Best Steam Showers

“Best Steam Showers for Your Money – Read the Reviews and Pick Yours Today”

Steam showers are nowadays more popular than most of the bathing facilities due to its ability to prevent water vapor from escaping into the adjacent rooms. This avoids damage and wear to drywall, wallpaper or paint.

They are fitted in self-contained enclosures that allow for placement of humidifying steam generator and electrical hookups. Owning the best steam showers that fit your bathing needs is a full-spa lifetime experience in the comfort of your home.

Read the reviews below for more information on top rated products of this type that you can pick up today.

Ariel Bath DZ959F8 L Steam Shower- Platinum Black Review

ctaThe Ariel Bath Steam Shower is specifically designed for people wishing to enjoy an intense showering experience. The steam shower comes with an Acupuncture Massage System with 6 Body Massage Jets. The self contained, all glass and water tight steam shower also features a handheld showerhead coupled with a Rainfall Ceiling Shower system to meet all bathing needs. The best thing about this steam shower system is that it also has a shower stool for ultimate comfort while showering and a ventilating fan that provides a cooling breeze when bathing.

This steam shower has a computer control panel unit for digital control of the shower system. In addition to this, the shower comes in a uniquely looking and characteristic Platinum Black color that highlights the decorativeness of your bathroom. This color rhymes with other standard colors such as white, silver and gold. As such, the décor of the shower system complements the beauty and uniqueness of other fixtures in the bathroom.

The additional features that come with the steam shower include FM Radio, and Overheat Protection to prevent scalding. The Timer Drainable Shower prides itself in having a Wooden Floorboard that provides you with sufficient foot grip so that you do not slide while taking a shower. Overall, this steam shower is an incredible bathroom investment that is not only easy to install but also cheap to maintain and very durable.

Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub Review

ctaIf you are looking for an excellent tempered glass and sliding door steam shower unit, then this is the ultimate steam shower for you. With a total of 12 jets in its Acupuncture body massage unit, the steam shower delivers an intense relaxing effect to its users. The computer control panel in the steam shower comes with a timer and other input features to personalize the steam shower according to your bathing preferences and specifications. The Neo angle enclosure shape combined frame finishes add a luxurious touch to the shower thereby making it incredibly amazing.

There is a 3KW steam sauna generator with an aromatherapy steam outlet and an 110v whirlpool massage system that powers the 12 jets in the steam shower. The sliding door feature allows for easy entry and exit from the shower. The most amazing aspect about the steam shower is that it is a two in one system as it features both a shower and a bath tub.

The exact dimensions of this steam shower are 86.6” height, 65.4” overall width and 65.4” overall depth from front to back. Unlike other standard steam showers, the installation of the Eagle Bath Steam Shower is quite complex and requires great skills and experience. It is not a typical DIY installation.

Ariel WS-608AB Steam Shower and Whirlpool Bathtub Review

ctaIf you are looking for a perfect whirlpool bathtub and steam shower combination, then the ARIEL WS-608AB Steam Shower is the ultimate option for you. The Chromatherapy lighting provides amazing soothing effects that take bathing to a whole new level of exclusivity. The steam shower system with a whirlpool bathtub comes with a dual-layer rack, 2 handheld showerheads, storage shelves, and a decorative light system that surrounds the showerhead.

The steam shower unit boasts of a nice stream feature as well as a nice and secure enclosure feature that creates a relaxing environment while in the shower. The high quality of the tempered glass and the strong frames looks impressive thereby making the steam shower unit a great addition to your bathroom. There are 10 powerful hydro-massage jets that produce soothing streams of water that come in handy when you want to relax and cool off after a tiresome day.

The 63” by 63” by 89” steam shower unit with a whirlpool bathtub has a 3Kw Steam Generator and a rainfall ceiling shower for every bather’s needs. When you install this steam shower unit in your bathroom, you can be guaranteed to enjoy amazing acupressure body massage health benefits. The whirlpool tub in the steam shower system is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people at time.

Lifetime Bath Hydromassage Whirlpool Bathtub Sedona Corner Steam Shower Review

ctaThis Sedona Steam Shower is unique in its own way as it provides luxuries and class fit for loyalty. The spacious steam shower has a roomy shower compartment and bathtub for ultimate relaxation while showering. The indented seating compartment comes with both overhead and back massage jets as well as 16 jets in the hydromassage bathtub. The shelf space in the steam shower is plentiful and conveniently located for easy access while bathing. In addition to this, there is a full sized fog-free mirror and a mono speaker system for providing you with your favorite music while taking a shower. What’s more exclusive about this steam shower is that it also features a 8.4” waterproof LCD TV to deliver live entertainment to you while bathing.

The best thing about the Sedona Steam Shower is that it comes with an Ozone Sterilization System function for killing viruses and bacteria, thereby allowing a germ-free showering session. In the whirlpool bathtub, there are 3 cushion headrests. The whirlpool bathtub heater makes it possible to keep the water heated at constant temperatures.

The Fluorescent Mood Lighting and Underwater LED Lights possess mood lifting capabilities and as such add a modern style and romance in the steam shower. There is a removable Foot Massage in the shower that combines hydro-pressure and mechanical force together for ultimate foot massage functionality. There is an integrated Hands-Free Telephone function in the steam shower that allows you to make calls while showering. You can input all functions and turn on/off different features in the computerized LCD Display in the shower.

