Reviews of the Best Baby Bathtubs for Your Money in 2018

Having a baby is is a major undertaking in your life.

The process is riddled with details, all of which can affect your baby’s safety, health, and happiness. In fact, if you are like the majority of new parents, you may have never even considered this topic before! So, let this guideline serve you for what you need to know before purchasing a tub for your little one.

Below, you will find a list of 5 best baby bathtubs with their reviews. These baby tubs have been proven to work many times before by parents just like you. And I’m sure after taking a look at them, you will soon find one for your little children.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub Review

ctaThis baby tub has a number of features going for it. It has a deep basin with a mesh sling and padded headrest for ease of bathing.

It also has room for a toddler to sit comfortably and play in the tub, as well.

The pad and sling are specially treated to resist mildew, keeping bath time more sanitary.

This tub also has a special drain plug that changes color based on the water temperature, making it easy to tell if the water is too hot.

It is also designed to fit easily in both one well and two well sinks.

At an affordable price, the level of comfort, safety, and convenience with this tub is well worth it.

Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub Review

ctaWith four distinct setup stages, this baby tub can serve the needs of children from newborn to toddler age with ease.

It has a soft mesh sling for newborns as its first stage, for convenience and safety.

Converting to the second stage is quite easy; you just remove the sling and insert the soft foam inclined cushion.

The third stage is intended as a transitional stage for sitting up, and has a support seat to help with the process.

The final stage is just removing all the accessories to allow the full tub space to be available for your toddler to sit and play.

With a good looking design, the higher than the average price might be a sticking point, but if you like all the additions and features, it could be worth it.

Fisher Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub Review

ctaAnother Fisher Price offering, this baby tub is designed to look like an adorable whale.

It has an inclined insert made of slip resistant foam to allow newborns and infants to be bathed safely.

Just remove the insert to provide much more room for a toddler to splash and play.

Its size and design make it ideal for use in double well sinks or standard bathtubs, making it convenient to bathe your child in different places at different times.

Its colorful, cute design makes it look more like a toy than a chore.

Moderately priced, this tub is a solid choice for safety, aesthetics, and convenience.

PRIMO EuroBath Pearl White Tub Review

ctaAn ergonomic design makes this baby tub unique.

With a position designed for reclining infants and a position for sitting toddlers, its unobtrusive design boasts convenience and safety.

The built-in supports for reclining infants mean that there is nothing to insert or remove, for additional convenience for parents with both infant and toddler age children.

It is also durable and larger than many other baby tubs and can accommodate toddlers up to thirty pounds and twenty-four months of age.

Its single piece design and plastic construction make it easy to clean and store.

In terms of price, it is in the middle range.

If your main concern is convenience and safety, this tub makes a serviceable choice.

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub Review

ctaThis baby tub has a cute duck design and ease-of-travel convenience, thanks to its inflatable nature.

Because it is inflatable, it can be easily deflated and folded up for storage or travel.

It is fully padded and features a contoured headrest.

Most importantly, it has a temperature indicator.

The temperature dot turns white when the water is too hot.

It turns blue when the temperature is appropriate.

This tub is ideal for children between six months and two years of age.

If you are the parent of a child this age, this may be the best choice for you.

Very affordably priced, very comfortable, and quite convenient, as well as completely adorable, this is a great choice for babies and toddlers of the appropriate ages.

How to Buy Baby Tubs the Right Way

What Type of Tub is Right For You?

There are many different types of baby tubs on the market today.

This guide will allow you to determine the correct tub for both you and your baby’s particular needs.

There are a multitude of reasons a person might choose an inflatable tub over a hard plastic tub, or a tub that folds versus one that doesn’t.

We will address these questions as well as the many features and choices you will be faced with when choosing your baby’s tub.

Inflatable Tubs

A simple and perhaps the safest choice of all, an inflatable baby tub can act as a cushion from slip-and-falls or bumped heads.

This variety of tub is also easy for you to inflate and fill with water.

While the plastic can be slippery when wet, many of these inflatable tubs feature a gripping texture on the bottom of the tub to prevent the baby tub from sliding around your full-sized bathtub.

While this type of tub also benefits from being relatively inexpensive when compared to other varieties of tubs, it does have it’s downsides.

These include a lack of portability and the time it will take for you to occasionally re-inflate these tubs, often by manually blowing them up!

An inflatable child’s tub is an affordable way to bathe your baby from the time they can sit up until they are 24 months old.

While this type of tub lacks the specialization you can find in other types of baby tubs, inflatable tubs excel at being simple to use and versatile.

After all, no other type of tub we will discuss is as simple and will provide your baby with a cushion if they fall.

Hard Plastic Tubs

This is a large category of tubs, as hard plastic tubs come in many different sizes and shapes.

This may also be the most recognizable type of child’s tub.

Most newborn-only tubs are constructed in this way, as the molded plastic base work well to support your newborn’s sensitive neck and head.

These tubs are not just for newborns, however, as they also come in larger sizes capable of bathing your infant or toddler.

The added expense of purchasing multiple tubs is, of course, a downside of choosing numerous non-convertible plastic tubs.

While many of the infant-sized tubs can be placed directly in your kitchen or bathroom sink, larger tubs are typically designed to be filled on your bathroom floor or inside of your adult bathtub.

Hard plastic child’s tubs are perhaps the easiest variety of tub to clean, oftentimes featuring a mildew resistant foam lining, these tubs can be cleaned simply with soap and water.

While this variety of tub excels in the cleanliness department, storage of the hard plastic tub can be difficult.

This brings us to a feature you may want to consider while you shop.

Foldable Tubs

A variety of hard plastic tubs, foldable tubs provide you with many of the same benefits that hard plastic tubs provide.

What they add is a much simpler storage process, as folding can shrink the size of the tub by half or more for easy storage.

A downside of adding a folding mechanism is that the tub will be more expensive than a non-folding tub, all else being equal.

Convertible or Grow-With-Me Tubs

Convertible tubs combine various properties of the other types of tubs we have discussed in this article in order to grow with your baby, from newborn to infant to toddler.

While there are many different varieties, most include removable inserts of either foam or cloth which both shrink the size of the tub and provide support for your smaller baby.

As your baby grows these inserts can be removed to accommodate your growing baby!

As these tubs typically seek to serve as the only baby tub your child will use, it is also no surprise that they are often the most expensive type of tub.

The special inserts and moving pieces make them costly, but these tubs also typically include the newest technology, as some units include spa jets and other bells and whistles.

If money is no object, purchasing a quality convertible tub is a great option that will serve you and your baby for years to come.


After reading this article, I encourage you to carefully consider you and your baby’s particular needs and use your best judgement to narrow the type of tub you are looking for to a particular type.

From there, consider the affordability, durability and brand name of the tub that best suits your needs.

And remember to try and have fun, because, as you know, you only get a short time to enjoy bathing your child in his new baby tub.