring, and this will be a big win. Your dealer will be able to tell the likely brand that can perfectly replace the old one.

Sometimes, you may fail to find the perfect much, and in such cases, you can still transform your sink by opting to change the old faucets. Changing your pedestal sinks faucets enhance the appearance and can yield some significant level of satisfaction.

Although that may not give you 100% satisfaction, those who failed to find the right replacement have found the trick to change their initial view of their sinks making them admire their new sinks. This is better than replacing the entire pedestal sinks and base which may be costly, and it may be difficult to conceal the drains and supply properly.