Reviews of the Best Hybrid Water Heaters for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best hybrid water heaters for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Hybrid Water Heaters with Reviews

Supergreen IR8000 Infared Electric Tankless Review

This Supergreen heater is a highly sophisticated and advanced water heater.

But the great thing about this model is that it still retains its simplicity in use.

It is designed for commercial as well as residential use with a capacity of 0.5 to 4.4 gallons per minute.

This extremely capable heater features Quartz infrared heating elements and a tankless design.

Which helps to ensure its efficiency and durability along with a host of other benefits.

This device can efficiently cater for your hot water requirements on a large scale.

Plus, it’s also power optimized meaning it doesn’t take in as much power as a standard device of its calibre would.

Electrolux EE66WP35PS Energy Star Electric Hybrid Review

The Electrolux Energy Star is a hybrid water heater that uses up to 70% power less when put up against a standard electric tank heater.

Water heaters tend to draw a lot of power.

And you may be looking for a better solution in terms of energy consumption and efficiency, right?

Well if that’s the case, you should get your hands on an Electrolux Energy Star product.

The tank boasts of long-term durability, thanks to its stainless steel exterior and interior tank.

It also boasts a 66 gallon tank which ensures that you never run out of water.

General Electric GEH50DFEJSR Hybrid Heater Review

The GeoSpring is specially designed with a sleek outlook and frame.

Plus, it saves a lot of energy whilst retaining its durability and efficiency in its use.

It also comes with a 50 gallon tank.

Although there are other hybrid water heaters out there that can store more water, nonetheless.

It’s still a great device and you should definitely get it to suit your hot water needs.

It uses up to 62% less energy than a standard 50 gallon product.

Quite appealing figures, right?

Well, it just goes to show how power-friendly it is.

Westinghouse WEC080C2X045 High Efficiency Review

The Westinghouse high-efficiency water heater is a phenomenal product from Westinghouse tech.

It has an incredible tank capacity of 80 gallons.

Which means you’ll never run out of water with this device.

It features an aesthetically pleasing faux stainless steel exterior which is extremely great to look at.

And not many products come with a stylish and slick look like the one it has.

The stainless steel inner tank provides advanced corrosion resistance.

AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Heater Review

The AO Smith Residential water heater comes fully loaded with a 60 gallon capacity.

It’s also optimized to save energy whilst retaining its high efficiency in serving its purpose.

It has multiple operating modes which are the efficiency’ hybrid’ and electric’ modes.

Each mode has its own heat intensity setting.

Its durability is outlined by its glass coating which protects the steel tank from corrosion and it also maximizes tank life.

The AO Smith Residential heater is most definitely a top quality water heater.

So you should get your hands on it today as it’s optimized to cater for your water heating needs.

How to Buy Hybrid Water Heaters the Right Way

Water heaters are in virtually every home in the United States.

Did you know that after about twelve to fifteen years they should be serviced or some even replaced?

The average household uses about sixty-four gallons of water every day, and they spend six hundred dollars a year just on heating.

Most hybrid units are larger than fifty-five gallons and can go up to eighty-gallon models.

They use electricity to move heat from one place to another.

And before you just decide to buy the cheapest one on the market, think about investing your money in a hybrid heater now and save money in the long run.

So, here are some factors to consider.

Efficiency Standards

There is new efficiency standard for water heaters in general.

Water heaters that are less than fifty-five gallons are efficient but if you purchase a hybrid unit that holds more than fifty-five gallons you are going to save up to 50% on your electric bill.

Some products even have the option of putting them on vacation mode therefore only using the heat pump while you are away.

Less Energy Used

Hybrid water heaters use 60% less energy than the more common electric heaters.

Meaning you will spend less money for it to function and do its job.

A conventional electric one will use up more energy than your refrigerator, clothes dryer, and even your dishwasher.

Tax Credit

If you purchase a hybrid heat pump, you are eligible to get a $300 federal tax credit.

For this remember to fill out IRS forms 5695 line 22a on next year’s tax form and include the purchase receipt.

You can also apply for many state tax credits and even utility rebate programs.


More room is needed to install the hybrid water heater simply because the heat pump is located on top.

Other than that the installation is easier.

This water heater needs as much as seven feet of overhead space because the heater is on the very top.

LCD display

Some models of hybrid water pumps such as the GeoSpring model from GE Appliances are user-friendly.

The new pump of GeoSpring has an LCD display, and it is the very first pump to have this feature.

There are four modes and a vacation setting that you can use to save you extra money by only having the heat pump on while you are away.

Uses of Existing Connections

To make the transition easier, most hybrid water heaters can connect to the existing water and electrical connections.

This allows for you to put the heater merely in the same place as your old electric heater without having to hire an electrician.

The manufacturers made this part of that water heater so that they transition to a hybrid would not be hard for the average homeowner.

Cleaning the Heater

Cleaning your air filter on the heat pump is simple and easy.

All that has to be done is to take out the filter and rinse it with warm water or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

After the filter is dry, you just place it back where it was located in the water heater.

Consider the Climate Where You Live and Observe the Seasons

Before buying a hybrid heat pump, you need to see if the seasons in your area are harsh.

For example, if winter is mild the hybrid is an excellent choice because it requires for optimum performance to be placed in space that stays over 40 degrees.

If the winters are harsh, then you would have to weigh your options.

Deciding to buy a heater is a big decision and should be made wisely.

In an average home of five family members, the annual savings can be up to five hundred dollars with the hybrid water heater.

Consider your situation and the climate of where you live before making the purchase.

The product does cost more upfront than the traditional electric water heater that is installed in most homes in America.

This being said you would be conserving energy, and they end up paying for themselves in as little as two years depending on the model you buy.