Best Pedestal Sink Reviews

“Best Pedestal Sinks for Your Money – Read the Reviews and Pick Yours Today”

A pedestal sink is a bath fixture which blends the sink and the base together. The right choice of a pedestal sink with its vintage finish can make your bathroom look decent and stylish. From the new models to the angular contemporary designs, they are a perfect match to every home setting.

Keep reading the reviews and buying guide below for more information on how you can bring home only the best pedestal sinks for your money.

Kohler K-2359-8-0 Archer Pedestal White Bathroom Sink Review

ctaThe Kohler (K-2359-8-0) Archer Pedestal White Bathroom Sink is a stylish pedestal sink made using superior quality porcelain material. The sink has 8” centers and features an exclusive transitional design that perfectly blends subtle design elements and intricate jewelry facets. Flaws are quite rare in this product as the professional approach and skillfulness employed in the design and consequent manufacture of the pedestal sink ensures that no defects or flaws arise.

Kohler bathroom fixtures are popular for their timeless appeal and a wide array of designs. In line with this concept, the Kohler Archer Pedestal Sink has a unique appearance that magnifies the attractiveness of the bathroom including the other fixtures in the bathroom. The white pedestal sink is easy to clean and does not stain easily thereby making it easy to maintain the sink in sparkling clean and pristine conditions.

This sleek Kohler sink is classy and is roomy enough to place soap and other essentials without cluttering. The rectangular designed sink measures 24” by 20.5” by 35.25”. This sink is very economical on space and is able to retain its uniqueness and elegance with time.

TOTO LPT530.8N Number One Promenade Lavatory Pedestal Sink Review

ctaTOTO Promenade Lavatory Pedestal Sink is a one of a kind sink with a traditional styling and a contemporary design complemented by distinctive lines. This rectangular sink is widely spacious thereby making it comfortable to use. The design and construction of the sink employs the use of cutting edge technology which highlights its luxurious and high-quality nature.

TOTO, a leading bathroom fixtures’ manufacturer is known to employ a vitreous approach and concept in developing its product. True to this, the TOTO Promenade Lavatory Pedestal Sink is made using stain-free ceramic material that is also corrosion resistant. The sink is particularly for people whose bathrooms have hard water supply as the non-stick surface of the surface ensures that there is no scum that is left on the sink after use.

This incredible bathroom fixture stands at an impressive 34 inch height that makes it convenient and easy to use by all people including children. There is a rear overflow hole in the sink that allows water to pour out from the sink after exceeding the maximum capacity mark. The sink is wide and deep enough such that water does not splash all over when washing your hands in the sink. Overall, the sink looks superb and very attractive to the eye.

American Standard 0282.008 Retrospect 27 Inch Fireclay Pedestal Sink Review

ctaIf you are fond of bathroom fixtures with a linen finish, then you must be aware of the American Standard Fireclay Pedestal Sink. This rare beauty is craftily designed and made using the best workmanship and latest technology thereby resulting in a contemporary looking pedestal sink. The sink has 8 inch centers and a decorative rim that highlights the unique appearance of the oval-shaped sink. The most intriguing aspect about the sink is that its extra-thick fireclay material makes it a very durable bathroom fixture. The pedestal sink can last for decades without showing any signs of extensive wear and tear or dilapidation.

This American Standard pedestal sink represents a sign of sophistication, luxury and unique design. The sink can be used for both residential and commercial settings as it is specially designed to remain in its finest and best conditions even with extensive use.

The American Standard pedestal sink is usually a good fit in most bathrooms. This is because its classy natures makes it possible for the sink to rhyme and match the quality of other high-end bathroom fixtures. When you install this sink in your bathroom, you get a nice space deck beneath the sink where you can store essentials such as towels, soaps and other bathing essentials.

Foremost Group FL-1920-4W Pedestal Combo Bathroom Sink Review

ctaThis Foremost Group Pedestal Bathroom Sink is a Grade A vitreous and innovative China construction that is white in color. The sink has a rectangular shape with perfect clean lines and an amazing stair step design that helps in providing convenience of using the sink. The versatility of this pedestal sink is seen in its chic, deco-inspired look and finish. At the back of the sink, there is an in-built overflow control that prevents water splashing and spillage while using the sink. The overall dimensions of the sink are 19-3/4 inches by 15 inches by 37-5/8 inches.

The Foremost Group Pedestal Bathroom Sink has a pre-drilled faucet hole with four inch center-set spacing. Faucets are sold separately. The sink is very functional especially when using faucets that swivel from one side to the other. Due to its ability to economize on space availability, the sink is an amazing fixture in a small size bathroom with space limitation.

The retro-vintage touch in this Foremost Group pedestal sink makes it a worthy choice for a bathroom remodeling project. There is plenty space on the top part of the sink for soaps and other bathing/washing basics used in the bathroom. The sink stands at 4.5 inches.

Kohler K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Sink W/ Single-Hole Center Faucet Drilling Review

ctaOver the years, Kohler has proved to be a force to reckon with in the bathroom and kitchen fixture industry. With tons of experience amassed from decades of continually making creatively designed fixtures, Kohler prides itself in having an unlimited collection of classic bathroom fixtures. The Kohler Cimarron Pedestal Sink is one of the exclusively styled bathroom pedestal sinks in the market. This white sink has a vitreous China construction and features a generous interior basin as well as deck size.

