Reviews of the Best Ceiling Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best ceiling shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

ProductNameFlow Rate (GPM)FinishPrice
Grohe 27288000 Rainshower F-Series 20" Ceiling Shower Head2.5Starlight Chromebuy3
B&Y 12 Inch LED Bathroom Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Thin Big Fixed Shower Head2.5Stainless Steelbuy3
Delta Faucet RP50841SS Universal Showering Components, Single Setting, Overhead Shower Head2.5Stainless Steelbuy3
Hiendure 12 Inch Ceiling Mount Stainless Steel Round Rainfall Shower Head2.5Oil Rubbed Bronzebuy3
Cascada Luxury Bathroom Shower Set with Luxury 16" Water Power LED Shower Head1.85Stainless Steelbuy3

Best Ceiling Shower Heads With Reviews

B&Y 12 Inch LED Bathroom Stainless Steel Review

ctaYou will like this one.

Simple, straightforward, and elegant.

This 12 inch rainfall shower head is going to change the way that you look at your shower forever.

It’s incredibly compact and very modern in appearance.

What’s even better is it also takes advantage of the most advanced water pressure powered LED technology on the market today.

That means it can give you the opportunity to enjoy chromatherapy in 7 different colors while you are showering away.

You’ve ever wanted to make your bathroom feel a lot more like a high-end spa or fancy hotel?

Then this is the kind of upgrade that you’re going to want to make.

Best of all, you aren’t going to have to break your bank account to do it.

Delta Faucet RP50841SS Single Setting Overhead Review

ctaThere is a fact.

Rainfall shower heads have become the “must-have” shower accessory these days.

And when you have this Delta shower head installed in your bathroom it’s easy to see why.

It offers you up 8 inches of rainfall shower coverage.

That’s almost 4 times as much coverage as you’d get out of a more traditional shower set up.

You’ll be able to really relax and unwind from your busy days when you have this set up in your bathroom.

Not only is it beautifully designed and engineered to upgrade the overall style and aesthetics of your bathroom, but it’s also effortless to clean and maintain.

In fact, it does the bulk of the heavy lifting in that department automatically every single time that you run hot water through it!

Amazing, right?

Hiendure 12″ Ceiling Mount Round Rainfall Review


Have you been thinking about making the switch to a rainfall shower head?

Still haven’t found the right one for your needs?

Then you’re going to want to take a much closer look at this one.

Because it gives you the same kind of performance you’d expect in a high-end shower head for such little price.

That’s with the same clean lines and attractive styling to boot.

I’m sure this gigantic shower head is going to be more than enough for most people to feel they are showering in a high-end spa every time they step into the shower.

The water pressure is fantastic (and variable).

And the rainfall arm can be adjusted to any position so that you have complete control over your showering experience.

If you’re serious about upgrading your bathroom and showering experience, I highly recommend this bad boy!

Fontana Luxury Bathroom Shower Set Review

ctaThis one is a special one also.

If you really want to take your bathroom to the next level, you simply cannot go wrong with this luxury bathroom shower set.

This amazing set of 6 different shower components and a rain shower overhead gives you the ability to really cover every square inch of your body.

From the moment that you jump into your shower to the moment that you leave.

The 6 different massaging jets install flush right into your shower wall.

And the aforementioned rain shower overhead is going to make sure that you get complete coverage from top to bottom (and everywhere in between).

I like to imagine that this is the kind of shower that the rich and famous aspire to own.

Grohe 27288000 Rainshower F-Series Review


One of the biggest problems with swapping out your traditional shower head for a rainfall shower head is that you end up losing a lot of space in the process.

Even the most compact shower heads are still quite large.

And almost all of them have extension arms so that you can swap them out with a traditional set up without any plumbing necessary.

This rain shower changes all of that.

You can install it directly into your ceiling.

By that I mean you’re probably going to have to call a plumber if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But this is going to free up a ridiculous amount of space in your shower as it sits almost flush with your ceiling.

With 20 inches of rainfall beating down on you.

And at pressures that are completely controlled by you and only you.

It just doesn’t get much better than this.

What Exactly is a Ceiling Shower Head?

