Reviews of the Best Bathroom Faucets for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best bathroom faucets for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Bathroom Faucets with Reviews

Delta 3538-SSMPU-DST Lahara 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet Review

ctaIf you are looking for an amazingly affordable bathroom faucet with an elegant finish and touch, you should look no further than at this Delta Lahara 2-Handle Lavatory Faucet. With a uniquely smooth action, the faucet prides itself in a high grade stainless construction that gives it a superior quality look. The DST (Diamond Stem Technology) used in the construction of the faucet enhances its durability and longevity thus making it a long lasting bathroom faucet. In addition to this, the DST features diamond embedded valves that provide for the high performance of the faucet through out its life.

The best thing about this faucet is that it is designed with the needs of every user in mind. As such, the faucet has met the standards put in place by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This 3-hole 4 inch installation is backed by a great warranty from Delta thus providing that the materials and approach used in making the faucet are designed to last a lifetime.

The drain finish assembly is expertly styled in a curvaceous shape and reinforced by a diamond embedded finish for unique looks. This makes the faucet an appealing eye-catcher that goes a long way in enhancing the décor of your bathroom. The brilliance stainless finish in the faucet resists tarnishing, corrosion, and discoloration, thereby providing for the faucet’s long-lasting beauty.

Kingston Brass KS4461BX Metropolitan Widespread Bathroom Faucet Review

ctaThis Kingston Brass Metropolitan Widespread Bathroom Faucet is a quarter-turn ceramic disk cartridge with a chrome polish. The brass construction in the faucet provides for the faucet’s superior strength and hardness. The wonderful traditional design of the faucet mimics the ancient 1930’s era with its distinguished style and crisp lines. The masculine appeal of this lavatory faucet encompasses the beauty and attractiveness of the other fixtures of your bathroom.

The distinguishing of the faucet as well as of other Metropolitan bathroom fixtures is the faceted/bevel shape of the faucet’s spout and escutcheon. This faucet allows great freedom of choice when choosing your preferred faucet as its body comes with multiple lever/cross-handle designs to choose from. The exceptionally functional and stylish faucet creates an irresistible beauty and decoration in the bathroom. What is more amazing about this faucet is that you can customize the design of the faucet to rhyme with the style and design of the other bathroom fixtures.

This Kingston Brass faucet boasts of a solid construction and a high-quality feel due to the extremely cautious approach and concept used in making the faucet. The polished chrome in the faucet is very shinny and reflective thereby perfecting the look and appearance of the faucet. The installation of this faucet is quite easy as it comes with a straightforward and easy to follow installation manual.

Moen T6420BN-9000 Eva 2-Handle High Arc Lavatory Faucet With Valve Review

ctaThe Eva bathroom Fixtures Collection has a transitional design with an elegant finish highlighted by a Brushed Nickel coating that gives the fixture a timeless appeal. This Moen 2-Handle High Arch Bathroom Faucet has tapered, sophisticated lines that deliver an all time fashionable style. When you purchase Moen bathroom fixtures, you can be guaranteed to get great value for your money and a perfect balance between quality and style.

This Moen bathroom faucet is manufactured using the best and highest quality standards as well as unrivaled workmanship. This easy to install faucet feels very comfortable when held in the hands and does not have any leaks or streaks whatsoever even with continued use for a long time. The faucet is strain-resistant and equally very easy to clean. This makes it effortlessly easy to maintain the faucet in its best conditions.

If you want an ADA compliant faucet with a 9000 valve and a high-arc spout that provides more clearance, then this Moen Eva Bathroom Faucet is the best faucet for you. This elegant 8 & 16-inch widespread installation faucet is built to last a lifetime without any defects or flaws affecting its performance and overall functionality. The faucet is a great choice for people remodeling their bathrooms as it can set a difference in your bathroom with its sophisticated and well designed looks.

Concetto Centerset Single Handle, Single Hole Bathroom Faucet Review

ctaThis Concetto Centerset Bathroom Faucet is one of the expertly and professionally designed faucets with a unique durability and excellent functionality in the market. With a GROHE SilkMove feature that provides for a lifetime smooth operation, the faucet is designed to meet the needs and interests of all users. The GROHE EcoJoy feature reduces water consumption by half (50%) thus making it possible to considerably your home water consumption. The faucet has an 11-7/8 inch height that allows for a comfortable and strain-free use.

The Concetto Centerset Bathroom Faucet is designed with great economy in mind as the GROHE QuickFix installation feature and system allows easy and quick installation by using fewer and less complicated parts thereby reducing the installation by more than half. In addition to this, the quick installation aspect of the faucet saves money as you necessarily need not hire an expert to install it for you. You can use the installation manual that comes with the faucet and install the faucet on your own by following the straightforward installation instructions.

With the dynamic look of this Concetto Centerset Bathroom Faucet complemented by its characteristic gooseneck profile that measures nearly 12 inches, you can be guaranteed to get a reliable contemporary faucet.

KOHLER K-394-4-CP Devonshire Widespread Bathroom Faucet Review

ctaKOHLER is a household name across the globe due to its quality and performance-inspired bathroom fixtures manufactured in the US. There is not a single product from KOHLER that disappoints in terms of quality, reliability, functionality, durability, and performance. In line with this spirit, the KOHLER (K-394-4-CP) is an elegantly designed metal construction bathroom faucet with a polished chrome finish. The premium solid brass construction material used in making the faucet enhances the faucet’s unmatched durability and reliability.