With the sink’s transitional aesthetic, it affords a contemporary design therefore providing ease of selection when choosing the best pedestal sink for your bathroom. The flat surface on the sink is enough to place a soap dispenser. What is more unique about the bowl is that it is sufficiently deep and wide. The sink is quite versatile in that it conceals the plumbing connection thereby making it nice looking without its appearance being deterred by these connections.

There are almost no flaws or defects whatsoever in this Kohler Cimarron Pedestal Sink. When using this sink, you do not bend too much as it has a favorable height thus making it a perfect daily use sink.

How to Buy Pedestal Sinks the Right Way

Choosing the perfect sink for your space

Before going for that pedestal sink; consider the available space, the people going to use it and the purpose it will serve. There are some designs that are way better being in your bathroom than others. Take a look at some of the common models of pedestal sinks present in the market and some of the factors to consider before making a purchase.

Undermount sinks design

This is one of the most recent models of pedestal sink where you can choose one from the various stands to complete the look. The rim of the sink, in this case, is fixed under the counter-top; this creates a clean and seamless look.

An advantage in choosing this design of a sink is that any spills of running water can be wiped off the countertop into the sink without much of a hassle. These sinks work best with a solid-surface countertop. They are mostly used in busy and all-purpose family bathrooms.

Wall-mounted sink design

A wall-mounted sink will take the least of space in your room. It’s fixed directly on the wall with little or no external support; without setting on a counter-top. This design has no cabinets and creates a visible floor area with all the plumbing done and positioned inside the wall. Due to the absence of a counter-top, it lacks the landing space but gives an aesthetically pleasing and classical vibe to your room.

If your bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate some additional storage cabinets, this wall-mounted pedestal sink is your top pick. Otherwise, this design is best reserved for powder rooms where storage is less of a big deal.

Most of the pedestal sinks are freestanding and set that confident and stylish look in your bathroom. Some of the rectangular models combine both the modern crispness and the traditional look to bring out the best design that fits any contemporary style.
Gently curved and oval-shaped sink pictures elegant curves in your bathroom. The low profile design makes up for the little space leaving your bathroom with a touch of décor to the interior design.

Choice of material

The material used to design your pedestal sink determines its durability and the ease of cleaning. Here are some of the commonly used materials.

Vitreous china

This material is used to design both the basins and stands. Clay and other materials are mixed and baked together at very high temperatures to form a strong porcelain mixture which cools resulting in a smooth and highly attractive product. This material requires proper care and maintenance when using it in the long run. Generally, it’s easy to clean and leaves a spotless surface.


This material comprises of clay heated with other materials at very high temperatures. Fireclay has a higher durability than Vitreous China with an appealing porcelain appearance.

Stainless steel is an ideal choice for that higher level of indestructibility. Apart from the durable nature of steel material; it’s a bit limited in terms of design and style.

If you are in for more aesthetic appeal, marble and glass materials are available in various styles and shapes. Glass, for example, offers little in strength but means a lot to your home’s interior design. Marble is quite sensitive to chemicals, acids and some of the detergents while glass chips are fragile. Proper prioritization is necessary to make wise choices basing on durability, appearance, taste and preference.


If you are sharing the power room or bathroom; choosing a pedestal sink of comfortable height is the best you can do. Various sinks come in different inches and other physical dimensions. The availability of space in your room will also dictate the size, shape, and design of freestanding sink to purchase.

You will need to take proper measurements of the height, width, and depth that can be accommodated within the available area. Look for a perfect match that will maximize the space; for big rooms, choose deeper sinks that allow for washing while low profile sinks in the case of small and congested bathrooms.

Ease of installation

Confidence and a few plumbing skills are necessary to successfully fix a pedestal sink in your bathroom. Be keen to buy a model with a simple design that can be installed without spending extra cash. Most Pedestal models bought from authorized retailers have installation manuals that will guide you through the process.

Pre-drilled faucet and in-built overflow holes should come in a complete package and this makes the installation process easy and efficient. Those models with complex built-in design should come as a second priority since you will need some skills to operate them; here you don’t have to gamble with your precious cash.

Before buying the sink, look out for additional accessories to compliment your sink’s design, if any. If you purchase a sink without an underneath storage, you can easily request for one to suit your needs. Various color options are available and this can be of great importance if you are looking forward to matching the existing bathroom furniture.

If you also want to match the entire set in your bathroom, some of the pedestal sinks have particular designer’s collection or range and you can prioritize in buying such models without breaking the banks.


Prices vary from one design of the sink to the other. The size and make of the sink will also determine the overall cost of the product. Before considering the prices of different pedestal sinks, it’s vital to look for a sink that best suits the design, space and general setting of your bathroom.

Not all the prices of these pedestal sinks are pocket-friendly; depending on your purchasing power, you’ll surely get your taste. Utilize the opportunities when these products are on offer and having subsidized prices, otherwise, they are worth the investment. This guide will help you get the best of pedestal sinks for your money, without much of a struggle.