Reviews of the Best KES Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best KES shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best KES Shower Heads with Reviews

KES All SUS304 Stainless Steel Rectangular Rain Shower Review

This shower will make water drop like soft rain over you.

It’s the overhead rainfall type, and extra large – 10-inch.

So it offers great coverage and is suitable for bathtubs as well as shower cabins.

It’s made from premium stainless steel protected by a nickel layer, so that you never worry about rust.

Its silicone nozzles make it easy to clean.

And it looks downright luxurious with its polished finish.

It’s affordable, and according to customer reviews it does its job spot-on!

If you really want to bring home a good deal this time, I highly recommend you check this product out.

KES All Stainless-Steel 8-Inch Extra-Big Rainfall Shower Review

Another rainfall shower head in the collection.

This unit has an elegant black finish, making it easier for you to include it in the color scheme of your bathroom oasis.

The shower head is made of premium stainless steel for durability.

And it’s equipped with a swivel ball joint for adjusting its angle.

It also comes with rubber nozzles for easy cleaning.

It’s in the large category, so its coverage will satisfy even the pickiest of us.

Despite its low cost it’s a high quality product and works well even where water pressure is naturally low, by cleverly dispersing it through all the nozzles.

Happy customers have been pleasantly surprised.

And I believe that you will soon feel the same once you have this in your bathroom.

KES Stainless Steel 6-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount Review

This shower head kind of looks like a lamp.

And you’ll love to shower under its light beam!

Equipped with all the premium qualities KES has us used to.

Stainless steel for durability.

Swivel ball for easy adjustment.

Rubber nozzles to keep nasty lime deposits easy to clean.

And the fact that it’s not very big and will fit in even one-bedroom small bathrooms just right makes it one of the best on the list.

It has customers all around the world enjoying their shower experience more for a very accessible price.

According to many customers, the product worked like a champ and has them wishing they had bought this head years ago.

So I highly recommend you check it out.

KES J201-2 Extra Large 8-Inch Drenching Rain Fall Shower Review

This one comes in a neutral color.

It’s made of ABS and a stainless steel back cover.

There is metal swivel ball for durable and efficient position shifting.

And much like its counterparts, it’s easy to clean.

But this time without the rubber nozzles.

InstantClean is what KES calls the revolutionary technology that allows you to restore proper water flow with the simple wipe of a finger.

Just in case any deposits try to stay between you and your relaxation time.

It provides a gentle rainfall effect.

And, according to reviews, it is sure to exceed your expectations.

Many customers reported that the water flow is excellent and are they were very satisfied with the build quality.

A good product, right?

KES Bathroom 3 Function Hand Shower Head Showering System Review

This device is a hand adjustable shower head and works three ways.

It comes with a tiny lever which allows you to adjust water flow and use it for shower as well as massage.

Its oil rubbed finish gives it an interesting look.

Much like a vintage mic.

If you’re into doing shower music performances it will do greatly in that role.

It’s made of ABS and pairs greatly with most standard shower hoses.

Extremely easy to install and maintain, this versatile shower head is a great choice for smaller shower cabins.

So far, customers have said they are very happy with it, some have even called it the best rinse spray pattern that they ever had.


KES Home Us Ltd. is a home improvement products exporter from China, which since its launch in 2014 has gained appreciation worldwide, tearing down the preconception that products made in China have poor quality by default.

As you can tell from the review fragments above – and I do encourage you to do your own research – they offer high quality products at affordable prices, continuously striving to impress.

I do hope you will consider these recommendations and that they will help you make the best of your shower experience.