Reviews of the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best bathroom exhaust fans for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Reviews

Panasonic (FV-11VQ5) WhisperCeiling 110 CFM White Ceiling Mounted Fan Review

ctaFor over 5 decades now, Panasonic has continually designed and developed award winning electronic products. This Panasonic WhisperCeiling Ceiling Mounted Fan is one of the most innovatively designed and professionally developed bathroom exhaust fan in the market presently. This ventilating fan prides itself in low noise produce, high efficiency, and continuous run throughout its use. With Homeland Ventilation Institute (HVI) certification, the energy star rated bathroom exhaust fan has 120 volts & 60 Hz power rating.

This Panasonic WhisperCeiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan has a double hanger bar housing system for the best positioning and installation. The fan also features a grille that is directly attached to the housing by use of torsion springs thereby providing excellent support to the fan. The grille measures an approximate 13 inches. The fan’s blower has 4 poles enclosed in the condenser motor that blow ventilated air into the bathroom.

This Panasonic model exhaust fan comes with rust proof paint as well as galvanized steel body that features expendable extension brackets with a maximum expansion limit of 24 inches. The best thing about this exhaust fan is that it is uniquely designed to provide trouble-free operation during its lifetime. This is because its permanently lubricated motors and high quality components wear very slowly thereby removing the need for constant repair and replacement.

Air King (BFQ 90) High Performance Bathroom Fan, 90-CFM Review

ctaIf you are looking for a high performance and affordable exhaust fan operating at 90 CFM and 2.5 sones, then this Air King BFQ bathroom fan is the ultimate fan for you. With a white polymeric grille that measures 10 inches by 10 inches and a high-impact durable plastic housing, the bathroom exhaust fan has an exceptionally quiet operation and high performance. This easy installation exhaust fan comes with bracket nails and screws for a Snap-In installment on the ceiling. The attractively styled grill highlights the overall

This Air King BFQ 90 bathroom exhaust fan has a contemporary design with an all round plastic housing that considerably reduces rattling sound to zero when the fan is running. There is a 4-inch duct collar (plastic) with a back draft damper that not only prevents the entry of drafts into the bathroom but also ensures quiet operation.

While most parts in this Air King BFQ 90 exhaust fan are made of plastic, the crucial operation parts like the motor and motor mounts are made of steel for great strength.

Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling -80 CFM (Ceiling Mounted) Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

ctaThis Panasonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan is a wonderful solidly constructed exhaust fan for use in a typical household bathroom. The fan is built to last with seamless operation through out its lifetime. The sonic characteristics of the bathroom exhaust fan make it a reliable and efficient fan in comparison to other bathroom exhaust fan brands. Just like in other Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans, the grille of the fan is directly attached to the plastic housing with strong torsion springs.

The motor of this incredibly useful exhaust fan is equipped with a thermal-cutoff fuse that protects the motor from damage by excessive current or other power supply defects. The construction and consequent manufacture of this fan conforms to UL and cUL design safety standards. After installing this exhaust fan in your bathroom, you will barely notice its existence due to its smooth and quiet operation.

The highlight of this Panasonic exhaust fan’s features is its incredibly low operating temperature that enhances the life and usability of the bearings and motor. For purposes of preventing backdraft, the fan has an in-built damper that prevents air from the outside passing through the fan into the bathroom. This 80 CFM (cubic feet/minute) rating makes it an ideal choice for your bathroom.

Delta Breez (SLM70 Slim 70CFM) Bathroom Exhaust Fan Review

ctaThis Delta Breez Bathroom Exhaust Fan is a nicely designed and manufactured exhaust fan with a 2 sones noise level and comes with a 3 inch standard duct. It has an ENERGY STAR rating for its cost-efficient operation and smooth running. The engineering concept used in the fan includes a DC brushless motor that provides for its extended reliability. It is worth noting that with proper use and care, the fan will outlive most of your household appliances.

The galvanized steel construction of this Delta Breez exhaust accounts for its corrosion-resistance. What is more amazing about the exhaust fan is that it is a low power consumption fan with innovative DC brushless motor for extended long life. It is a UL approved exhaust fan and is ideal for both wall and ceiling mount installation. The LED indicator in the fan turns green when it is turned on.

Delta Breez Ventilation Fan has lock protection functions and a soft start for great ease of use. The fans are extensively tested for minimum noise production and precision engineering for continuous running of up to 70,000 hours without a decline in efficiency and performance. BreezSlim technology combines numerous design innovations that include a switch power supply feature thereby providing up to 74% energy savings as compared to other exhaust fans.

Delta Breez (GBR 100 GreenBuilder) 100CFM Exhaust Fan Review

ctaWith an impeccable 1.4 sones noise level, this ENERGY STAR rated Delta Breex Exhaust Fan is popular for its cost saving and quiet operation. This fan is quite different from other common exhaust fans in that it employs green technology in its design and as such is environmentally friendly. The superior construction of the exhaust fan accounts for its excellent performance at an incredible 0.25” static pressure.