Simply put, a ceiling shower head is a shower that attaches to the ceiling of your bathroom. This is in opposition to the majority of shower heads out there that are angled from the wall.

Typically, ceiling shower heads are made out of stainless steel or chrome. Sometimes you can find it in brushed brass or nickel.

Ceiling shower heads release water in a slow, steady stream that mimics rainfall. Higher intensity and pressure options are available.

Ceiling shower heads come in a wide range of designs, including those built into the ceiling itself, and those that hang from the ceiling above you.

Advantages of Having This Kind of Shower Head in Your Bathroom

First off, there is the no getting around their aesthetic. There is something incredibly innovative looking, and very modern, that comes from a ceiling shower head. Those built into the ceiling itself provide a continuation of your bathroom aesthetic with no metal fixture at all. Fantastic for minimalist bathrooms, the coating of the ceiling shower heads allow for a range of looks.

If you do go for a hang down variety, then prepare to be amazed at just how many options are out there. Aesthetics is big with ceiling shower heads, and you will have a lot of designs and materials to choose from.

You have the ability to turn an open shower into a truly luxurious experience. The rain affect of the ceiling shower head provides an improved shower experience that people really appreciate. While it may take some time to set up and install, those that do report it functioning quite well and being well worth the effort.

Reviews from customers can be found online easily. You can read what their experience has been like, and then tailor your own installation and product choice based on their recommendations.

People Love Their Ceiling Shower Heads, and Here is Why

Once installed and working properly, people love the functionality of their ceiling shower head. They are impressed by how it can provide a steady stream of water similar to a storm, covering them completely. Unlike wall mounted and angled shower heads, the ceiling shower head can reach all places equally, making it practical.

People love how it looks and love even more to show it off/demonstrate it to visiting friends and family. Along with having a high degree of functionality, the ceiling shower head utilizes a unique aesthetic to provide customers with something practical that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Customers appreciate some of the settings that come with the ceiling shower head. The settings can change water pressure, limit where the water is coming out of, and generally personalize the experience for those interested in a bit more variation.

People like the general quality and variation in design. Ceiling showers are high end in terms of shower head types, and manufacturers typically include a great deal of forethought into the design and application of the product. Expect warranties to cover your ceiling shower head for at least 5 years.

Keep These Pointers in Mind When Shopping for New Products

Water Pressure. One of the biggest problems people have with ceiling shower heads is water pressure. A ceiling shower head will have significantly more area for water to come out from. The increased head area means less pressure overall. While ceiling shower heads are sold as a sort of ‘soft pressure rain’ you will still want a little bit of power behind your water to better clean yourself. Consider getting a ceiling shower head with an adjustable pressure valve and test your water pressure before moving ahead with your ceiling shower head plans.

The majority of ceiling shower heads is either stainless steel or chrome. Be prepared for issues that come up through filtration. Are you installing a ceiling shower head and do you live in the majority of the United States that reports moderate to high levels of mineral content in their water? If so, then you should strongly consider adding a filter into your plumbing plans. A filter will soften the water, provide a superior bathing experience, and reduce the rust and ware risk on your ceiling shower head.

Unless you already have a ceiling shower head, you will have to rework the plumbing in your bathroom. While there are companies that will do this for you, expect the installation to be among the most costly of all new shower head types. You will have to redirect the water towards ceiling, install the shower head, and then fix any damage to the ceiling in and around where the ceiling shower head is. While this may take some time and money, those who do it report it being well worth the time.

Consider getting a professional plumber for the installation. The last thing you want is to do all the work repairing the wall/ceiling, only to find a few weeks in that you have a leak. A leak in the walls or ceiling can cause a lot of damage. A professional plumber will probably have experience installing ceiling shower heads in the past. They can better direct you towards what you should watch out for during installation.

Consider getting a hang down shower head type instead of a ceiling mounted version. The costs are slightly less and the aesthetic is still quite pleasing. In addition, if there is ever a problem with the shower head itself, installing a new one will be far easier.


Now that you’ve finished reading my buying guide, did you find it helpful? Anyway, I really hope that it helped you in some ways. And I really believe that with the information contained here, you will make much better decisions.