Reviews of the Best Cast Iron Bathtubs for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best cast iron bathtubs for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Cast Iron Bathtubs with Reviews

Chariton Cast Iron Slipper Tub Review

ctaThe Chariton has an attractive, sleek slipper design.

Measuring 61”x30”, it should easily fit in most bathrooms.

It requires a deck mounted faucet, giving a distinguished, antique look.

When combined with its metal finished clawed feet and porcelain lined interior, it has a very regal, vintage appearance.

It has a forty-six-gallon capacity and fourteen-inch overflow, allowing for deep luxurious soaks.

Its freestanding design should allow for easy installation.

The price may seem high to some, but it is actually a moderately priced cast iron tub.

Paying for the level of aesthetic appeal this tub provides could be worthwhile, if you are looking to add a touch of class and luxury to your bathroom.

KOHLER K-877-S-0 Highbridge Cast Iron Bathtub Review

ctaThe Highbridge features a wide variety of unique features.

First of all, it features a recessed apron that allows for storage underneath the tub.

The apron, like the rest of the tub, has an attractive enameled finish.

The 60”x32” dimension size means it will fit well in most bathrooms.

The integral three-sided tile flange allows for a retrofit installation.

Additionally, it includes a slip-resistant surface coating safeguard.

Designed with a comfortable seventeen-inch depth in mind, what it lacks in frills it makes up for in comfort and convenience.

Its pricing is within the realm of the moderate, making it a fine choice if comfort is your priority.

Kohler K-837-0 Bellwether Cast Iron Bathtub Review

ctaThe Kohler Bellwether is another simple, quality design.

Standard 60”x30” dimensions mean that it is the same size as most standard bathtubs.

It features an integral apron to make installation into an alcove much simpler.

It has a low, fourteen-inch threshold allowing for easy entrance and exit.

It has an enameled finish with a Safeguard slip-resistant coating.

This Kohler tub also features extra wide ledges to provide storage space for toiletries and the like.

Its design provides a clean, contemporary look to match most bathrooms.

For a cast iron tub, it is well within the reasonable price range.

The durability of cast iron is well documented, and if that is what you are looking for, this is a great option that won’t break the bank.

Toto FBY1515RPNo.01 Enameled Cast Iron Bathtub Review

ctaThis Toto bathtub is unique in that its dimensions are slightly smaller than other tubs.

It measures 59” x 30” giving it a sleek, compact look, while still filling out most standard bathroom alcoves.

Like other tubs, it provides a safety conscious slip-resistant coating on its enameled finish.

Easy installation makes this a good choice for convenience-seekers.

The contemporary apron front means that it will match most bathroom décor with little to no effort.

Its price is towards the lower end of average, making it a perfect choice for aesthetic and convenience conscious buyers.

Benton Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Pedestal Tub Review

ctaThe Benton Pedestal Slipper Tub features double sloping ends, allowing for a relaxing bath from either side.

Its charming pedestal base and impressive seventy-two-inch length give it a distinct, luxurious look and feel.

Its full dimensions measure 72”x30.5”x28.5” with a fifteen-inch overflow and forty-one-gallon capacity.

The large size means that two people can share a soak, or a single person can enjoy a bath in the lap of luxury.

Its fetching porcelain finish adds to its overall aesthetic appeal, as well as making it easy to clean and maintain.

The lack of faucet holes and high price tag may turn off some people.

But if your goal is to have a strong, durable tub while enjoying relaxing in absolute luxury, this just might be the right choice for you.

How to Buy Cast Iron Bathtubs the Right Way

What To Know About All Cast Iron Tubs

First things first you can not just buy a cast iron tub and have it installed in your home.

It would be great if it were that easy.

Most have cast iron tubs because it came with the house or apartment that someone has.

With that being said you can have one installed if you didn’t have one.

If you’re serious about having one know that cast iron tubs are the heaviest of all the types of tubs around.

They weigh anywhere between 350 to 500 pounds.

This makes them difficult to install. Sometimes you’d need to have your floors re-done to support the weight.

How To Buy A Pedestal Cast Iron Tub

Pedestal cast iron tubs are the tallest out of the cast iron tub club.

They can also hold the most water, so that’s something to think about as well.

These are more comfortable for taller people or may be athletes.

They’re not just taller, but sometimes they can be wider as well.

The pedestal cast iron tubs also comes in different shapes.

Really all of the models come in different shapes to fit your body’s needs

The wider pedestal tubs of course hold a little more water than the more narrower ones.

The pedestal tub can really swallow you up, if you’re a taller person, and I know that’s a bathtub luxury that’s hard to find.

How To Buy A Skirted cast Iron Tub

The Skirted cast iron tub is shorter than the pedestal tub, but slightly taller than the clawfoot tub.

The skirted tub is really designed for someone who just wanted to have a bigger tub just to have one.

That’s understandable though.

Some people feel like the bigger the better.

Also these tubs come in a variety of colors such as stainless steel.

I know that’s not a color but it’s a pretty cool effect.

These tubs are a little thinner than the pedestal tubs.

They don’t infact come in the same shapes as the pedestal and clawfoot tubs, but that’s OK.

These tubs are still good for what they’re designed for, and that’s relaxing your body.

These tubs are built to sooth your bodies and give you a soaking experience while you bathe at the same time.

How To Buy A Clawfoot Cast Iron Tub

The purpose of having a cast iron tub are many.

Cast Iron tubs are heavy than any other type of tub but they don’t hold and keep water like any other tub either.

Cast iron tubs are made to keep the temperature of your bath water the same during your whole entire bath time.

The clawfoot tub is closer to the ground than the skirted tub and the pedestal tub.

The great thing about the clawfoot is the beauty of the clawfoot.

This the most romantic and elegant design of the cast iron tubs.

The different shapes slipper, double slipper, and celine all serves a purpose.

The slipper means there’s just one side of the tub that has a upward shape, sort of like a slope that curves under.

This is designed for someone that’s uncomfortable with a double slipper.

The of side of the slipper is flat making it easy to law your back against it.

The celine is sort of shaped like a sail boat.

One side is flat to lay your back against, the other side is curved under, but without the the slope.

The celine may be a better shape for someone with longer legs.

The double slipper is just like the slipper but with a slipper on both sides.

Both sides of the tub curve upwards.

This is a better design for someone that wants to slouch while in the tub as opposed to sitting up straighter.


Cast iron tubs are amazing.

Not only are these tubs designed smartly they are also extremely beautiful and rare.

They truly are the best classic tubs around.

There’s really no other tub designed to keep you submerged in water and keep your bath water at a great temperature the whole time you’re in it.