Best Steam Shower Generators

“Best Steam Shower Generators for Your Money – Read the Reviews and Pick Yours Today”

It can be hard to find the best steam generator that holds and meet the specs of the manufacturer. The best steam generators produce the driest steam with less noise while conserving most of the energy. The steam quality also varies from one model of a steam generator to the other.

So, if you really want to bring home a great generators that can enhance your showering experience, read the reviews and buying guide below.

Superior 9Kw Steam Bath Generator Self Draining Review

ctaIf you are looking forward to transforming your shower into a uniquely functioning private spa with excellent therapeutic benefits, then this Superior 9Kw Steam Bath Generator is the ultimate option for you. The intense steam produced by this Superior 9Kw generator not only soothes your tired muscles but also hydrates the skin thereby removing any dirt and toxins that may have accumulated on the skin. The generator comes with a temperature sensor that allows the water to heat up to 320-460 Fahrenheit. Once the maximum temperature is reached, the sensor prompts the generator to automatically turn off.

This self-draining Superior 9Kw generator comes with a control panel that can either be mounted in or out of the shower room. The generator measures 8” by 7” by 8” thus making it a perfect for large showers. The generator has a hook up lighting option that can be used to enhance the décor of the generator.

The chrome steam head in the generator features an aroma therapy outlet. The instruction manual of the generator is easy to read as the instructions are straightforward and thereby easily understandable. For connecting the control panel to the generator, there is 16 feet of wire that provides sufficient connection length depending on where you decide to mount the panel.

Amerec AK 7 Steam Generator Review

ctaThe Amerec AK 7 Steam Generator is an innovative soft steam generator that provides an ideal steam bathing comfort. The “soft stream” function ensures that the generator delivers minimal temperature variations combined with even flow. Amerec’s bathroom fixtures are engineered for excellent performance and unparalleled reliability. With 220 Cubic Feet coverage, the steam generator can be used for both large and extra large bathroom sizes.

This Amerec Steam Generator has a compact size measuring 23” top to bottom, 20.5” overall width and 7.5” front to back and weighs approximately 20.5 pounds. The best thing about the operating mechanism of this generator is that it uses full power to heat the steam room quickly to the preset temperature then automatically cuts power by half thereby ensuring consistent flow of an amazing billowing steam.

The main highlight of this Amerec Steam Generator is its ability to steadily pour out steam and use the control panel to preset your preferences. The parts in the generator are tested for functionality and performance thus making the steam generator extremely reliable. It is worth noting that the generator is not only easy to install but also easier to use and operate. When using this generator, you need not worry about suffering scald burns as you can use the temperature control panel to preset your preferred temperature.

Steam Spa D-900 9KW Steam Bath Generator Review

ctaIf you want steam generation in less than a minute, then the Steam Spa D-900 Steam Bath Generator powered by QuickStart Technology is the best generator to purchase. With this generator, you can be sure to enjoy continuous steam flow. The generator has a 255 cu ft. maximum volume rating and a power rating of 9KW, 240V, 38A. The dual tank technology used in the design of the steam bath minimizes distracting operational noises thereby making it easy for you to enjoy a relaxing and soothing spa-like session.

Due to the generator’s size compactness, it can be used in any large sized shower or bathroom. What is more unique about the generator is that it comes with a limitless variety of accessory options for purposes of customizing the generators and meeting your specific needs. When using this Steam Spa generator, you should not worry about excessive collection of water in the generator as the Auto Drain feature removes excess water/minerals before they over accumulate in the generator.

Ideally, the Steam Spa generator is a safe, quiet, and luxurious generator with a perfect sauna experience. The large control panel in the generator enables users to input their preferred inputs depending on the amount and intensity of steam they would like to be produced by the generator. The best thing about using this generator is that you have total control over the generator thus making it reliably functional and efficient.

Steamist SM-7 7 KW Steam Generator Review

ctaWith a 7KW rating and a 220 cubic foot maximum volume, the Steamist SW-7 Steam Generator comes in handy when you are shopping for an affordable yet highly functional steam generator for your bathroom. This generator is particularly used in instances where there is a specific sizing criterion depending on available space. The generator measures 15” by 6” by 15.5”.

This Steamist SM-7 Steam Generator is features an optional auto-drain function to enhance the generator’s performance. It is worth noting that all units and parts in this generator are constructed with stainless steel, are designed for maximum longevity, and using solid state circuitry. This Steamist steam bath generator is a great choice for water and power conservative people due to its economy of water and electricity consumption.

Steamist manufacturers boast of over 40 years of skillful expertise in designing and making steam bath generators for home and spa use. As such, the Steamist SM-7 Steam Generator is designed with high-level expertise and skillfulness thus ensuring that it is of exceptionally high quality and unrivaled functionality. The generator can be installed preferably at a 25-Feet length from the shower/bath area.

Mr. Steam Ms225ec1 (eTempo Ms225e) 7.5 KW& 240V Steambath Generator Review

ctaUnlike other steam bath generators, Mr. Steam Steambath Generator features microprocessor operating control for easy operation. For optimal steam room performance, the steam bath generator features a precision temperature probe feature. The steam bath generator is made from fully recyclable stainless steel with all heating elements in the generator being removable and serviceable. The generator prides itself in taking home-based steam bathing to uniquely new levels of sophistication and elegance.