Steam Shower Room With Whirlpool Tub Bluetooth Model 9001 Review

ctaThe Steam Shower Room comes with a whirlpool tub and a 1500W heater that ensures that the water is hot all times. The Thermostatic Valve provides anti-scald benefits by ensuring that the water does not get too hot such that it can cause scald burns. The versatile design and style of the steam shower allows for both bath and shower usage. There is a MK117 touch screen LCD control display in the steam shower for controlling and inputting your preferred settings. The whirlpool tub comes with 5 jets and has a separate computer control unit.

The steam shower features standard technological gadgets like water temperature control, digital timer, 3Kw steam generator, FM radio and CD connector, and hands-free computerized phone call operation. Additionally, there is a ventilation fan that blows fresh air into the steam shower as well as blue lighting and white ceiling lamps systems for perfect lighting.

The fog free mirror and glass of the steam shower is easy to clean thus making it possible to maintain the shower in pristine conditions. The shower’s 6 massage jets combined with overhead rainfall showerhead are designed to provide you with a classic and high-end showering experience.

How to Buy Steam Showers the Right Way


The majority of steam showers are shipped from different manufacturers with varying designs and build quality. Not all the designers produce top-notch products; some have stood the test of time while providing quality products to the consumers and are far much ahead of others. Conduct some research and prioritize in getting a quality product with the most reliable customer support services.

Shower room construction

Sealed panel designs of a shower room are one of the best constructions but are used by a few producers due to its cost. This kind of shower room construction prevents any potential leaks, protects the glass from sudden breakage and makes the installation process faster and efficient.

A shower construction made from a free floating glass panel has some weakness due to its spontaneous breakage and frequent leaks. The glass thickness should be of good standards- 5 mm thickness; anything above this could add some additional and unnecessary weight. This increases the chance of breaking this glass during the delivery and installation process.

Base design

This is another important factor worth considering. How sturdy the base of a shower determines its durability, strength, and proportional support. A great and highly effective steam enclosure should have a stainless steel framed beneath an acrylic support for advanced balance.

The tubular support frames should also be fitted in an adjustable way such that it can support lowering and lifting of the unit where the ground hasn’t been leveled completely. This flexibility in base design makes the installation of modular steam a bit easy and suitable for a wide range of application.

Power of the steam generator

Most steam showers designed for basic bathing experience operates on a power rating of 220v. This power source is energy-efficient and offers faster and frequent warming times. The size of the steam shower determines the type of the steam generator to install in your shower room.

A small size shower, 40 by 40 inches, for example, will work effectively with a 3Kw steam generator. A larger steam shower can work more competently with a 6Kw steam generator.

Prices and warranty

The prices of steam showers will vary according to brand, size, design and general appearance. A product need not be expensive to make up for its quality, be keen to check on its specification and functionality before running to price tags.

A good steam shower from quality manufacturers will always have a reasonable length of time to serve as product’s warranty. A lifetime limited warranty of one year and above is enough to give you a piece of mind while using the shower. Most companies offer a two to three year warranty period with some up to five years.

The longer the period, the safer the chances of buying the product; simply because the manufacturer is willing to stand with you long enough while using their product.

Selecting frames

Most of the steam showers are freestanding and selecting a reliable frame should be one of the priorities. Inside a self-contained shower room, proper precautions should be taken to avoid leaning, warping or listing of the unit.

Thick and sturdy aluminum frames or stainless steel are the best of materials that can withstand any of the wear and tear factors. A thin plastic framework should be avoided at all cost to avoid gaps that may collect moisture causing damp conditions.

Silicone sealant surfaces may also lead to mold formation and other yeast growth that are a threat to your health while destroying the appearance of your shower room. A shower cubicle with minimal silicone material is the best choice to get rid of such inconveniences. It’s mostly used with exterior joints.

Shower cabin

The design of the shower cabin should be modest with an easy installation procedure. Look for a shower cabinet with a simple yet extensive structure that will allow for a quick upgrade in the future without messing up the whole system. The back massage jets, a built-in seat, and monsoon shower head should be readily available within the freestanding unit without the need of rewiring or re-tiling.

A self-contained shower unit in its complete package may contain some additional features that will keep you longer under the enjoyable steam. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose a steam shower model with an integrated Bluetooth enabled or wireless MP3 player, radio or even a well-sealed, waterproof telephone.

Other typical features accompanying the interior design of your steam cabinet may include; wireless data streaming technology, fan, speaker, LED lighting and digital control panel.

Steam pod

This comprises of the electrical gadgets and gizmos within a shower cabinet. This unit can be modified and customized to provide the best bathing and home-spa experience. A functional power supply is necessary to run the healthy steam and the fan.

Some steam pods come with health benefits where essential oils and aromatherapy-enabling features are incorporated within the system. The steam showers from such steam pods are quite effective in ridding toxic chemicals out of the body, this boosts the blood circulation process and health at large.

Installation procedure

Getting the right steam shower to serve your bathing needs involves a little bit of procedure; taking measurements from your room, making selection and purchase in the flooded market, delivering the product and installing it for use. The latter should be done to perfection to avoid difficulties in the course of service.

Select a steam shower that can be fixed easily with the help of a quick installation manual. Cut down the expenses of paying an expert when you can do this on your own. In case you’re not confident enough to handle the procedure; save yourself the precious time, get a professional to fix this for you.