Reviews of the Best Color Changing Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best color changing shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

ProductNameFlow Rate (GPM)Price
IceMoon Dual Modes Colorful 7 Colors Change Automatically Glow LED2.5buy3
HotelSpa Giant 10" Color-Changing LED-Rainfall-Shower-Head with Arch2.5buy3
Happy Shower 12 Lights Color Changing LED Shower Head2.5buy3
Luminex Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 24-Setting Shower Combo2.5buy3
Color Changing Rainbow LED Shower Head2.5buy3

Best Color Changing Shower Heads With Reviews

IceMoon Dual Modes Colorful 7 Colors

You know it.

There are a lot of fancy shower heads out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to big benefits.

But few (if any) are going to be able to deliver the goods at a bargain basement price point the same way that this shower head does.

This one is of the most innovative LED shower head options on the market today.

It’s capable of quickly changing through 7 different colors or sticking on your favorite with the duration of your shower.

The real big benefit in making the swap to this shower head is the versatility that it has to offer its rain shower wand set up.

And for this device, people have rated it top points when they reviewed it here.

HotelSpa Giant 10″ Color Changing LED with Arch

This one caught my attention right away.

Easily one of the largest rain showers you’re going to come across in the shower head market today.

This 10 inch behemoth (with a 15 inch extension arm for the ultimate in flexibility) is a monster.

But in the best possible way!

It’s designed to mimic the same kind of high-end rainfall shower heads you find in bunch a response all over the world.

With that, this LED rain shower is going to give you the kind of flexibility and control you need to hit every square inch of your body.

And you know what’s even better?

You can do that while enjoying everything that a rain shower brings to the table in the first place as well.

Check it out. It’s worth it.

Happy Shower 12 Lights Color Changing LED Shower Head


There might not be too terribly many people that have the word “fun” jump right into their mind when they think about shower heads.

But that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you when you swap this bad boy for your old school set up.

This one is designed with 12 LED lights built right in.

And each of them capable of throwing a cascade of rainbow colors at your command.

This shower head gives you the opportunity to shower in complete and total darkness – aside from the LEDs, of course – to give yourself a wild ride when you are soaping up.

You like it?

Anyway, on top of that, it is incredibly safe.

It doesn’t use electricity to power the LEDs but instead of running water of the shower itself.

And it’s also effortless to install all on your own.

Luminex Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 24-Setting Shower Combo

You should know one thing.

Most LED shower heads out there give you the chance to blow through three or maybe four different colors.

Some, like the one above might bring you as many as 12 LED lights built into the shower head itself.

But this one is unlike most others.

No, you are going to be able to enjoy a brilliant rainbow of seven different colors from 24 different LEDs!

And you can enjoy that moment that you slide underneath this shower head.

Even better than that, you’re going to be able to cruise through 4 amazing different pressure settings.

That range from the gentlest of rainfall to the pounding of a professional Swiss masseuse (and everything in between)!

If you’re sick and tired of a standard shower, this is the only way to go.

Rainbow Color Changing LED Shower Head

There is a trend.

Shower wands are quickly becoming the “go to” choice for baby boomers.
The reason?

It’s because they aren’t all that crazy about dancing around in the shower for fear of slipping.

And this LED shower wand is certainly one of the most popular options today.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the easiest to install.

Intelligently designed to throw off just the right amount of LED light.

So much so that it’ll look like you’re showering in candied syrup!

OK, joking.

This product is one of a kind.

And it makes you want to turn all the lights off and just spend hours and hours relaxing under the gentle or massaging spray of the water.

What Exactly is Considered Color Changing Shower Head?

A color changing shower head is a shower head that either has an LED light built into the shower head itself, or has it as an added installation piece over the top of the existing shower head.

The most common models are those where the shower head and the LED light is built into the same product. A color changing shower head emits a light from the head itself, illuminating the water in whatever color is available. A color changing shower head either uses batteries, a charger, or has a built in mechanism that powers the device based on water pressure.

Why You Should Have a Color Changing Shower Head in Your Bathroom

The leading reason why you should have a color changing shower head is the aesthetic. Functionally, it adds very little. Aesthetically however, it is an innovative idea. Even if the shower room is dark, the shower head will illuminate the stream of water into one of many different colors. Many color changing shower heads come with a range of colors built in, allowing you to either select, or even have the color change over time and on a timer.

The color changing shower head is perfect for fine tuning your bathroom aesthetic. You can match a cool blue stream with an austere room, add a great deal of fun to your child’s bathroom, or line up the color and the aesthetics of the room to match in any number of ways.

Pricing is relatively inexpensive. The color changing shower head was originally far more, but it has been around enough in the market to gradually lose its original high price.

There is variation in color, design, and functionality in order to match your needs and wants.

Installation of the color changing shower head is simple.

What Other Customers Like The Most About Their Color Changing Shower Heads

Customers love that the color changing shower head makes showering more fun. It is a great gift for kids who love it. It is a great way to help get younger kids into the shower and develop a bathing routine. With customizable colors, kids flock towards these shower heads.

Not just for kids, the color changing shower head is great for all members of the family. The lighting affects are innovative and neat. While the amount of ambient light created by the LED isn’t much, it does help to create a neat affect that is visually stunning.

Customers like using the color changing shower head as an innovative way to improve their bathroom aesthetic as well as their experience. Some people switch between colors that contrast well with the colors in the bathroom. Still other customers watch the LED light color with ambient colored light in the room to produce an even more stunning experience. With so much customization, it is no wonder that the color changing shower head is so popular.

There are several types available to you. While 2 in 1 and handheld models are nearly impossible to find, larger shower heads and anything that has a minor pivot is typically easy to shop for. There are at least a few manufacturers in every type, offering you some variation in price and quality. Along with more expensive options that are backed by warranty, people like the less expensive options that are relatively cheap. The color changing shower head is seen as more of a novelty for children, and even after it stops changing color, it still can function as a shower head.

Important Things You Need to Look For When Buying

Functionality differs greatly between models. Some will use the pressure of the water to work. Others will use batteries. There are even a few that charge. Be sure to carefully review what type of color changing shower head works for you and make sure that their functionality is in line with what you do.

Water Pressure Is Key. The majority of colors changing shower head utilize the water pressure coming out of the head to power the LED lights. Be aware that low water pressure in your home will cause the LED light to not function correctly. Sometimes this will result in a strobe effect. Other times the light will simply not turn on. If you find yourself having issues with water pressure already, then consider getting a color changing shower head specifically designed for low pressure (aka battery or chargeable option).

Be Sure To Read Reviews. Understand that color changing shower heads are relatively new and novel. There has not been that much time to establish standards for quality in the industry. As most recognizable names in shower heads do not produce color changing shower heads, you will have to go to lesser known distributors. This is where reading reviews come in handy. Make sure you look through customer reviews with a specific eye on LED longevity. While some last for years, other models will last for only a few days, months, or weeks before breaking.

Choose the colors you want before purchase. Understand that you will have many choices available to you, and every choice will come with its own range of LED lights. Having more LED lights may mean a higher cost shower head

Understand that price is an important measure of quality for a color changing shower head. Still, be sure to read customer reviews.

Beware the strobe light affect. Some color changing shower heads offer options to switch the color of the LED automatically. Some do a strobe like pattern that people find annoying and off-putting.


Choosing a good color changing shower head is not good, right? I hope that after reading my guide above, you are now more prepared to bring home the best products that can fit your needs and styles. Time to go shopping now!