This Kohler Devonshire Widespread Bathroom Faucet prides itself in having fluid design lines that provide for great ease of cleaning. The ceramic disc valves in the faucet come with characteristic longevity standards that are two times more than the durable performance of common faucets. Generally, the faucet is designed to match and complement your style by combining contemporary lines with an old world of elegance and intricate details that highlight the uniqueness of the faucet.

The solid feel of the faucet adds to its uniqueness and superiority in comparison to other bathroom faucets of its kind. Assembly and installation of the faucet is quite straightforward and does not necessarily require you to be a plumbing expert.

How to Buy Bathroom Faucets the Right Way

The number of mounting holes

Most of the sinks and basins come with mounting holes already drilled for accessories and faucets such as soap dispensers and side sprays. If you are renovating your old sink and wish to keep it still, you need to match it with a faucet having exactly the same number of mounting holes. It’s better to buy a faucet with extra mounting holes than the one with fewer holes.

This is so because you can get a base plate to cover the unnecessary holes in the countertop while fewer holes mean you need to drill additional ones, which isn’t wise in the first place.

Spout shapes and styles

The mounting designs of the faucet vary from Centerset, widespread to a single hole. Whatever the style you pick, it’s important to ensure that the faucet head is in a position to swing freely and reach the entire sides of the sink. The straight spout designs are often compact and cheap but might need some little adjustments to fit a slightly big pot under it.

Single hole

They can either have one or two handles. In the case where the sink is pre-drilled, an appropriate plate should be used to cover it up.


They are purposefully designed for basins that have handles separated four inches apart with only 3 holes. This design combines a spout and the two handles on one base unit. Some of these faucets have 2 handles mounted on a six-inch plate.


Vessel faucets are taller than other faucet designs and are meant to complement those sinks that sit higher than the rest. Most of them have one handle.

Wall-mounted designs

These faucets work with a separate valve mounted on the wall with a drain for installation. They are available for freestanding types of basins that utilize long spout for extended reach. Wall mounted faucets are not used for basins with predrilled holes.

A long spout is necessary to offer enough basin clearance and this will enhance maximize efficiency in the course of work. Be keen to check on the depth of the sink before making your purchase; it should be deep enough to prevent splashing of water on the countertops and floor.

Materials and construction

An inner valve exists in every faucet which helps to control the rate of water flow in the spout. Some valves have washers while others don’t have but the durability and reliability of the faucet depend majorly on the quality of valve itself.

The best choices of faucets are those with brass-based metal, solid brass and corrosion-resistant workings. Those faucets with compression valves work through a system that falls and rise to close and open for passage of water.
Washerless Faucets

Cartridge faucets

These faucets have rubber rings inside their cylindrical cartridge that controls the flow of water. They are quite reliable when equipped with a brass cartridge.

Ball faucets

Ball faucets have a plastic ball and a rotating metal that works to control the amount of flowing water. It has one moving part and the likelihood of any malfunction is greatly minimized. The plastic ball may eventually wear out but the metal ball has been designed for longevity.

Ceramic disc faucets

These types of faucets have 2 ceramic discs that move linearly opposite to each other in a continuous shearing motion. This blocks or allows water to pass through; the seal forms a watertight since the discs are almost flat and nearly maintenance free.

Control options

The simple act of turning on or off the faucet differs from one model to another. Here are some of the designs you can choose to complete the look.

Cross handles offers different finishes that add a spark to your room’s décor. The joystick is another control option similar to a lever that offers a different range of motions. Knobs work similar to cross handles but with a different style while the lever handles come in an X or cross shaped design. This makes the lever handles easy to grip and turn; they are also available in many decorative styles.

Another control option is the push-buttons that turn the water on with a push and off by withdrawing the hand from the button.

Touchless technology

This is another sophisticated control option which utilizes the motion-activated faucets that don’t require knobs or handles at all. You only need to place your hands or any part of your body under the spout to activate.

A mixing valve has been fixed which allows for easy control between a blend of cold and hot water. This valve comes in a complete package with some of the faucets but many a time you have to purchase it separately.

In other models, the touchless faucets come standard with a manual override lever that acts as an optional control to water flow. These faucet designs are way preferable for use with children since you can control and customize the flow and temperature of water.


Here you activate a water flow without handling knobs and handles. You only need to gently tap on the top of the faucet to either turn on or off the water flow. A handle which acts as a manual control regulates the water temperature within a certain range. This faucet works best with those having accessibility issues.

Other factors to consider

The size of the faucet makes a great difference to the finish and outer appearance of your bathroom sink or basin. If the sink has some additional space to accommodate a widespread faucet, you will find it more convenient and stylish. Cleaning a tight space between spout and handles can also be challenging hence the need to consider the size of the faucet before buying one.

A stylish outer appearance of your faucet gives your bathroom a decent look. If you want a perfect match to your existing interior décor, you can choose from some basic soft colored materials; brass, chrome, nickel and brushed copper.

Another factor to consider is the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. One and more years of lifetime limited warranty is enough to get you started. Make the wisest choice and pick on the best faucet to suit your entire bathroom needs.