Reviews of the Best Tank Water Heaters for Your Money in 2018

If you’re looking for the best tank water heaters for your money this year, then you’ve come to the right place. Just take a closer look at the products listed below and read their reviews. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Best Tank Water Heaters with Reviews

Reliance 6 Gallon Compact Heater Review

This water heater is ideal when your installation space is limited.

It is also suitable for under the counter use.

It has amazing features where the side mounted cold water inlet has a matching hot water outlet.

The Temperature and Pressure (T&P) relief valve are securely installed by the manufacturer.

The heating performance is enhanced by the heating element characterized by 120 volt 1650 watt input.

Features a rust-free element to ensures that the water that goes through the heater is pure and never contaminated by the material parts.

The glass lining protects and enhances the tank wall by strengthening the wall further against water damage.

Constant water storage in the container may cause corrosion in the various parts of the reservoir and stockpiling system.

Therefore, the presence of rod and anode prevents the corrosion action.

WaiWela Mini Tank Water Heater Review

This mini water heater has 2.5 gallons of water when full.

It combines quality material and enhanced performance techniques to give you an affordable solution to water heating problem.

You can install it under your sink to reduce fresh water wastage.

The small size has the advantages of allowing three possible installations; floor, wall, and under the sink.

It can be installed at the point of use, allowing immediate use.

For durability purpose, the storage tank has an inner lining of glass to offer maximum protection against any water corrosion.

The WM-2.5 mini tank from WaiWela has a pre-installed thermostat, enhanced with an overheat protection feature.

As one of the best tank water heaters on the market, it comes with a standard power cord attached power cord.

Westinghouse 80 Gallon High Efficiency Electric Heater Review

The price for this water heater is relatively high.

But the product comes with all the benefits that keep users happy.

The capacity is 80 gallons, and the maximum electric input is 4500W.

The storage system features an insulation cover that maintains temperatures close to 100 percent.

Therefore, minimal heat is lost.

That is attributed by the insulation cover of the storage system.

You get the advantage of enjoying 84-gallon on first delivery.

The new Westinghouse water heater has a capacity of 80 gallons but for the first time, it holds up to 84 gallons.

It also features 20 gph recovery ability with a 90 degrees rise which further enhances this rate.

The technique is mainly designed to improve the user experience while using the heater.

The company has an online registration for their customers where customers can access various information about the product.

BOSCH 2.7-Gallon Under Sink Mini-Tank Heater Review

With the BOSCH ES2.5, you get hot water whenever necessary.

The 2.5 capacity fits perfectly under the sink and eliminates the log wait for hot water.

Compared to other heaters in the 3000 T series, E2.5 is the smallest.

It can be plugged right into any 120 voltage power source.

You can mount it on the floor, wall or shelf.

It’s small in size to fit under your sink so that it can provide hot water anytime.

The BOSCH 2.7 water heater is easy to install, maintain as it has a glass layer lined on the tank wall for longer service and durability.

Like its counterparts, it features a fast recovery rate to minimize on the duration spent waiting for hot water at the sink.

Bosch ES4 Mini Tank Heater Review

The Bosch Tronic electric mini-tank comes in three sizes which can be floor mounted or wall hung.

Tap the cold water into the heater directly and get hot water almost instantly.

Alternatively, you can install alongside another larger hot water source to reduce the wait time for heating water.

You have the option to mount it on the wall or floor.

The small size of the heater is an advantage for mobility.

That enables easy installation on either the floor or any part of the wall.

It has a glass-lined tank for long lasting effect or durability.

The input is set to a maximum of 1440 Watts of plugin connection.

This water heater accommodates enough electric power necessary for the heating process.

It also fastens the process, and therefore shortening the waiting time.

How to Buy Good Tank Water Heaters

Are you planning on buying a new tank water heater?

Do you know where to search for the best heaters?

Are you aware of the considerations you need to make?

Well, if you are considering getting a new one, then there are a few things you need to know.

Water heaters are very useful appliances in any home and as such, it is important to ensure that you get a durable and efficient heater.

One of the things you will need to consider when buying these heaters is the size of your family.

Here are some useful tips that you can refer to:

The size of the tank 

Tanks come in different sizes with varying holding capacities.

There are small size tanks that hold 30-40 gallons of water, medium size tanks with a 40-50 gallon holding capacity and large size tanks that hold over 100 gallons of water.

It is worth noting that the tank water heater that can be used in a small size tank cannot be used in a large size tank.

This is mainly because heaters have different heating capacities that are determined on the basis of the volume of water that they can be used to heat.

The type of fuel used by the heater of preference 

Different models are designed to run on different types of fuels.

The common fuels used in water heaters include natural gas, liquid propane, and electricity.

Ideally, you should settle on the type of heater that uses a fuel that is readily available and affordable to you.

Electric heaters are usually the best choice as they are not only fairly cost effective but also convenient to use as compared to the type of heaters.

However, if you are conscious of conserving energy, you can choose between natural gas and liquid propane heaters.

Solar powered heaters are the best option as they are very cheap to use as sun is a free commodity.

Energy efficiency 

For purposes of maximizing your savings on energy costs, you need to search for the most energy efficient products.

The easiest way of identifying the type of heaters that are highly energy efficient is by reading reviews left by people who have already used the heaters before.

These are people with firsthand experience on the use of these heaters.

You can also visit manufacturers’ websites to get more reliable information on estimating the energy consumption and efficiency of tank water heaters.

Operating and maintenance costs 

Before purchasing, it is advisable to have a rough estimate on the total expenses of buying, installing, operating and maintaining the heater of choice.

Usually, tank water heaters require regular maintenance to ensure that they are in their best working condition.

This is because any defects in the heaters may affect their efficiency by great measures thereby making the heaters expensive to run.

It is also important to consider the operation and maintenance costs that will be incurred in ensuring that the heaters are in service at all times.

Which are the extras to consider?

Apart from the basic features, there are a few extras that you also need to consider.

For starters, you should check the duration of time covered by the warranty of the heater.

Typically, most warranties cover a period of between 3 and 12 years.

Longer-warranty models cost a little more than short-term warranty models but are very durable and efficient for a very long time.

The material is yet another important extra to consider when buying tank water heaters.

Brass heaters are more durable and resistant to breakage & wear and tear as compared to plastic ones.

If you will be using your tank water heater for long periods everyday, you will need to buy a good model that can run for long without becoming faulty or developing inefficiencies.

When a water heater is accorded the necessary maintenance, it not only enhances the efficiency of the system but also increases the lifetime of the heater.

Well maintained and correctly operated heaters can last for decades without the need for replacement arising.