The installation of this Delta Breez Exhaust Fan is quite easy due to its lightweight design and use of the straightforward installation manual. Backed by over two and a half decades of consistent quality and innovation by Delta Breez Technology, the exhaust fan has set new industry and market standards due to its energy efficient performance. These fans are designed and constructed professionally to live most AC models by up to 70%. This lowers the likelihood and need for repairs and replacement.

There are brackets on the housing of this Delta Breez Exhaust Fan for mounting it on the ceiling as well as an electrical access panel featuring two slug cutouts. There is a single screw for securing holding and reinforcing the electrical access panel during installation.

How to Buy Bathroom Exhaust Fans the Right Way

Airflow capacity of the exhaust fan

Exhaust fans are rated according to size and how fast they can move the adjacent air; CFM (cubic feet per minute). Bigger bathrooms need a relatively bigger fan for effective air exchange. Measure the square footage of your room and the height of the walls then multiply the two.

The exhaust fan should replace the entire room’s volume at least seven times in one hour. In order to obtain the CFM requirements of any functional fan; you have to divide the bathroom’s volumes by 7.5 (in cubic feet). Be keen to do your approximation well so as to obtain the best exhaust fan with higher efficiency. High humidity in your bathroom is typically unbearable, hot and prone to the growth of some microorganisms. The walls of your bathroom will also wear with time.

Exhaust fan features

Modern exhaust fans come with a package of exceptional features. A timer for example; will keep the fan running once after it has been activated and turns it off to save on power after some few minutes of inactivity. Some of the modern exhaust fans have an in-built heating feature that runs the fans to let out warm air.

Motion sensors in some of the advanced models use the sophisticated technology where it automatically switches the fan on when you enter the bathroom and off some minutes after you’re out. They are a smart way of conserving power as it brings the latest of technologies into the practical world.

The presence of a ceiling light that enables mutual control of the exhaust fan and lights is another feature worth considering. When the switch is on, both the lights and fan is activated. An added automation that checks and reads on the humidity levels operate independently by activating and deactivating the fan.

Energy efficiency

Buying an EnergyStar exhaust fan is sparing your home’s electric bill. Such fans use 60% less energy as compared to the standard fans and have been satisfied by the HVAC system for its overall energy conservation. These exhaust fans have been rated well and may be a bit costly.

Style and design

The mounting styles of different exhaust fans vary from; wall mounted, ceiling mounted or inline mounting. The latter, also called remote mounting have an exhaust fan located in specific areas such as attic; where the fan connects to an opening in the washroom ceiling covered by frills. They are used mostly as remote or control fans that vent multiple fans within a bathroom or in close proximity.

Nowadays, most of the well-designed exhaust fans are affordable and readily available in a host of designs and colors. If you already have a set of bathroom décor in your home, try to keep the exemplary look by complimenting it with a matching exhaust fan. Some of the available shapes include the circular, square and triangular designs with metallic shades.

Noise levels

A noisy fan takes in a lot of power to produce the unnecessary sound. Such noise is rated in terms of sones; the higher the degree of loudness, the higher the energy consumption rates. An exceptionally quiet fan should be your top pick. Sone rating of 1.5 to 2.0 is reliable enough while anything above a rating of 4.0 should be avoided at all cost.


Look for a fan you can easily fix in your bathroom without spending any extra cash. Modern exhaust fans in the market provide a friendly user interface where most of the DIY enthusiasts get this ventilation running with less of a struggle. If you are doing your first-time installation, make sure that everything that comes in a complete package is working optimally from the time of making the purchase.

If you are replacing your existing damaged or old fan, you need to make the proper selection and pick the one that can handle any additional load. This allows for greater improvements and renovations in the future, if any. If you are not confident enough to install the exhaust fan on your own, get help from trained personal or a friend with some reasonable knowledge on the same.


The need of fresh air and riding off the excessive moisture brings about exhaust fans. How accurate the product is, determines the functionality and efficiency in the course of service. Be sure to buy a fan that fully exhausts air outside the house and not just into some hidden spaces within the ceiling. When this is done perfectly, damp conditions and its related effects will be a work-over.

Different manufacturers have various designs or series of models. Choose those renowned brands that produce high-quality products. Many a time we are blindfolded by the prices to an extent of compensating quality instead. Expensive products don’t necessarily guarantee a high level of satisfaction; make wise selections and pick the best that suits your needs.

Prioritize in buying an exhaust fan that best suits the interior design of your bathroom. Your test and preference should come after considering the vital specs. Those fans exhibiting high technological breakthrough are way too effective and most likely to guarantee the best of results.


Proper prioritization must be done to make sure you are working on a budget. Try to minimize extra cost while buying durable and energy -efficient fans. Nearly all the exhaust fans are affordable and fall within the same price range. Some brands may be costly; those that have stood the test of time with a good reputation from the consumers. Here, making some savings to purchase the product is worth the investment.


Upon every successful purchase is a time-limited warranty issued to seal the deal. Buying your exhaust fan from authorized retailers is the first step. Pick those models with a lengthy warranty period; this will get you covered for a long time before declaring the product for long-term use. Anything more than one year of warranty period is good enough for your money.