Best Soaking Bathtubs for Your Money in 2018 – Read My Reviews

Soaking tubs are fast becoming a favorite bathroom preference for many homeowners and interior designers/remodelers. And when shopping for a new freestanding bath tub, there are numerous considerations that need to be made. Some of the important considerations on how to buy soaking tubs are included below. And I also included my personal favorite list of the best soaking bathtubs with their reviews for you. Read about them below.

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub Review

ctaThis freestanding bathtub poses a sleek contemporary design with a high-gloss capped ABS and fiberglass reinforcement.

The soaking tub offers an extra deep bathing surface with a wide storage deck.

It comes in a complete set of freestanding tub filler in chrome finish, a hand spray, and a sleek drain.

The pre-leveled bathtub bottom provides a wide and deep enough space to have a full body soak.

Arctic white finish makes a fine suit to your home décor and adds a spark to the interior design in every bathroom; contemporary or the modern setting.

Being a freestanding installation type of bathtub, you are assured of easy fixing and maintenance.

OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub Review

ctaThe OVE Rachel acrylic tub is a freestanding type of bathtub with a sleek structure and defined lines.

This reinforced fiberglass model has leveled legs for easy fixing and installation.

A glossy white finish complements the fine acrylic construction, striking a gorgeous focal point for a perfect bathroom décor.

A stain-free finish is attained from the close and highly-polished surface.

The durable nature of the OVE Rachel bathtub is accounted for by the reinforced fiberglass.

This also gives this tub a touch of resistance to the wear and tear factors hence will retain its color for long.

A waste and overflow mechanism is provided for efficiency and easy maintenance.

American Standard 2422V002.020 Evolution Bathtub Review

ctaThis model is made of pure Acrylic with dual molded-in armrests.

A pre-leveled bathtub bottom and under mount nature completes the installation option.

This under mount installation has always been a preference for many due to the ease of installation and maintenance.

Reversible drain outlet is another feature that makes this product a must have in your household.

Dual Molded Evolution tub has been crafted with a reinforced fiberglass for extra support and durability.

The unmatched legacy of this bathtub lies within the spectacular set of features in a single white package.

Deep soak with maximum drain is enough to set your day with that unique lifetime experience.

This product fits different physical settings where bathing is a priority.

Do yourself a quick favor and get this tub to serve your needs in case you have none or replacing the old one.

KOHLER K-1123-0 Archer Bathtub Review

ctaThe Archer bathtub features an exclusive design with a comfortable width and length size for deeper soak and a relaxing bath experience.

This 60- inch tub has a slotted overflow that raises the water depth, a set of lumbar and Armrests support ensures comfy inside the tub.

With its acrylic white finish, the Archer bathtub suits all types of bathroom setting with a great touch of interior design.

Purchasing this bathtub is one step away from a luxurious bathing experience.

Minor skills are necessary for a perfect installation procedure.

This kind of soaking tubs should be used by adults due to their depth.

American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution Form Fitted Back Rest Bathtub Review

ctaThis is another model of the American standard bathtubs with a form fitted back rest.

It accommodates the drop-in and under mount installations with a reversible drain outlets.

The construction is purely acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement for extra support.

Dual molded-in types of armrests complement the back rest for a more comfortable bath experience.

It is the through the ever-embraced, tradition of quality that keeps this bathtub and the related products from the same manufacturer at the fore front.

Style and design make a priority in these products.

Proper installation practices should be considered for better services in the long run.

How to Buy Soaking Bathtubs the Right Way

Tub size

The first thing you should do when shopping for a soaking tub is identifying the ideal tub size for you.

Size is subject to available space in the bathroom where you want to place the tub.

Ideally, it is advisable to ensure that you get the right size tub for your bathroom to ensure that there is easy movement and free-space availability.

A congested bathroom lacks the homey and relaxing feeling that should be in a typical bathroom.

Purpose of the tub

Soaking tubs have several purposes and as such, you should buy the tub that matches your intended purpose.

For instance, if you want a tub for long and luxurious soaks, then comfort should be a top priority to you.

In case you need a tub for simply bathing in; a simple freestanding tub is a good choice.

It is also worth noting that there are soaking tubs that are specifically designed for massaging.

Soaking tub styles

There are countless soaking tub styles and designs that complement a wide range of bathroom decors.

There are freestanding tubs that come with a plinth or pedestal and are slightly raised off the bathroom floor to add a decorative effect and touch to the bathroom.

Primarily, these tubs are designed for long and luxurious bathing.

As such, they come in varying dimensions and specifications to accommodate the needs of all bathers.

Material of the tub

There are several materials used in making soaking tubs.

Acrylic is a very popular tub material due to its lightweight and easy maintenance properties.

There is a wide range of contemporary designs of acrylic freestanding tubs.

Cast iron is yet another common soaking tub material.

Cast iron tubs are heavy and sturdy, with the classic appearance of these tubs making them a great choice for restoring an old-fashioned bathroom.

Other materials used in manufacturing soaking tubs include copper & stainless steel, solid surface, and stone.

These materials are exceptionally very durable especially when well maintained thereby making freestanding tubs a great long-term investment addition in bathrooms.

Who will use the bath tub?

When working on how to buy soaking tubs, it is important to consider the target people for who you are getting the tub for.

Do you need a tub that is ideal for two or three people sharing?

Is the tub for a couple suites?

Or is it for one person?

Do you need an extra-long, extra wide or extra-deep soaking tub?

Identifying the prospective persons that will be using the freestanding tub is very important as it helps in choosing the right tub in terms of size, color and décor effects.

Personalization and customization

In the recent past, there has been a wide array of customization effects added to soaking tubs for ease of use and enhancing comfort.

Some of these effects include chromatherapy whereby underwater LED lights are added in the tub to suit your mood.

There are also resonant speaker panels that are attached to these tubs to send sound through water and cause vibrations on the skin.

Digital controls are yet other customization effects added on soaking tubs.

The best thing about these controls is that they allow you to control jet direction, flow, temperature, music and color while relaxing in the tub.

You can also have your freestanding tub customized to your own preferences to suit your needs and demands.

When buying freestanding tubs, safety should be a top priority especially if you have small children in the house.

It is worth understanding that these tubs can pose a drowning hazard to young children particularly when left full of water.

Generally, there is a lot of work, planning and preparation that goes into buying a soaking tub.

This is because these tubs come in different specifications and with different features.

Therefore, there is need for decisiveness when looking for the best freestanding tub.

It is important to ensure that you only buy the best quality tubs as they are more durable, economic, and easy to maintain in the long run.