Are Water Heaters Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

A majority of homeowners do not understand exactly what their home insurance policy excludes and what it covers. Basically, home insurance policy covers liability for both the house itself and for the owner’s personal property. Most providers of homeowner insurance are known to provide information that is both unsatisfactory and misleading. It is for this reason that it is important to know the answer to are water heaters covered by homeowners insurance?

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Water heaters and homeowner insurance


In the event that an individual’s water heater ruptures or even leaks to the extent that it causes a serious spill in the house, it is wise to notify the company that is providing you with homeowner insurance. In fact, a good number of experts from homeowner insurance companies advise their clients to ensure that they file all insurance claims that are water-related before even contacting a plumber or cleanup specialist. Depending on the actual policies of the providers of homeowner insurance, the failure to report may end up jeopardizing a claim.

The hotline of the insurance service provider should be reached immediately after the problem with the water heater is discovered. If this is not done then a person risks paying for then repair costs for his or her home from his own pocket.

It is important that the warranty for a water heater that is limited to only specific conditions is read in detail. This is to facilitate replacement in case of signs of water stains and rust.


The damage of a water heater as a result of accidental or sudden loss such as lightening, house fire, and wind damage is covered under several policies for homeowner insurance. However, it should be noted that deterioration due to age is not considered as a loss under most homeowners insurance policies.


Water heaters are generally covered by homeowner insurance. In addition, failure of water heaters that result in damage to homes is the aspect that is mostly covered in homeowners insurance policies and clients should, therefore, be compensated accordingly.