Reviews of the Best Bathroom Scales for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best bathroom scales for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Bathroom Scales with Reviews

EatSmart Precision (Digital) 400-Pound Bathroom Scale Review

ctaFor people who are looking for a digital bathroom scale with the best Sensor Accuracy and Auto-On Technology, the EatSmart Precision 400 Pound Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale is the best choice for them. The large 3.5 inch Accubright blue backlight lighted LCD display makes it possible to read your wait from a distance or at any angle. This digital bathroom scale provides accurate and consistent weight measurement of up to 180 kgs or 400 lbs.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the digital bathroom scale is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The scale is simply designed for easy understanding and interpretation by a common person. The best thing about the scale is that it can be programmed to give exclusive details such as body fat, bone weight, and water weight- all of which are impressively important for athletes. The scale’s top is a 8mm thick tempered glass and the weighing platform measures 12” by 13”. The height of the scale’s bottom is 1.8 inch from the ground.

When using the updated version of this digital scale, you no longer need to tap on the scale to activate it as users can now get instant readings after stepping on the scale. The graduation increments in the sca;e are .2lbs / 3oz.

EatSmart Precision Plus 440-Pound Digital Bathroom Scale Review

ctaThis EatSmart digital bathroom scale boasts of a large 4.3” LCD display with backlight for both daytime and night use. The 4 high precision sensors in the scale ensure that the scale is reliably accurate when measuring weights of up to 200kg or 440 pounds with .2lbs /3oz measurement increments. The extra large durable platform measures over 15” wide. When using this EatSmart digital scale, you need not tap on the scale to turn it on as you get instant readings after stepping on the scale.

The auto-calibrated digital scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries and has an auto power-off function. The LCD display has a blue backlight that allows for easy use of the scale even in dimly lit bathrooms.

The slim and ergonomic design of this EatSmart digital bathroom scale makes it easy for the scale to fit in any surroundings. It is worth noting that the digital scale is purposefully designed for people who want to achieve their fitness goals with utmost accuracy.

Etekcity Digital Elegant Black Step-On Technology Body Weight Scale Review

ctaIf you are looking for a digital scale that you can rely and count on, then the Etekcity Digital Elegant Black Step-On Technology Body Weight Scale is best option for you. This scale is designed to enable you to digitally monitor your fitness progress by keeping track of your weight gain or loss. Whether you are aiming at trimming down or toning up your weight, this Etekcity digital scale will provide you with practical accuracy in your weight readings. The digital scale is reputable for its straightforward simplicity, sturdiness, and simplified basics thereby making it amazingly easy to use.

For the most accurate weight readings when using the Etekcity digital scale, it is important to stand in the middle of the large 12” by 12” stepping platform. The most notable aspect about the digital scale is its multi-function feature that includes a low battery & overload indication, Auto-zero and Auto-power-off functions, and a Backlit LCD display. The tempered glass platform has a 6mm thickness for providing exceptional sturdiness for excellent usability.

This Etekcity digital scale has a wide application range with a 400lbs/180Kg maximum weight capacity. There are two graduation increments in the digital scale: 0.2lb/ 0.1kg. The elegant black color of the digital scale enhances its appearance and overall beauty.

BalanceFrom High Accuracy Step-On Technology Digital Bathroom Scale Review

ctaThis BalanceFrom High Accuracy Scale is a high-end Step-On Technology digital scale designed and developed using 100% skills and workmanship. The silver color of the scale highlights a timeless appeal and a rustic look, thereby making the digital amazingly beautiful. The vitreous material used in the construction of the digital scale makes it hardy and durable for a very long time. The step-on technology ensures that you get instant weight readings after stepping on the scale rather than have to tap it first to activate the scale.

The non-slip stands of this BalanceFrom High Accuracy scale ensure that the scale stands firmly on a surface. The stands do not scratch floors and as such, you need not worry about using it in your bathroom. The 4.3” LCD display has a cool blue light coupled with large font numbers for easy reading from any distance as well as in different lighting conditions.

This digital scale is auto-calibrated and comes with an auto-power off feature that automatically switches off the scale when not in use to save power. The scale comes with a free body measure tape and is run by 4 AAA batteries. The digital bathroom scale uses 4 precision g sensors for accurate weight measurement.

Ozeri ZB 19 Rev Digital Bathroom Scale Review

ctaThis Ozeri ZB 19 Rev Bathroom Scale stands out from other digital bathroom scales in that it has an electro-mechanical dial as well as an automatic LCD display that illuminates immediately after stepping on the scale. The display is well lit by a backlight for easy use of the scale in different lighting conditions. The scale has a visually stunning design that incorporates a stylish chrome digital display and a 5.5 inch display. This design recreates a unique retro look backed by modern technology accuracy and precision.

