Reviews of the Best Massaging Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best massaging shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Massaging Shower Heads With Reviews

Waterpik SM 653 CG Original Handheld Shower

This one is one of my favorites.

A massaging shower head just might be right up your alley if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired when it comes time to relax and unwind!

It can completely transform your “ho-hum” shower into something truly special.
Something that you aren’t ever going to forget.

This is exactly the kind of shower that can help you to relax, help you to unwind, and help you to wash away stress, pressure, and anxiety.

This was designed by the same people responsible for the world-famous WaterPik toothbrush.

This is a massaging and pulsating handheld shower system that is going to give you all of the rejuvenating properties you’re after in a massaging shower head and then some!

Sure, there are other massaging shower heads out there on the market today.

But none of them are quite as special as this one.

Niagara Conservation Massage Shower

Another one on the list.

And you would love nothing more than to pound away at all of the stress, pressure, and anxiety you’re feeling with some of the most relaxing water jets of imaginable.

And you also want all while conserving water at the exact same time?

Then this 2 GPM handheld massage shower is everything you want and then some!

It offers those hunting for the best massaging shower devices everything they want in a performance and power department.

And combined with incredible water conservation technology, this is going to completely transform the way that you go about showering once and for all – in the best possible way.

The multiple jets and jet settings will relax, unwind, and soothe you all at the same time.

And the 2 GPM technology makes sure that you don’t have any larger a footprint on the environment than necessary.

Waterpik SM 623 Original 6-Mode Massage Shower

You will like this one.

It is another top massaging shower option from the people behind the WaterPik toothbrush.

This little gem is a bit more compact, a bit more minimalist, and a bit more focused than some of the other options you’ll find on the market.

But that doesn’t mean that it is any less powerful, any less reliable, or any less comfortable.

This shower head offers 6 different jet sprays at six different pressure levels

That will allow you to really fine-tune and maximize all of the time that you spend in your shower to begin with.

You’ll be able to switch, on the fly, between all of these different shower modes.

And gently pulsate away at some of the tender spots while hammering out muscle knots and kinks that won’t work themselves out.

Vida Alegría High Pressure Spashower


Are you looking for pressure – real pressure – and the ability to pound away at sore spots, tramped muscles, and aches and pains?

Then it doesn’t get any better than this!

This Spa Shower is a transformative solution for those that want to be sure that they are getting the most bang for their buck from a massaging shower.

Power is the name of the game here.

And you’ll never have to worry about a weak or ineffectual jet stream “massaging” your body ever again when you go in this direction.

Instead, you’ll be able to flip your shower expectations on their head entirely, providing yourself with a consistent and rock steady stream of pressure

That will work out absolutely every bit of stress and pressure you might be dealing with.

ZenFresh Filtration Shower for Dry Skin & Hair

Last but definitely not least.

The beautiful thing about this massaging shower device is that it is going to focus entirely on washing away stress and pressure.

And it’s also going to focus on making sure that you get the purest water to wash with.

Those living with dry skin, oily hair, or any high maintenance skincare issues are going to fall in love with everything that this shower brings to the table.

Not only does it hammer away at the stress that you are dealing with, but it also filters out the water before it touches your body.

That means you will always be washing in the cleanest, purest water available.

And you’ll never have to worry about dry and itchy skin or hair that doesn’t want to cooperate ever again.

I think it’s time for you to really go and see it in actions!

What Exactly is a Massaging Shower Head?

A massaging shower head produces increased water pressure that creates more of a ‘thud’ when coming in contact with your skin.

The added pressure helps to massage and relax the muscles in your back, arms, legs, neck, and mid section.

Some massaging shower heads come with a pulsating feature, where the pressure of the water increases and decreases to help vary the experience and make it more enjoyable.

While some shower heads have a massage setting, other shower heads are specifically designed with massage in mind. What is the better product is entirely up to your needs as a homeowner.

These are the Benefits That a Good Product Will Bring You

Massage shower head features are sometimes built into standard, all-around practical shower heads. The benefit is that for no extra money at all, you can have a special setting designed to massage and relax your muscles.

Anyone who keeps to a workout routine will enjoy having worn and tired muscles massaged in a shower. An added little luxury in life, the massage feature can make even the most challenging run worthwhile. Exercises like yoga also make the massage shower head particularly enjoyable as tired muscles and tendons can be relaxed with the more intense water pressure.

Shower heads marketed specifically as massaging shower heads almost always include a feature that provides a ‘standard’ showering experience. Even if massaging shower heads are important to you, the standard feature may be perfect for family, or visiting guests.

Massage shower heads can be easily found in department and home improvement stores around the country. Their price is typically either in line with the majority of other shower heads, or slightly more.

Installation is straightforward and simple. Unless a special design, the installation of the massaging shower head will be no different than any other standard shower head.

If nothing else, it is a fun feature to play around with and provides you, your family, and guests with an improved range of features to better personalize their own showering experience.

People Shared Their Opinions About These Devices, and It’s Very Interesting

First and foremost, customers like the functionality of the massaging shower head. They enjoy the pressure of the water and appreciate the massage like affect that comes from it. From people who enjoy working out to other people coming home from long and exhausting workdays, the massaging shower head has proved time and time again to be a little worthwhile luxury.

Some customers enjoyed using the massage feature of a standard shower head in order to improve otherwise disappointing shower experiences. Some even went as far as to buy a shower head specifically for massages to get around their terrible water pressure.

Many customers enjoy the manufacturer’s guarantee for quality. Relatively standard across the board, most manufacturers of massage shower heads and those shower heads with massage features provide a 1, 2, or 5 year warranty on their products.

Customers enjoy the low costs and incredible range of massage shower heads. Being as popular as they are, you can find shower heads with a massage feature made out of all popular bathroom fixture materials, including brushed nickel, polished chrome, and more.

Important Things You Need to Know First Before Buying Anything

There is a lot that goes into a good massaging shower head. The first thing you should be aware of is that there are many less-than optimal products currently on the market. The best way you can sort through all the different options is to first figure out the type and material you want, find reviews, and go for a price that seems fair.

As stated before, you will be faced with massaging shower heads in all popular bathroom fixture materials. In addition, there will be a wide range of aesthetics to choose from. Prior to beginning the process, carefully look through your bathroom and see what the overall aesthetic is and try to match it. You will also want to consider how powerful of a massaging shower head you want. Understand that a standard shower head with a massage feature will be far less powerful than a shower head specifically built and advertised for massaging.

Seeking the opinions of your friends, as well as comments left by people online is the best way to see whether or not the product you are looking at is worth buying. Third part review sites and forums typically have a lot of conversation around fixture types for FIY home improvement types, and you will find a lot of useful advice to help you narrow down your choice even further. If nothing else, ask a plumber what their opinion is and you may be able to get a few good tips you can go by.

Beware of price. Understand that the price of the shower head does not necessarily mean quality. There can be some lower cost massaging shower heads that are well worth your money, while more expensive models may come with poor ratings. Again, read reviews and do not use price as a measure of quality alone.

Understand that water pressure is a big issue with massaging shower heads. While many of these shower heads can improve the water flow, some will rely on higher water pressure in order to function. If your house or apartment has low water pressure, then consider looking for a model of massaging shower head designed specifically for this purpose.


Everyone loves a good massage session. But the problem is, not everyone can handle that luxurious experience everyday. However, with all the information that I’ve shared with you today, I believe that you will soon have those luxurious moments at home with a top rated massaging shower head. It’s not too hard to pick up, right?