The control cable allows you to connect the control panel to the generator for efficient operation and control. You can use the Tempo controller to lower or increase the operating temperature of the generator depending on your preferences. When the generator is properly installed and set, it exhibits flawless performance through out its lifetime. This Mr. Steam Steambath Generator is reliable for use by people suffering from stiff muscles and sinuses. This is because of its fast steam producing abilities.

Mr. Steam Steambath Generator is an everyday use generator that is bound to perform excellently during its lifetime if properly taken care of and used accordingly in line with the manufacturer’s provisions. The installation of the generator does not necessarily require great expertise and skill as it is a simple task with the help of the installation manual. However, you may consider hiring a professional plumber to do the installation for you depending on the complexness of the task.

How to Buy Steam Shower Generators the Right Way

Power output

The amount of power produced by a steam generator should be one of the top factors to consider. Depending on the size of your shower room, choose the best steam generator that will work to produce the best results. A generator powered between 1 and 9 KW is the best pick for your home. Larger generators are best designed for larger rooms and commercial purposes where higher power outputs are necessary.


Look out for a steam generator made from high-quality consumable parts that will serve your bathing needs for a long time. A stainless steel tank enhances little or no mineral build up. Most of the generators have solid state controllers which ensure that the whole unit lasts long enough without being damaged; when it’s in the same environment as the immersed steam. Choose a generator from top-notch manufacturers with the longest lifespan.


Some of the components making up the generator may wear out while others get noisier with time. Just because they produce dry steam with little noise is not enough to make it your top pick. Go ahead and explore some of the engine components such as motor, chassis, cover and power terminals.


Most people spend an approximate of 20 minutes in their steam room. Some enjoy the exemplary experience while others limit themselves to less than ten minutes. A feature called the latent heat index of a steam generator determines how wet the steam is.

Some models produce cloudy steam while others are good in making light-steams that dissipate within seconds. Make a selection of quality steam generators without basing on the prices to get the best experience in your shower room.


If you are buying a steam generator for your home use, you will definitely be spoilt for choices. Energy efficiency is a factor worth taking note of; smaller generators are more efficient in energy consumption as compared to larger generators. Smaller models can hold small quantities of water at a time without consuming a lot of energy to heat them up.

If you are more into minimizing the cost of your electric bills, you can choose a steam generator that has an upward flow of heat. This promotes a counter-current flow of water and heat altogether which helps for faster heat up to produce steam without consuming more of the energy units.


Most steam generators in the market promise high efficiency and less noise production. This can be true in some models but in others, it’s just the opposite. Getting a product that works exactly the same way as the manufacturer’s claims need proper research. Some can be a little noisy but you can persevere, while others are just a nuisance.

The energy required to heat the water and vent the steam around the room will be expelled back producing unnecessary noise. In order to overcome this, proper technological know-how has to be installed within the unit. Such generators can be costly but are virtually silent in their operation.

Inferior parts used to build a generator causes noise over time. Such generators are cheaper and may produce hissing or humming sounds that are less comfortable. Such steam generators may fail after long use due to the inefficiency of the inner components.


Choose a steam generator that’s easy to use with all the functionalities. Most steam generators have the ordinary on and off configurations that offer a simple user interface. There are other complex control options that will allow you to customize the temperatures of the steam. If you want such additional control features running in your shower room, you’ll have to make some extra pay.

Cleaning Feature

Most of the steam generators come with a self-cleaning mechanism. This feature drains all the unnecessary water in the generator and will go for years with little or no maintenance. Accumulation of water in the unit could lead to a build-up of minerals which in turns causes lime scales and pipe blockages. Such a feature will also drain bacteria out of the system making it safe for use in the long run.

Start-up time

Steam generator will need a given amount of time to heat up water to a certain temperature before producing steam. They are a variety of generators each taking different times to heat up and turn water to vapor. For the older models, you have to wait for a relatively longer time before the water is sufficiently heated to produce steam.

The modern generators in the market have shorter start-up time. The heating mechanism works much more quickly producing a lot of steam. If you intent to save time in your steam room, you should look for a generator that starts up much faster. Some of the advanced models can produce steam in seconds instead of wasting your precious 10 minutes.

The safety level

Every steam generator comes with some safety precautions. Most generators must be installed twenty-five feet from the bathing area. It’s advisable for the generators to be installed by professionals according to the procedure. Some retailers offer free installation services upon purchase; you should opt for this to avoid installation expenses.

Choose a generator that comes with a safety valve which shuts it off when it’s out of fluid. Safety certification is another feature you must look for in a steam generator. This certification should be done by an authorized body to enhance safety while using the product.

Prices and warranty

Prices of steam generators vary from one manufacturer to the other, the size, design and its power output. To get the best out of your hard-earned money, compare the prices in all the available stores until you get the best that suits your budget.

Manufacturer’s warranty is important for any consumer for that peace of mind while using the product. Be keen to make all your purchases from authorized retailers who have genuine warranty certificates. The time limit of the manufacturer’s warranty will get you covered as long as you are using their steam generator.