Are Pedestal Sinks Difficult to Install

To install pedestal sinks is not a difficult task. It is because the installer has all necessary measures and knowledge about the installation process. Installation of pedestal sinks involves the following steps.

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First of all, disconnect the water supply and clear the vanity where you want to install the pedestal sink. Loosen the water pipes and place a bucket below the pipe so that excess water can be dropped out. Make sure that all water pipes are disconnected before installation of pedestal sinks. It is the case when you want to install pedestal sink at a previously installed sink. If you are going to install pedestal sink at a new vanity, then, first of all, open a hole in the wall with the size of 2*8 to fit in the studs.

Installation of the mounting brace

Move the stop valves closer to the tap so that it disappear from behind the pedestal. Connect the brace with the screw and make it tight. Now patch the hole, sand, and any other smooth paint.

Mounting bracket

Pick the sink and attach to the wall by placing at the top of the pedestal and hold along with the wall and mark the mounting bracket. Mark the bracket by driving the closing screws at 2*8 inside the wall and then check the level of the bracket.

Adjust the sink

Now adjust the sink at the top of the pedestal and install the faucet. Carefully check the position of the sink so that it meets the mark.


Now connect all water supplies, check the leaks. If leaks are found, then adjust the sink again and check the leaks again.

Pedestal bolting

Now bolt the pedestal at the floor and close the screws. Be careful that the screws are not tightly closed as it can cause cracking in the pedestal.

Connect the sink to the wall

Now drill the pilot holes and connect the sink to the wall and close the screws of the pedestal. Too much tightness can create cracks and problems in the adjustment.