Are Water Heaters Safe to Use in Your Bathroom?

At the arrival of the winter season people hardly dare to get into the cold water. They of course need hot water to accomplish their day- to- day domestic activities. People even can’t imagine their lives without hot water in cold weather and are fully devoted to their water heaters.

But, this article introduces you with the list of risks of a typical water heater that may make the heater not to be safe. Firstly, if you have a storage water heater, then you are forced to waste a lot of water as well as the energy. These heaters heat the whole quantity of water in one go. And if that water is not used in a short while, it will start loosing its temperature. That is surely a wastage of energy. Also, microbes such as green algae, fungi and moths get accumulated on the surface of the heater.

The problem go downhill as your water heating model is not capable to exhibit the growth of these creatures. Besides, these have a limit to heat only a 40 gallon of water in one shot. Hot water is not needed only for kitchen and basic washing and bathing purposes; it is also needed for car washing, building rinsing

You need hot water for some specific tasks and at a particular time, rather than using it every now and then. In this case, your water heater goes on continuously heating up the water exhausting a lot of power as it is unaware of your requirements.Appliances such as water heaters are installed at places that are less accessible. And so, these devices are least taken care of. Such ignorance can lead to disastrous results. Since, old water heaters become leaky overtime and are need to be repaired.

Water heaters sometimes get exploded thereby causing a lot of damage and injury. For that a temperature and pressure relief safety device should be fitted with the water heater. Scalding is another serious concern with any water heater. Human skin is very sensitive to temperature. Hence proper care should be taken for that.

Go for hiring a plumber to install the device at your place as these require very efficient knowledge. Wrong way of installing may cause greater risks.