Reviews of the Best Electric Water Heaters for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best massaging shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Electric Water Heaters with Reviews

Ecosmart ECO 27 Tankless Heater Review

The Ecosmart ECO 27 tank less heater can be depended upon to provide heated water when required.

It is highly efficient and this can be witnessed on the electric bill you shall receive.

Apart from utility bill savings the unit’s portability allows it to be installed close to where the heated water is used.

This cuts down on the travel time, meaning water gets heated faster than other conventional tanks.

The product has been equipped with the latest Flow Sensor technology.

This technology regulates the water temperature ensuring a steady hot water supply.

When manufactured the intention was to service your entire house meaning it can even be stored anywhere.

Storing this product in a closet is possible as it does not require a vent.

Atmor AT 900-03 Electric Heater Review

The Atmor AT 900-03 ranks among the best eco-friendly electric water heaters for your home heating requirements.

It delivers a steady stream of hot water when required. Installation is easy as it arrives tankless.

The heaters elegant design augers well with your home environment.

I find the best attribute about it being its energy efficient capability.

Anticipate lower electric bills when you start the product.

For a smooth supply of steamy hot water without any unexpected glitches count on this water heating appliance.

Reliance 6 6 Soms K 6 Compact Heater Review

The Reliance 6 6 Soms K 6 is be the right instant water heating solution for your home.

It’s pretty light and offers easy installation.

On account of the small size, I regard the price charged to be very reasonable.

Being tank less it’s regarded as a convenient water heating option.

The machine operates on with a 1650 watt copper heating element running at 120V.

For easy use, there is a pressure relief and temperature adjustment valve.

The outlet and inlet connections on this product are strategically placed on its sides to allow easier installation for tight spaces.

With this water heater you can never go wrong when it comes to your water heating requirements.

Rheem RTE 9 Electric Tankless Heater Review

This is an effective hot water solution that is affordable to many.

The heating unit is fitted with several temperature controls.

Made from copper and brass it is light and energy efficient.

When in use it provides a continuous stream of hot water; roughly 5 gallons in a minute.

This product works best for those with limited or mobile water heating requirements.

This means it works best for an individual who does not use the shower too much, wash dishes or do much laundry.

It functions best at a 1.5 GPM range with a 220V power connection.

Supergreen IR-8000 Tankless Heater Review

The Supergreen IR-8000 tank less heater does not only save on space at your home but function at an energy efficient rate – resulting in lower utility bills.

This machine works for both commercial and residential use.

This product provides a steady water supply capacity ranging from 0.5 till 4.4 gallons in every minute.

This advanced heater applies the latest Quartz Infrared heating elements on its tank less design.

This guarantees greater efficiency and performance.

This product does not experience inside corrosion problems making it 60% way more efficient and durable than its market competition.

The tank is perfectly suited for enabling hybrid they can also be integrated easily onto gas or electric water heaters.

Present are also several safety features making it your ideal water heating solution.

A How-to Guide to Buying Water Heaters

Space & Size

The first thing you must take into account when looking for your new water heater is the size of your home. If you have a large family and tend to take long hot showers, then a heater with a capacity of over 50 gallons is preferable. If you have a smaller or medium sized family, a 36-46 gallon heater should suffice.

You also have to make sure your home is able to accommodate the size of the heater that you choose. Because these units require a large space to be stored, commonly they’re stored in basements or garages.

Types Of Water Heaters 

Storage Tank Heater

The most common type is the storage tank heater, which I prefer myself because of its simplicity. These are sure to be insulated. Inside the insulated tanks, the water is heated then released through pipes when needed.

Tankless Heater

Another option is the tankless heater, which is known for its energy efficiency, and it is more typical for those who aren’t excessively drawing water.

Heat Pump Hybrid Heater

A third option is the heat pump hybrid water heater, an eco-friendly favorite which uses less energy to operate but isn’t as efficient as the others since they don’t work in colder spaces and cost more than the usual gas heater does.

There are also other conventional versions like the solar powered heaters, which as you can guess runs on the sun heat and tend to be unreliable because of this.

Lastly, the condensing water heaters are for those who use gas to heat their heaters. They’re similar to the average heater beside the fact they retain exhaust and prevent the loss of energy.

Which means that they’re excellent at keeping energy retained.

Your Fuel Source

Determining how your heater will be fueled is a must. The three most common fuel sources are gas and or propane, electric, and heat pump or hybrid.

Electric heaters are the least expensive among these and can contain from 28 to 100 plus gallons.

Next, the Gas/Propane water heaters size from 30 to 100 gallons. They’ve also been proven to be much more energy efficient than the electric ones.

However, they tend to be more expensive.

Finally, with the heat pump units, you’re promised to have lower bills, as their energy efficiency saves you money in the long term. On the other hand, they tend to be more expensive up front. They may be larger than standard heaters but can only hold 50-80 gallons.


Accessories are also important.

If you are planning on buying the smaller energy efficient heaters, expansion tanks are useful for holding extra water.

Timers are another popular choice: they keep track of and control when energy is or is not being used. With timers, your energy is limited thus preventing the loss of large amounts of energy.

Which most definitely affects your wallet.

Another common accessory is a water alarm, which will immediately alert you if anything overflows. After this, there’s blankets, pans, and stands.

Blankets fit over units to reinforce insulation.

These are best for water heaters that are located in colder places. The pans are situated underneath heaters and designated for any of the fallen water, resulting from leaks.

And stands are used to raise your water heater of the ground and prevent any possible fires or cases of flammability.

Other Important Details 

Lastly, there are a few other details you might want to keep in mind on your lengthy search for the perfect water heater. If money isn’t a pressing issue, you might want to consider a digital display.

These will help you keep an eye on your device.

Another helpful addition is the types of valves your space heater will have, there’s a drastic difference between brass valves and plastic valves. Brass being much more durable then plastic is. Warranty is something else I would look at.

You want to make sure the product you select has the longest warranty available.

Make sure that when looking for your water heater you take into account all of these details, and you’ll most definitely find something that suits your lifestyle.