Best Shower Valves for Your Money in 2018 – Read Reviews Below

Shower valve is a very important part of the whole showering system. It has a direct effect on the water stream that comes out of the shower head. That’s why it usually can make or break the shower experience you’re looking for.

And the question is, how can you choose a good one that can enhance your bathroom system. To answer that, I bring you 5 of the best shower valves on the market right now and their reviews. These products have been proven to deliver by many customers before you. So take a look at them.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve Body Review

ctaAre you looking for an elegant, outstanding and exceptionally decorative shower valve body?

If yes, you should opt for the Delta Faucet R10000 Shower Valve Body.

With a unique brass construction, this shower valve body is compatible with all bathroom plumbing connections.

The best thing about this valve body is that you do not need to do any plumbing alterations behind the wall when changing shower style, function and appearance.

This revolutionary system is all you need if you want to remodel your bathroom to make it classic and unique.

KES Bathroom Shower Faucet Set Solid Brass Rough-in Valve Review

ctaThis solid brass body shower valve is an easy operation faucet with a single lever style for efficient temperature control and effortless flow.

The model is compatible with a half-inch IPS connection size reinforced by straight threads.

Unlike in other shower valves, the stainless steel faceplate is solid rather than hollow for longevity and durability.

When you buy a KES Shower Valve, you need not worry about its functionality as the valve is corrosion resistant.

In addition to this, the product comes with the best industry-leading finish to complement the décor and elegance of your bathroom.

The polished chrome handle is strong thereby easy and comfortable to hold.

Moen L2352 Chateau Single Handle Posi-Temp Valve And Shower Trim Review

ctaThe Moen L2352 model is a brass and plastic shower valve that has a chrome finish and a one of a kind design for a refreshed look.

When using this shower valve, you are protected against shower-shock by the posi-temperature pressure balancing of the valve.

The adjustable temperature limit is very efficient in controlling hot water flow.

What is more amazing about the Moen L2352 shower valve is that its modern design features a rounded styling with soft, clean valves.

This ever-popular model is a proven classic that is compatible with most bathroom plumbing systems.

This flawless model is easy to install and saves water & energy costs as 100% efficiency ensures that there is no dripping in the valve.

Grohe 19457001 Concetto Pressure Balance Valve Trim Review

ctaDesigned and developed using cutting edge technology, the Grohe 19457001 Valve trim is an exclusive trim that is compatible with many types of shower valves.

Technically, the trim provides an excellent foundation for connecting the shower valve and the plumbing connection of the bathroom.

The valve trim is not only impressively looking due to its light chrome finish but also highly functional.

This sturdy product is an excellent choice for bathroom remodeling as it makes the installation of shower systems and valves very easy.

The pressure balancing concept of the valve is an additional feature that makes it easy to control the flow of water in the shower valve.

Moen T2191 Align Posi-Temp Valve Trim Review

ctaThis chrome polished Moen T2191 Posi-Temp shower valve trim is highly reflective and has a mirror-like appearance.

As such, it rhymes with any bathroom decoration style thus making it a favorite choice among most homeowners.

The Posi-Temp valve trim model guarantees its efficiency and longevity for very long time duration.

Whether you want to install shower valves in a large, master bathroom or a small powder room, the valve trim makes it possible to align bathroom faucets and accessories for the best functional bathroom.

The product is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing thus making it a great choice for any bathroom.

How to Buy Shower Valves the Right Way

Different shower valves function differently. Shower valves play an important role in determining the pressure and temperature of the water coming out from the shower spray. If you are looking to install a shower valve which keeps the water temperature level constant, you will go for particular types. Emerging technologies have resulted in several discoveries of functional shower valves. What you need is to know what you want and then seek professional guidance to acquire a perfect shower valve for your home. Choosing the right shower valve will determine how safe and comfortable you are when showering.

What to consider when buying shower valves

When you discover that shower valves or any other shower fixture are not just an item, you will be careful when buying shower valves. This important fixture is what you must touch daily while in your house, so it must be carefully selected. A nice shower determines a lot for someone day, demanding a better choice of shower component including shower valves. When shopping for a new shower valve here is what you must put in mind.

First, you must consider which type you intend to have. Valves regulate the amount of water which will come out from the shower head so you need to get the right one. The budget you have at hand will also be considered when buying shower valves. The cost of shower valves varies widely so it advisable to check on your budget. Other things to check before buying a shower valve include the color of your bathroom, the size of other shower fixtures, and most importantly purpose of the valve.

You should care to select the right shower valves because they determine a lot in your house including safety. A leaky shower valve will mean the loss of water resulting in high bills. A poor shower valve selection may lead to thermo-shock when taking a shower if you don’t select the right type of valve.

Types of shower valves to shop

Shower valves are mainly categorized according to their functions. One of the most basic valves is the mixing valve. It is used basically to mix hot and cold water when showering. If you are looking for the simplest shower valve this the best choice for you. The operation is simple you just twist the temperature control lever to make water warmer or colder.

Volume shower control valve is another type of valve in simple showers. The volume shower control valve is made to control precisely the amount and intensity of water flowing from the showerheads. You can shop for the volume shower valve easily because they easy to install, maintain and operate.

The thermostatic shower valve is another type of shower valve which is very important. This valve is used to control temperature shifts in a specified shower region. The valve ensures that the water temperatures are kept at a safe level when there are fluctuations in water supply lines. We must take an initiative to invest on this valve since pressure fluctuations during showering period are common.

Pressure-regulating shower valves playing a crucial role. They are designed to compensate for changes in water pressure when to take a shower. The design of a pressure valve is very complicated, so when you are going to shop for a shower valve specifically a pressure valve make sure you get the correct type.

The function will dictate which type of shower valve you are going to buy. Professionals will advise you that it convenient to choose a thermostatic valve over a pressure valve when you want maximum flow and volume control.

What are the requirements for shower valves?

Shower valves considerations or requirements are simple. You need to identify the function of the valve you are looking for, and this can be done by engaging plumbing professionals. Replace ability will be a requirement when you are shopping for a shower valve. You should ask yourself if the shower valve fails to function how hard it will be to replace.


A choice you make to install a functional shower valve will be determining a lot in your home. Be it water losses, safety from thermo-shocks, pressure surge and volume from shower heads, the shower valve command them. Always get an approved professional to give you needed assistance when buying shower valves.