Reviews of the Best Kids Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best kids shower heads for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

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Rubber Duckie & Friends RDNF-F Child's Bath and Shower Wand, Frogbuy3
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Best Shower Heads for Kids With Reviews

Ginsey Industries 4210 My Own Child

The problem with standardized shower heads is that they are “one-size-fits-all”.

And if we’ve ever learned anything about human beings, they are anything but one-size-fits-all!

This is especially true when you’re talking about young children that are looking to take a shower.

A traditional shower head just isn’t going to be a perfect fit for those that only stand about half as high as the shower head has been designed for.

And it’s going to force a lot of older children to keep taking baths when they might not be all that interested in that.

Thankfully, with this child focused shower head, you aren’t ever going to have to worry about that again.

You’ll be able to hook it up to your standard shower.

Install it with a suction cup to your shower walls at the perfect height.

And then use the diverter valve every time your little one takes a shower so that they are set up just right.

Many parents with kids loved this.

Oxygenics 79368 Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head

Designed specifically with children in mind.

This Mickey Mouse combo shower head is going to make shower time a lot more friendly for children that might not be all that excited about taking another bath!

The special thing about this combo shower head is that it uses a much lower level of pressure then the one that your traditional shower head is going to put out.

That makes it a lot easier on little ones that might not be all that interested in a pulsating massage jet when it comes time to scrub up before bed or right before school.

It also lets mom or dad reaches every spot on their little one, making sure that there’s no extra soap left behind their ears.

Rubber Duckie & Friends RDNF-F Child’s Bath and Shower Wand

Just about as kid friendly as it gets.

This little froggy shower wand is going to make bath time fun again.

And helps mom and dad get their children excited about taking showers when they might not have been before.

Not only is this shower head aesthetically pleasing for little ones that might be able to bit leery about switching from the bath to a shower.

But it also comes with a built in regulator that only puts out about 1.5 gallons per minute to save water.

And more importantly, to create a much gentler spray at the same time for your little children.

You won’t have to worry about too much pressure beating down on your children when it comes time to take a shower anymore.

Oxygenics 78368 Minnie Mouse Combo Shower Head


What better shower companion could you ask for to get little boys and girls excited about taking a shower than the world-famous Minnie Mouse?

This combo shower unit is going to hook up into your traditional shower set up.

With no tools necessary of course.

And it will give you the opportunity to instantly and effortlessly convert your traditional shower to one that is very kid friendly.

On top of that, you’re going to be able to use the combination stationary shower system and wand to make sure that your children are just as clean as can be.

All without hitting them with too much water pressure along the way.

You should check it out soon when the stock is still there.

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children’s Shower Head

You will love this one.

This friendly little shower set up is designed to give kids a fun experience in the shower.

While at the same time making sure that they have just the right amount of pressure to clean them up after a day of playing.

The manufacturer understands the situation.

They know how important it is to strike that delicate balance between the right level of water pressure and making sure that it isn’t too vigorous that it spoils their experience and makes them nervous about the shower.

They strike the perfect balance this time.

And they also do it with a system that can be diverted from your traditional set up.

That way, everyone doesn’t have to shower with this smiling dolphin if they don’t want to!

Wanna give it a try?

What Exactly is Considered a Shower Head for Kids?

Shower heads for kids typically have “novelty” elements. This means that they are fun for children to use. In addition, they don’t typically have a lot of settings, so they are very simple in terms of how they work and this makes them easy – and safe – for kids to utilize. For example, shower heads for kids may be fashioned to look like cartoon characters or other beloved children’s characters.

Children will usually enjoy bath time more when they are able to enjoy the sight of a favorite character as it emits a gentle spray which helps them to get clean.

The Benefits I’m Sure You Will Enjoy With This Product Type

If you’re a parent or guardian, you may find that getting little ones into the tub or shower is a bit of a challenge sometimes. The rationale behind choosing this type of product is that it will make this important task easier. Kids love toys and giving them novelty shower heads which resemble fun characters will motivate them to get into the tub or shower and take care of personal hygiene. Of course, you’ll be there to help unless your kids are old enough to get clean independently!

Since shower heads for kids are affordable, they won’t take a big bite out of the family budget. As well, the vast majority of them fit over existing shower heads, so installing them takes just a couple of moments and typically doesn’t require any “DIY” finesse or tools. They are easy to get up and running! This means that your kid should be able to enjoy a bath or shower which is more fun than usual just minutes after you “unbox” a new shower head for kids.

Designs vary, so it’s best to look for something which is age-appropriate and designed to work with your existing shower setup. Some styles fit onto handheld shower heads and others fit onto attached shower heads.

What Other Customers Like the Most About Their Chosen Products

People who buy these products like the way that they make their kids happy! As parents or guardians, we always want to see smiling faces! As well, these shower heads for kids are great hits with parents and guardians because they make it easier to get kids into the tub. Since some kids do need motivational tools in order to be persuaded to get into the tub, shower heads for kids do serve an important purpose.

As well, since many shower heads of this type resemble beloved characters, from Disney to Sesame Street and beyond, parents feel safe buying shower heads which are the official products of trusted children’s filmmakers and TV show makers. While there are shower heads which are not licensed from big companies that cater to kids, most parents do go for licensed products which are familiar and they may love the characters as much as their kids do.

Bathtime may be a bonding experience between parent/guardian and child. Novelty bath toys, such as these shower heads, boost the odds that baths will be pleasant experiences for both parties. This is why these shower heads are so popular with parents. They are easy to find and install, they don’t cost too much and they make everybody happier.

A Short Buying Guide You Need to Read First Before Buying Anything

Safety should be your priority as you search for shower heads for kids. It’s really beneficial when a product meets national standards, so consider looking for proof of this before you buy. The best shower heads of this type will be approved by industry governing bodies which protect kids by ensuring that bath accessories are safe for them. This is why it’s best to read product descriptions in detail before you order something or buy a new shower head in your own community.

Some shower heads won’t feature stamps from governing bodies. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t safe. They just don’t have this proof that they are. As long as you’re supervising your child in the tub, you’re probably pretty safe going with a style that doesn’t have a certification stamp, as long as it earns rave reviews from parents and guardians. So, do make a point of reading customer reviews before you make a final decision about what to buy. Naturally, if you do see a certification stamp, that’s a bonus and proof that you’re buying something which is safe for your child.

Also, you should look for a product which offers gentle waterflow. Kids don’t usually want intense, massaging spray, so most shower heads of this type do offer a gentler shower experience. As well, these designs should be versatile enough to work for kids of different heights. When you find a model which does work with different heights, you’ll know that the device will grow with your child or work for more than one child.

Lastly, you should consider your child’s tastes. For example, if your little one is obsessed with frogs, choosing a shower head for kids that features a frog motif will be a smart strategy. There are hundreds or more of these styles out there on the Web, so you should be able to find something which is a perfect match for your child’s passions.

Of course, you’ll need to find a style which fits your budget. However, as we mentioned previously, these aren’t typically expensive bath accessories. So, you shouldn’t have to pay a lot in order to get what you want. Shop around at different retailers to find the lowest price on this sort of shower head.


OK, have you finished reading yet? Did you find my guide helpful? Anyway, I really hope that my buying guide helped you in picking up good shower heads for kids that you can use to “bribe” your kids into taking showers regularly.