Reviews of the Best Bidet Toilet Seats for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best bidet toilet seats for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Bidet Toilet Seats with Reviews

Ellegantz Genie Bidet Toilet Seat Review

ctaThe Ellegantz Genie Bidet Toilet Seat is an elegant and stylish elongated toilet seat with no wiring requirement and can thus be installed in 30-45 minutes with no expertise or special skills required whatsoever. This Elegantz Toilet Seat comes with a sleek style and design and is non-electric for purposes of safety and ease of use. What is more unique about this toilet is that it comes with separate special nozzles for rear and feminine cleansing. With a natural fresh and pleasant water spray, the toilet also prides itself in having adjustable soft-strong spray.

This Ellegantz bidet toilet seat is designed for use by all: the young and the old alike. The best thing about the toilet is that it provides an excellent way of relieving and reducing hemorrhoidal issues. In addition to this, the self-cleaning nozzles are dual retractable for easy cleaning. Generally, the toilet goes a long way in promoting perfect daily hygiene. There is also an ambient water-temp spray in the toilet that enhances the convenience and ease of use of the toilet.

The installation manual of this Ellegantz bidet toilet seat features stepwise instructions with diagrams. Once installed, the toilet seat looks great and elegant thus enhancing the appearance of the bathroom.

Luxe Bidet Neo Non-Electric Mechanical Toilet Seat Attachment Review

ctaIf you are looking forward to upgrading your bathroom using a beautifully designed bidet toilet attachment, then you should opt for the Luxe Bidet Neo Non-Electric Mechanical Toilet Seat Attachment. Made using high quality materials, the toilet attachment is built to last and offers an excellent and worthy value for its price. The high-pressure faucet valves in the toilet are of superior quality and constructed using metal & ceramic core instead of plastic thus enhancing their longevity and durability.

This Luxe Bidet toilet attachment has excellent sanitary protection features due to its self-cleaning nozzles that sanitize and retract when not in use thereby offering excellent protection. This toilet seat also has a movable guard gate that provides extra sanitary protection as well as easy maintenance. The toilet seat is quick and easy to install and comes with the necessary installation hardware including tools and instructions manual.

This single-nozzle, non-electric attachment features an innovatively high-end self-cleaning nozzle. The attachment attaches and detaches easily to and from standard 2-piece toilets, and has a chrome-plated knob for water pressure control, high pressure quality valves constructed with ceramic core, and a movable nozzle guard gate. This incredibly designed attachment has adjustable fitting plates that provide secure connection of the attachment to the toilet.

Astor Bidet Non-Electric Mechanical CB-1000 Bidet Toilet Attachment Review

ctaFor people interested in having an earth-friendly solution with unique cleaning abilities that make you feel freshly clean, this Astor Bidet Bidet Toilet Attachment is the best option for them. The attachment provides a relaxing and comfortable hygienic experience. This exceptionally reliable attachment does not require any special parts for attachment on the toilet seat neither does it need any electricity connection to function. The attachment prides itself in delivering solid performance coupled with outstanding comfort features. The attachment is made using high-grade plastic material that is greatly resistant to rust and breaking. The material is also very easy to clean.

The Astor Bidet attachment is directly connected to a fresh water supply thereby providing its users with an amazing spray of clean fresh water for utmost hygiene. The spray nozzle retracts when not in use and as such, it ensures that the highest sanitation level attainable is achieved. You can use the control dial for extending the spray nozzle to your preferred length. The Comfortable Adjustable Spray feature allows users to increase the spray’s pressure depending on the preferences of each user.

This Astor Bidet attachment delivers the perfect spray at the right angle for maximum comfort. The mounts are strong and good looking and as such add onto the overall décor and attractiveness of the attachment.

SmartBidet (SB-1000) Electric Bidet Toilet Review

ctaSmartBidet Electric Bidet for toilets represents class, hygiene, convenience, comfort and luxury. This environment friendly bidet for elongated toilet seats has extensive features including feminine wash, posterior wash, adjustable water pressure, turbo wash, self-cleaning nozzle, hygienic filtered water, and warm air drier among other features. The bidet comes with an elongated shape that perfectly fits elongated and standard round seats. In the round toilets, there is usually a slight overhang but this does not hinder the efficiency and functionality of the bidet.

The most distinguishing feature that sets this SmartBidet Electric Bidet Toilet from other bidet toilets is that it is operated using a wireless remote. In addition to this, the nozzle self cleans itself every time before and after extending for a wash. The nozzle positions and water pressure levels can be adjusted to 5 levels depending on your comfort and liking. The air dryer is located towards the right of the nozzle and its temperature can be adjusted to 5 levels. You can opt to keep the temperature warm or cool to meet your preferences.

The SmartBidet Electric Bidet Toilet comes with a quick release seat that allows for easy cleaning and a soft close seat and lid. The energy saving mode of the bidet helps in conserving energy when the bidet is not in use.

Brondell (S1000-EW) Swash-1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated White Toilet Seat Review

ctaThis Brondell Advanced Bidet Elongated White Toilet Seat is an eco-friendly seat with an instant ceramic heating system that provides unlimited warm water. The seat has twin adjustable nozzles made using stainless steel and are thus rust & corrosion-free. This bidet toilet seat comes with water & temperature settings for convenience and ease of use. These seats are reputable for their unparalleled personal hygiene and comfort.

