Best Sliding Shower Doors

“Best Sliding Shower Doors for Your Money – Read the Reviews and Pick Yours Today”

A door is an ultimate pick for your bathroom to provide the best of privacy. It takes up a little space when installing and is currently common with most households. Such sliding doors are more efficient than the shower curtains as they provide a permanent solution to containing water in the bathroom.

Here are some of the best sliding shower doors for you to explore. Read the reviews and buying guide below for more information.

DreamLine Enigma –X Frameless Sliding Shower Glass Door Review

ctaIf you are looking for a stylish and exceptionally-looking sliding shower door with exquisite finishing, then this DreamLine Enigma –X is the best door for you. The door is perfectly designed and made to add elegance and uniqueness to the bathroom. The fully frameless design of the door offers a luxurious and spacious feeling when using the door. For purposes of width adjustment, you can trim the steel top bar up to 4 inches. The best thing about this sliding shower door is that it features an anti-splash threshold for preventing water spills while the large wheel assembly provides for the effortless sliding function of the door.

Typically, this door is the epitome of eloquence, style, quality, and innovation. The sleek frameless design coupled with a high functioning performance creates the feel and functionality of an exceptionally affordable custom glass. The ClearGlass protective coating is used to treat the 3/8” thick tempered glass for superior protection thereby allowing easy maintenance of the glass.

The best thing about it is that it enhances a cool urban style in the bathroom. The frameless glass door can be customized to add a personal taste and feel in the shower. Additionally, the door complements the décor of other stylish shower fixtures. The door is solid and as such, floats effortlessly in air providing for easy opening and closing.

DreamLine Duet Frameless Bypass-Sliding Shower Glass Door Review

ctaIf you a looking for a shower door with a streamlined look, then the DreamLine Duet Frameless Bypass-Sliding Shower Glass Door is the ultimate door to get. With a brushed nickel finish for an excellent look, the frameless bypass sliding bathroom door features specially designed rollers that provide for an effortless, quiet gliding operation. The width of the door can be adjusted by trimming the guiderails up to 4 inches.

The door also boasts of a contemporary design that is perfect for classic and modern shower decors. The smooth gliding rollers in the doors are particularly designed to create a traditional style. There are 2 convectional towel bars in the door that are also used as handles on the glass panels.

The glass in this product is thicker than that found in most standard shower doors thus making it durable and long lasting. The guiderails in this bypass sliding bathroom door are uniquely engineered so that they do not require additional hardware at the edge of the glass. This makes the installation and consequent of the shower door easy.

VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Bathroom Door w/ Glass & Chrome Hardware Review

ctaThe VIGO Elan prides itself in having a 50-60” adjustable opening and a 73.75” door height. This shower door is one of the characteristically elegant and luxurious shower doors you can install in your bathroom. The discrete door handle on the glass panel allows for the smooth operation of the door in closing and opening. The best feature about this door is that it comes with reversible left or right side installation. The top rail support provides perfect wall anchoring as well as reinforces wall stability thereby making the door strongly attached to the wall.

This shower door comes with a single water deflector that redirects water towards the shower’s interiors. Additionally, the side and door seals enhance watertight conditions between the wall and glass door/fixed panel. The door is manufactured in line with mandatory industry standards and with innovative approach thereby making it a perfect choice for a bathroom remodeling project.

The engineering concept of the device is very unique such that it glides smoothly and brakes gradually to prevent slamming and possible breaking of the glass. For a glaring look of the door, it is important to clean it with a towel and a suitable cleaning to prevent staining especially due to hard water.

Kohler K-702206-L-SHP Fluence Frameless Sliding Door Review

ctaFor homeowners who love Eurostyle frameless doors for their showers, the Kohler K-702206-L-SHP Fluence is the best choice for them. The door comes with an extraordinary guide mechanism that enhances a smooth flawless sliding action. The 1/4” thick tempered glass is complemented by brightly polished silver for unparalleled elegance and uniqueness in appearance. What is more amazing about this exclusive sliding shower door is that it comes with excellent plumbing adjustability that makes it easy to install and operate the door.

If your bathroom water is predominantly hard, then this sliding door is the best shower door for you as it comes with a CleanCoat glass coating for repelling water thereby enhancing easy cleanup and consequently preventing staining. The door is specifically designed to bring functional style and reliability in your bathroom. The glass is perfectly heavy in that it is not too heavy to move nor too light to break easily. However, the glass should be taken good care of and maintained well for maximum durability and functionality.

The Kohler K-702206-L-SHP also features a unique blend of high quality design elements as well as outstanding craftsmanship. This goes a long way in creating a sparkling and relaxing effect in the shower. If you have other Kohler fixtures in your bathroom, you should consider getting this door for uniformity and overall uniqueness.

