Are Pedestal Sinks Out of Style Already?

Small bathrooms pose all kinds of problems regarding space. You need to be able to move around to use the room, but you also need storage space. Regardless, there are still more styles that you can use to create more space. Pedestal sinks have all the luxurious look of their larger styles. The major difference is that they are scaled down to fit into even the smallest bungalow bathrooms. There are many styles available, and this will help you make a design statement in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pedestals come in every style you can imagine. Victorian era, modern, luxury spa, and simple woods all are available. All the top manufacturers carry them in many colors and materials. You have plenty to see before you actually buy. So doing a bit of online research is very helpful. It will give you an idea of what suits you and your pocketbook before you buy. Every price point is represented, and the quality of the compact sinks is very high regardless.

If your plumbing is centered on a wall, then you should be sure to measure your pipe locations to see how widely spaced they are. The sales information for pedestal sinks shows the format, which may be 4 inches or wider. You will have a plumbing nightmare if your plumbing is already in, and you try to make a sink fit that is to be plumbed differently than your existing plan.

For new bathroom construction, you may be able to choose where the sink will be. In that case you might consider a corner placement. There are many lovely pedestals designed to fit corners because that frees up usable space in other areas of the bathroom. Some of your placement decisions will also need to take into account the size and style of other fixtures that will be added in the room.

Some small pedestal sinks are designed with wider tops so that you can store extra soap or toiletries there. The compact size is the same as other smaller sinks, but the basin is a bit larger. You may wish to try out the basin by pretending to wash both hands in it. If you cannot wash your hands, then the basin is too small for you. This is an easy tip for testing out the basin before you buy it. You may notice that some are deeper than others, so buy what suits you. Remembering these easy tips will help you find exactly what your bathroom needs.