Reviews of the Best Freestanding Bathtubs for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best freestanding bathtubs for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Freestanding Bathtubs with Reviews

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub Review

ctaThis latest addition of Cadet Suite is traditionally like the rest, but more practical in terms of functioning.

It features latest design concept.

It is sleek, and suits the modern décor of a stylish bathroom.

It comes along with tub filler, hand spray and of course a drain.

With the help of their high-gloss acrylic and fiberglass reinforcement, you get a smooth touch, and the extra deep well-like bathing tub makes you soak deep in!

The wide storage deck lets you store all accessories and gives you a renewed bathing experience.

OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub Review

ctaThis product tends to give a bathroom a striking focal point.

It’s because of the stylish design.

It is yet another modern acrylic freestanding bathtub, with sleek design and more defined with the lines.

It makes your bathroom look more spacious and adds to the appeal.

This bathtub is also reinforced with fiberglass, has a durable finish and doesn’t stain.

The product has been certified by CSA/ULC and manufacturers offer a really great warranty for defects.

The apt temperature it can withstand is 130 to 135 degrees.

You can also easily adjust the product according to your drainage system.

Kaifeng 716KC Modern Freestanding Soaking Bathtub Acrylic White Review

ctaThis product comes with a unique feature of being rectangular in shape.

This has resulted in being one of the most attractive aspects, and then the other features have followed.

The elegant appearance comes with a luxurious feel, and is absolutely fascinating.

It has one tub body along with one drain pipe.

It has received CUPC & CE certification which makes a little more reliable.

The quick and easy freestanding installation process makes it more user-friendly.

Finally, the smooth bottom is perfect for soaking!

AKDY F224+8711 Bathroom Combo Freestanding Bathtub Review

ctaAKDY has given a new dimension to bathtubs with this product.

It comes with world-class modern design due to the ergonomic features, making it a luxury product.

This product is as pleasing to soak in as it looks like.

The striking appearance leaves you mesmerized with the high gloss white finish of acrylic construction.

It boasts of strength and durability and is also known to not fade or lose its charm with overtime adjustments.

The strong geometric lines makes it is easy to clean.

This seamless tub represents the cutting edge technology and fulfills all our desired.

It comes with a 1 year warranty for all the faucet features.

OVE Serenity 71-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub Review

ctaThis sleek and stylish product is yet another option to search.

It is perfect to soak a body which has been tired after a long day at work.

The flawless lines with meticulous curves make it look remarkable and tough to not notice!

This is yet another product that will make the décor of a bathroom brighten up.

It comes with a simple design and freely stands without taking much space.

This product is also made of acrylic and fiberglass, and is known for strength and longevity.

It looks sophisticated with the high gloss white finish, and blends with most decors.

It is good to use it and be ready to enjoy everything you want to enjoy.

How to Buy Freestanding Tubs the Right Way

Materials available

This should come first before appearance, size or shape is taken into consideration.

Common materials are acrylic, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, stone, bronze and resin.

Acrylic is lightweight and comes in various distinct designs.

Steel and copper materials are easy to care for and give your bathroom both the modern and traditional spark of décor.

Cast iron is sturdy and heavy and the best choice for its durability and resistance to wear and tear factors.

The stone made freestanding tubs are artistically carved from spectacular stones materials like marble, granite, and travertine.

They are heavy, durable and natural enough to be in your bathroom.

They come in various styles and design that can suit your master bath interior design.

Resin and pure acrylic materials form the solid surface kinds of tubs that are durable, lightweight and high-quality.

They are available in almost all the possible shapes you can imagine.

If appearance is your priority, this kind is just your perfect match.

Solid surface tubs are easy to clean with a fine finish hence easy to care for.

Sizes and designs

Space available in your bathroom will always determine the sizes of the freestanding tub to purchase.

Different designs are available to complement the size of the tub.

Some have pedestal and plinth which raises the tubs off the floor to give a unique look.

Soaking tubs are designed to give that relaxing feeling and come in various sizes.

Some of the freestanding tubs have raised ends; either single slipper tubs or the double slipper tubs.

They are quite comfortable and have a deeper surface as compared to the standard freestanding tubs which give a full submergence of the body in water.

Depending on who and how many people will be using the freestanding tub, it makes sense having that spacious tub you will not have problems turning around.

For family use or a couple’s suite, it is good to consider the large sizes like the double slipper tubs.

Specific purpose

Always choose that bathtub that will suit your preferences and work your way out to comfort.

For that deeper and more satisfying soak, there are the upright and deep freestanding tubs.

Here you can sit while having your bath rather than lying and these sounds comfortable.

Freestanding tubs with in-built massage features and whirlpool opt to be more relaxing, luxurious with a great touch of beauty and décor.

Depending on how much you are willing to dig deep into your pocket, you can make your bathroom one crazy lifestyle using this whirlpool features.

Do not be overwhelmed by the shape and design features alone, make sure to purchase a freestanding bath that will comfortably fit your both legs extended.

A thick and wide model will give that strong stability though it is somehow space consuming.

Make sure your space has this allowance.

Everybody has a limit to the purchasing power.

Price is not just a key variable in the marketing mix, at the end of the day it determines what kind of freestanding tub you have in your bathroom.

Make an effort and get that very model that will give you the guts to wake up early in the morning just to be in it.

Whether you are starting from scratch or remodeling the traditional one, choose something substantial that can serve you for long.


Purchasing freestanding bathtubs require a closer insight of the various designs and models in the market so as to make the right choice basing on your taste and preference.

One can easily get swayed off the way into buying something far from the very own expectation.

Get convinced and make your final judgment on which type to go for after revising all your needs and matching them with the tub’s features and specification.

That way you will have the heart to thank me later.