Best Shower Panels for Your Money in 2018 – Read My Reviews First Before Buying

If you have a walk-in shower then you definitely need to buy shower panels at one time or another. And when you buy the right shower panel it can turn your once quiet shower into a full on dance party nightclub. Today, I will show you my list of top 5 best shower panels on the market with their reviews. Read them first, then tell me which one would you trade money for. Let’s get started.

Decor Star 004-SS Rainfall Shower Panel Rain Massage System Review

ctaDo you want to experience an intense and relaxing rainfall feeling in your bathroom?

If yes, then you should buy the Décor Star 004-SS 64 Inch shower panel.

The shower panel features a four stage function that feature waterfall, rainfall, hand shower, and horizontal massage spray.

The most unique aspect about this shower fixture is that each of the four feature function has an independent valve control.

There are total of 50 rainfall nozzles and 100 nozzles for horizontal spray for reliable and dependable efficiency.

Additionally, the panel has a UPC and cUPC certified thermostat to reduce scalding chances.

The premium quality hand shower hose is 59 inches long.

Blue Ocean Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head Review

ctaThe Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum shower panel features 8 adjustable nozzles and a temperature display that enables users to set their preferred water temperature.

Other features of this shower panel model include handheld shower head, rainfall showerhead, and independently working functions for purposes of ensuring appropriate water pressure.

This ISO-9001 certified shower panel is made using superior quality aluminum alloy and also comes with a tub spout.

With this lavishing shower panel, you will take your showering experience to a whole new level.

What is more amazing about this model is that it is lightweight, durable and is compatible with a standard half-inch plumbing connection.

AKDY Multi-Function Overhead Shower Tower Panel Massage Spray Review

ctaMade using fine quality stainless steel.

The shower panel has a waterfall multiple function shower head with all its functions operating independently from each other.

The 50 rainfall-like nozzles in the shower panel provide water from above.

To direct water to a specific part of your body, you can use the movable handheld shower wand.

The striking brushed steel finishing accounts for the unique and one of a kind attractive appearance of the panel.

With the panel’s half inch standard sizing, this shower panel model is perfect for use with any plumbing connection in the bathroom.

AKDY Thermostatic Multi-Function Shower Tower Panel Massage System Review

ctaAre you looking for a new bathing experience that is intense like never before?

If yes, you should install the amazing AKDY 63 inches Shower Panel.

The stainless steel used in making the shower panel ensures that the panel is not only a durable unit but also has an impressive appearance and outlook.

There are 100 nozzles that provide sufficient body sprays and 50 unique nozzles for providing cascading rainfall showering experiences.

There is a waterfall style nozzle added to the rainfall to provide users of the panel with other ways of getting clean.

While showering, you can use the handheld shower wand to control the spray and flow and delivering it to parts of the body where it is most needed.

The most amazing thing about using this panel is that it is skillfully designed and developed to eliminate instances of scalding or chilly water.

Each of the simultaneous functions in the shower has variable controls.

AKDY JX-9821 AZ-9821 Massage Jets & Rain Style Hand Shower System Shower Panel Review

ctaThe stainless steel AKDY JX-9821 AZ-9821 65” shower panel is mounted on the wall.

And it has a minimum pressure requirement of 29 psi and a maximum pressure requirement of 72.7 psi.

With a contemporary European design, the panel adds great super modern décor touches and finishing in the bathroom.

The features rain shower head, massage jets, and a hand-held shower head and a chrome-plated brass water hose for standard plumbing connection in the bathroom.

In addition to this, it also has a cold/hot valve system for varying water temperature depending on your preferences.

However, this model does not have a tub spout.

How To Buy Shower Panels the Right Way

A shower panel has a pretty basic function and that is to hold the showerhead and it also contains the pipes, which are needed to allow water to flow through them.

Ideally when shopping for a shower panels you should look for a thermostat to help minimize potential scalding from showering with too hot water.

A lightweight body and a preferably aluminum base that can give it a good amount of strength is also highly desirable.

LED or some sort of technical display to show you exactly what is going on in the shower.

Adjustable nozzles that help to make sure the water pressure is just right and both a hot and cool nozzle to control the pressure and overall temperature of the water.

How to Make Sure That You are Buying the Best Shower Panels

It is a good idea when buying any type of product for your home, especially something like a shower panel that you will be using on a pretty consistent basis to do your research.

Make sure you read consumer reports from people who have bought these shower panels before and read what they have to say.

If a product has more negative reviews than positive then skip it and move on to another option.

You can visit online retailers as well to compare pricing options and to see what people like the most.

It also really depends on the type of aesthetic you are going for in your home.

If you prefer something classic and chic maybe go for a glass panel, but if you like a modern look than go for a sleep aluminum panel instead.

What Are The Most Popular Shower Panels on the Market Today?

Showerhead speakers and LED showerheads are definitely taking the shower world by storm because people know that a good shower is not simply about water pressure.

It all depends on creating a fun and stimulating mood while in the shower.

People who are serious about taking their showering experience to the next level need to install a shower panel system to add some pizazz to their bathroom.

The Blue Ocean Thermostatic Shower Panel is one of the most highly coveted shower panels on the market because it has a waterfall showerhead creating a spa like experience and four sets of body nozzles with a stainless steel brushed finish.

It is very high end and top rated by consumers, not one complaint has been made about this shower panel.

Another popular shower panel is the Décor Star Stainless Steel Shower Panel because it is sleek and modern and also has a hand held showerhead to allow for an easy shower cleaning when needed.

The rainfall shower feature has 50 different nozzles the body jets have 50 from each area.

The most unique and cool shower panel would have to be the Blue Ocean Shower Panel that has eight adjustable shower nozzles down the panel’s front and a digital LED temperature setting and so much more.

They all work independently which is another important feature to consider when figuring out how to buy shower panels.


So if you are looking to spice up your shower game than I highly recommend finding an amazing shower panel that will give your shower all the right vibes.

Shower panels vary in price, size, features, and style and it is up to you figure out which one will work best in your life to suite your showering needs.

Figuring out how to buy shower panels does not need to be difficult if you follow the great information listed above.

Best of luck on your search for your dream shower panel!