The nozzle system in this bidet toilet seat features an aerated and sterilized wash stream with wide oscillation for a perfect and refreshing spray functions for all users. There is also a warm air dryer in this quick release bidet toilet seat. The automatic deodorizer feature in the seat turns on instantly after every spray. The best aspect about this eco-friendly bidet toilet seat is that it has an eco-mode that conserves energy when the seat is not in use.

Installing this amazing bidet toilet seat does not require more than 30 minutes as it is a simple DIY task with step by step instructions in the installation manual. The seat has a weight sensor that acts as an added safety feature and turns on the bidet after it detects the weight of the person sitting on the toilet seat.

How to Buy Bidet Toilet Seats the Right Way


Most bidet seats are made of versatile hard plastics. This choice of a material is durable, affordable and most efficient in terms of cleaning and maintenance. You should go a bit further and choose a hygienic, smooth and fine antibacterial plastic.

The make should be medically approved with a safety certification from an authorized body. The nozzle can be made of either stainless steel or plastic; here, be keen to choose a durable material that doesn’t rust. A strong material won’t get damaged when exposed to adverse heat and moisture present in every bathroom.

Seat design and suitability

It’s wise to choose a bidet seat that perfectly fits your body shape. The two main designs of a toilet bidet are in their elongated and round shapes. Before taking personal taste and preference into account, it’s important to consider a bidet seat that’s comfortable to every member of the family. A seat that provides a fairly wide platform is a perfect pick for this case.

Note the size and shape of your bathroom before proceeding to the market. Take the measurements with you and choose a bidet that matches your bathroom. If your washroom is new and unused, ensure there is enough space left to fix an additional toilet seat, if any, and a hand-washing sink.

Some seats have been designed for 2-piece toilets with detachable basin while others just for 1-piece toilets. You can also find a universal unit that works exceptionally well with both types of toilets; these models are usually operated manually.

Electric or non-electric toilet bidet seat

Electric and manual models are available in great varieties. Depending on your taste, affordability of the product and the availability of resources (electric hookups in your bathroom), you can comfortably pick one of the models.

Electric models have a heating system installed for the water units and seat making it perfectly self-reliant. Electric controls as well have been fixed in the unit to provide both hot and cold water. The non-electric models lack the heating elements in their set-up hence they provide only cold water. They are operated manually with the help of a lever.

If you need some kind of automation with little of a struggle operating and getting it serve your needs, you better opt for the electric models. They may be a bit costly, but the level of technology, comfort, and hygiene, is well compensated.


Different toilet bidets work in their various unique ways. The number of nozzles present in your bidet structure determines its best functioning. Single nozzles are best for posterior washing while those with second nozzles are best for anterior washing. Some of the modern designs utilize only one nozzle for both anterior and posterior washing.

Look for a toilet bidet with an adjustable nozzle. The water delivered through the nozzles should also be filtered and be at their appropriate temperatures. I would highly recommend a bidet toilet seat with customizable water pressure and temperature. You may also prefer a model with aerated water stream which provides soft bubbles; this enhances for efficient and gentle cleaning.

The washing modes of the bidet also vary from one make to the other. The most common are; the massage, oscillating and enema modes. Some units are specific to only one functional washing mode while others have all the three with an option to customize the wash.

Air deodorizer

This is one of the optional features. This system works by refreshing the air automatically after a given period of time. This deodorizing unit works best with carbon filters and fan ventilation. It’s extremely useful and highly recommended where the toilet bidet is to be shared by many people.

Heated air dryer

Most bidet toilet seats have this system installed. It’s certainly useful since it eliminates the need of a tissue paper. After the bidet wash, a stream of warm air is availed to the wet area; it works more the same as the hand dryers but less vigorous in terms of pressure. Some units allow for adjustment of air volume and temperature for maximum comfort.

Another feature of the classic bidet toilet is the self-cleansing nozzles. These nozzles improve on the level of hygiene and provide a bacteria free environment. This feature comes with an added hygienic philosophy; nozzle sterilization which keeps the whole unit clean and sanitary.

Feminine wash

This comes after the basic wash and here you have to look for a toilet bidet which has an angle-adjustable nozzle. Some of the bidet toilet seats have been designed specifically for women and have this feature well positioned.

Control options

An electric toilet bidet that comes with a wireless remote control is highly practical and efficient. Some of the bidet seats have the control panel at the back of the seat making it difficult to control. This problem can be solved easily by the use of a remote control.

With this feature, you only need to twist your body around, control the system and do your washing. A wall mounting bracket that comes with every remote control should be of a good shape to make it rest comfortable on the wall. The remote control’s body should be of a reasonable size with an easy –to-use interface. Buttons should be large enough and soft for easy pressing.

Tankless heating

Tankless heating is energy efficient and keeps water warm for a long time. This is made possible with the help of reservoir tank heaters. While making a choice from the market, purpose to buy one with a functional tankless heating system. Once the water runs warms for about 40 seconds, the system will automatically cool.

This feature makes the bidet look better aesthetically. Those models with reservoir tanks are bulkier and bigger for your little bathroom’s space. Bidet seats with tankless heating system look more contemporary and modern.


An expensive electric toilet bidet seat should come with at least, 2-year warranty period. A model covered for 1 year will do you no harm. Prioritize your budget and buy something you can afford without breaking the banks.