Basco Infinity Frameless Sliding Glass Door Review

ctaThe Basco Infinity AquaGlideXP glass door is a door specifically designed and made for people aspiring for an exclusive atmosphere in their showers. The clear glass coating in the 70 inch height shower door repels mineral deposits and soap film on thereby making it crystal clear at all times. The contemporary design of the door enables flexible installation and fitting including different plumb all conditions such as out of level plumbing conditions. The door has a compact size and height as it measures 23.5” wide and 70” high.

The door from Basco Infinity comes with optional right or left side installation depending on the dimensions of the walk through area. The door’s design is open to imagination thus making it easy to customize and personalize it depending on the needs of your shower.

One of the greatest aspects of this product is that it is easy to install as the instructions in the installation manual are clear and easy to follow. The door rhymes perfectly with other bathroom fixtures and as such, complements the overall décor and appearance of the bathroom.

How to Buy Sliding Shower Doors the Right Way


Be keen to take careful measurements of your shower opening to ensure the whole space has been covered well. Width should be a point of reference when approximating the size of the sliding door. If possible, let the shower door be of greater dimension as compared to the shower opening; during the installation, it’s easy to adjust the door to fit the space and not the vice versa.

Material and finish

Nearly every model of a sliding door in the market is made of glass. This, however, doesn’t mean the quality and finish of all the glass models are same. The rain glass, for example, has only one of its sides textured leaving the other side smooth. It has a unique outer appearance due to a pattern of crystal rain. The dark surface gives a decorative blend while keeping privacy a priority.

Clear glass is a minimalist material. It doesn’t block the light and this creates a feeling of open space. Clear glass offers a distraction-free feature to the other elements of the bathroom décor. Low-iron glass, on the other hand, lacks the greenish-blue tint common with clear glass. The amount of iron in such glasses has been reduced and remains almost colorless.

Frosted glass has a distinctively smooth texture. The soft nature of the frosted glass has some opaque properties that make it possible to offer outstanding privacy. It’s available in a series of patterns and design with a variety of colors.

Another glass model that offers exceptional cover to your bathroom is the tinted glass. Tinted glasses are available in several tones such as gray, bronze and black. It’s both dark and slightly opaque; the darker sections offer privacy while obstructing light. The earthy and light tints complement the outer color palette of your bathroom.

The hammered glass is available in most sliding door designs where it offers indentations on one side. The unique patterns resembling hammered metal offer a decorative texture. This gives a variety of visual effects with a penetrating ray of light.


When looking for the best sliding door that will match your bathroom, it’ important to consider the quality and durability of the glass material. A thick glass material may require extra force to support its weight and may become inefficient with time. Look for a glass with medium thickness (6mm to 8mm) that’s also strong enough to withstand the contemporary wear and tear factors. It should also be durable to serve you for a longer period before doing any replacement or renovation.


Safety in your bathroom is one important factor due to the wet environment. The door should be strong, smooth and have the ability to overcome adverse, heat. The ease of opening and closing the door should also be taken into account. Avoid those thick glasses that require much effort to slide it through; badly designed rollers can have detrimental effects on the functionality of any sliding door in the long run.

The edges of the glass material should be smooth and have a regular shape. This allows for easy and safe installation. The full length of the glass should have well maintained magnetic strips and seal to ensure the surface is water tight and the door is firmly closed.

Surface treatment

Choose a shower sliding door that comes with a surface protectant. Such surfaces remain spotless with a simple clean and they are mostly bacteria-free. A surface protectant works by repelling oil and water and is highly resistant to UV exposure. This feature can be a bit costly but will keep your bathroom in the best of conditions.
Most surface protectants have a 10- year warranty and need some skills for proper installation.


Different designs of sliding doors will open either by sliding back or forth as a whole or in sections. Depending on the size of the opening, you can choose either that will be effective with the available space.

Consider buying a door that offers an easy-to-use interface that will be convenient to all members of the family. The numbers of grooves that support the sliding motion of the glass vary from one model to the other. Most of the modern tracks have drip holes that drain splash water and this makes it easier to clean.

The trackless sliding doors should be made of thicker glass and be very strong so as to carry all weight of door.


Look for that shower sliding door that can be installed easily by following the quick installation guide. Having the relevant tools and some basic knowledge to read and understand the instructions will get you done in the shortest time possible. Most of the manufacturers have designed their products for easy installation with simple procedures.


Compare the prices of the shower sliding doors from various manufacturers and authorized retailers to get the best prices. Choose those retailers with best deals, coupons and special offers where you can obtain the best products with subsidized prices.

While making purchases, I would highly recommend choosing a reputable company. Some of the retailers offer free delivery once you buy the product from their stores while others include installation fee on the total price of the product; here you don’t have to risk damaging the fragile glass during the installation process. If you’re not confident in your practical skills, this option is the best pick for you.


To avoid any of the warranty challenges, buy the best of sliding doors from notable manufacturers that will stand with you long enough before terminating your warranty deal. Warranty period gives you a piece of mind while using the product. One year or more of warranty is the best you can get for a quality and highly effective sliding shower door.