The large size platform in the digital scale is made using an impact-resistant glass for excellent stability. You can program the alarm feature in the digital scale to remind you to take daily measurements of weight at the same time everyday. The 4 high precision sensors in the digital bathroom scale have a maximum weight capacity of 180 kg (400 lbs) with 0.2 pound increment. There is no scale tapping required when using this Ozeri digital bathroom scale.

What is more unique about this Ozeri digital bathroom scale is that it has an auto-power off feature that turns the scale off thereby conserving battery life when not in use. There is also a low-battery indicator that warns you when the battery power is almost running out.

How to Buy Bathroom Scales the Right Way

Digital or analog

Finding the right bathroom scale is a matter of desire, budget, and necessity. Through the advanced technological breakthrough, digital scales are available for use. They offer highly advanced multiple features such as BMI and recording measurements.

Digital scales have been designed to accommodate few errors so as to produce accurate results. Some of the advanced models are compatible for use with computers where the recorded stats are uploaded. They are a bit costly but way too precise than their analog counterparts.

Analog scales, on the other hand, are easy to use and quite inexpensive. This works well for a budget conscious individual who intends to minimize extra cost of batteries and the price of sophisticated technology. Some of the digital models are solar operated, meaning they don’t need the lithium batteries, instead, a good light intensity over the bathroom window.

Accuracy and calibrations

A great scale should display accurate results without any adjustments. Digital scales with viable batteries seems to be better off in efficiency than the analog scales which may tend to be inaccurate over time due to the wear factors of the springs.

An accurate scale should display exact measure (of a known control body) then return immediately to zero after displaying the results. The scale range is another important feature to consider. Choose a scale with a comfortable range that best suits your weight. Higher ranges should be selected for morbidly obese individuals to avoid difficulties in reading and recording the results.


The display should be coherent and visible without much of a struggle. Some of the bathroom scales feature bright and digital readouts while others do spoken response. The advanced models will also provide a printed copy of your weight reading.

A readable scale is easy to work with, be keen enough to explore all the available display features of the various scales type. Full information on the images, display fonts, and voice clarity should be given in finer details by the retailers. Test on the functionality of the scale before making the purchase.

Safety features

Most of the digital scales are made of glass giving it a finer and comfortable finish. This, however, may not be a wise pick for those having mobility issues, the elderly and any person with some physical challenges.In the case of slippages, glass is the least preferred option as it might trigger injuries or even spontaneous breakage. A scale with a ribbed or padded surface can be a great option instead of the glass material; it helps prevent slips and retain traction.

Scale capability

Common digital scales work only to display weight. You can, however, go a further step and get that one which displays additional body’s compositions. The lower level scales, for example, display both the weight and body fat percentage. Other advanced models have the technological capability of displaying the muscle composition and changes in the water weight within your body.

Look for bathrooms scales that record your overall body changes over a certain period of time. Some of the scales on the market can be programmed for different members of the family where each individual’s stats are recorded.

Easy customization has also been enabled where you can easily retrieve and view a comprehensive report of your past body performances. Such types of scales may be costly but their accuracy, design, and flexibility are worth the investment.

Prices and warranty

Various prices of a commodity will attract different customers, basing on the affordability and purchasing power. After getting that type of scale that suits you the best, look for retailers that have the best price deals. If there are offers, coupons, and promotions; make good use of the time and subsidized prices.

Pick that scale with the best warranty and return policy. Some of the manufacturers are too mean to offer a reasonable length of time as warranty period. A certificate of warranty is issued upon a successful purchase and this will protect your investment in case something malfunctions within the indicated time.

It will also give you enough time to test your scale; if it’s sturdy enough and meet your expectations, you are good to declare it for long term use.

Bathroom décor

If you intend to match your bathroom’s look with your new scale, you’ll have to consider some of the exceptional designs available in the market. Bathroom scales comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Choose of the appropriate size that will comfortably fit your bathroom. If you have stainless steel accessories in your bathroom, you can keep the image by buying a stainless steel framed scale. For those with color sensation, there are numerous colors to choose from; patterned and brightly colored designs.

Sensitivity- your bathroom scale should be able to detect a slight change in the measured variable. Scales with small measurement increments should be your top priority. An increment of 0.2 pounds is enough to offer optimum accuracy.

Mode options- different weighing options are frequently used; pounds, kilograms and sometimes Tonnes. Choose a scale with both pounds and kilograms as opposed to the scale with only one of the mode options.

Suitable weighing platform- choose a scale with a wide platform that enhances for easy standing and taking of measurements. This will work favorably well with all the individuals; young children and even those with larger feet and mobility challenges. A 13-inch platform and more is the best you can have for a spacious bathroom, otherwise, take some measurements with before buying one.

Weight capacities- most of the home design have weights ranging from; 300 to 550 pounds. The newer models currently in the market vary from 350 to 450 pounds. Choose on a scale you can easily handle its weight when you want to do some maintenance and cleaning.