Best Softener Shower Heads for Your Money in 2018 – Read Reviews Below

Tired already of hard water in the shower and want to make it softer? Then a good water softener shower head is what you need. See my reviews below as well as scan through the comparison table. I’m sure they will help you pin point on the best products under this category in no time.

Best Water Softener Shower Heads Comparison Table

ProductNameFlow Rate (GPM)FinishPrice
Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead2.5Chromebuy3
Culligan HSH-C135 Level 2 Hand-Held Filtered Chrome Showerhead2.5Chromebuy3
Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead2.5N/Abuy3
PurebodyH20 - High Pressure Water Saving Handheld Shower Head1.8Chromebuy3

Top 5 Water Softener Shower Heads With Reviews

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount

ctaYou know what?

Even though brass is starting to make a comeback in the shower fixture universe.
And with brushed nickel or stainless steel close behind.

The overwhelming majority of people are still going with chrome fixtures.
Chrome is still king.

This Culligan filtered shower head is a prime example of why people are still so chrome crazy.

Beautifully designed, with a rich and almost velvety appearance – not that brash or in your face chrome that you might be used to seeing on bumpers – this is a drop dead gorgeous shower head.

And it comes packed with a filtration unit to soften your water so that your skin and hair are always as healthy as can be.

To be honest, I liked this one right from the first look.

And I know you will too!

Culligan HSH-C135 Level 2 Hand-Held

ctaAnother special one.

As far as filtered shower heads are concerned, Culligan has certainly attempted to corner the market.

And they’re responsible for manufacturing many of the best options available today.

It looks like they’re better known for their filtered traditional shower heads.

But this shower wand is absolutely beautiful and super versatile as well.

The handheld unit can comfortably lock into a stationary clasp that replaces your traditional shower head for the more standard rainfall kind of experience.

Or you can pop it out of its holster and use it with either hand to give yourself a deeper clean and you would have been able to otherwise.

Anyway, if you’re still searching for a good showering device, give this one a try.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System


Though maybe not a household name (just yet, anyway), this is one of those essential shower upgrades that you’re going to have to think about making.

Especially if you want to be certain that your skin and your hair are soft, healthy, and damage free.

The cold hard truth of the matter is that many of our water supplies are still a lot harder than they should be.

Even if we have a whole house filtration unit running 24/7.

You’re going to want to make sure that no impurities slip by the guard, so to speak.

Which you’ll be able to do by installing this deluxe shower filtration system with adjustable shower head.

It’s available on the market for a very competitive price tag.

And that answers why it’s among the most searched for devices right now.

PurebodyH20 High Pressure Water Saving Handheld

ctaYou will like this one.

A beautiful shower wand that takes advantage of an innovative calcium pebble system to filter out your water supply before it ever touches your body.

The nifty thing about this shower head is that it’s going to also help you conserve water as well.

The flow rating on this shower wand is only between 1.74 and 1.82 gallons per minutes.

But it’s going to feel a lot stronger than that thanks to the intelligent design and the duration of the water right before it bursts through the shower nozzles.

There are certainly more powerful shower heads on the market today.

But none of them are going to do as solid a job at filtering out your water as this one will.

And it’s going to feel a lot more powerful than it may actually be to boot.

What Exactly is a Water Softener Shower Head?

This is a typical shower head which also performs a secondary purpose. In other words, it will deliver spray as a conventional shower head does, but also soften water.

Since a lot of homeowners have to deal with hard water, they invest in these designs in order to combat the problem. Most of these shower head designs work by decreasing sulfur odors, scale and chlorine chemicals. In many cases, these devices are quite easy to install. Some come with an array of shower settings, so owners are able to personalize their shower experiences as needed. A lot of these shower heads also come with long warranties.

Why You Should Have This in Your Bathroom

If you have hard water in your home, you may not want to shower in it!

Hard water is defined as H20 which contains a lot of minerals. When hard water is an issue, water typically contains iron, magnesium and calcium carbonate. Minerals build up and they are hard on plumbing. They may also make water look less than clear, which is really unappealing.

It is possible to do something about the problem and this is all about purchasing a shower head which filters out unwanted and excess minerals. By doing so, you’ll access shower water which is clearer and more appealing. You’ll feel cleaner and fresher because you won’t be showering in water which appears dirty due to mineral content.

Since hard water may also cause plumbing stains, it’s really important to take action. Those who are smart and savvy enough to buy water softening shower heads are usually very pleased with the results. They enjoy their showers more and also find that keeping their shower stalls clean is simpler. As you can see, there are many great reasons to choose a water softener shower head and this is why they are recommended for anyone who has hard water problems at home.

What Other People Like About This Type of Device

Customers enjoy knowing that their water softener shower heads are working to keep water softer and clearer. They also find these products very simple to install. Since many shower heads of this type feature a variety of shower settings, they are able to access personalized shower experiences, such as access to massaging spray when they want it, while also ensuring that water is softened.

A lot of people also enjoy the affordability of these shower heads. Most of them don’t cost too much, although prices will vary. Since there are many great reasons to invest in these designs, and since hard water problems are now more common than ever before, water softener shower heads offer practical solutions to homeowners, for reasonable prices.

Some customers go for basic and affordable models, while others choose mid-range or high-end designs. Everyone is different. Basing your purchase on your budget will be smart and customers who do this get the performance that they need without busting their budgets. It’s possible to access quality for a fairly low price. The key is doing homework and research before you buy. Highly-rated shower heads will be smart buys and those who do invest in top-notch water softening shower heads find that they deliver exceptional performance over the long term.

Important Things You Need to Look For When Buying

Now that we’ve talked about what these designs are and why they are so popular with consumers, let’s discuss what to look for while you’re shopping around for this sort of shower head. To begin, you should consider the brand. A lot of respected manufacturers provide shower heads of this type and it’s always best to choose a style from a manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation. It’s possible to check out brands online, via official brand websites, in order to learn about the history and legacy of brands. However, brand isn’t the only thing that you should consider while you’re comparison-shopping.

Features are another important consideration. This means that you should decide which features are important to you after checking out some water softening shower heads online. Looking at a few styles should help you to see which features are available. For example, if you want adjustable shower spray for a customized clean, searching for shower heads which offer these features will be wise. You’ll find them at different price points. However, in general, the more features which are included, the more that you’ll pay and it’s smart to spend a little more if you do want access to different shower settings. The unit will pay for itself in terms of offering you a great shower experience over the long term.

You’ll need to find something that you can afford. A lot of people go for basic styles, but everyone is different. Once you decide on a price point, shop by searching for basic, mid-range or high-end styles. Most online retailers will allow you to search “low to high” or “high to low” in order to help you find designs which fit your budget. Use internal search engines at websites to find styles which suit your financial situation to perfection.

Lastly, be sure to look for a solid warranty. You may be able to find a style which offers a full five-year warranty. Warranties vary, but the best manufacturers are renowned for backing up what they sell with strong warranties. It’s well worth the effort of finding a design which does have a strong warranty, as you’ll be able to access repairs or replacements when you do have a good warranty.

Now that you know how to shop for a water softening shower head, you’ll be ready to seek out the quality and good price that you want and deserve. So, why not begin the hunt for a water softening shower head today?


As you might know now, choosing a good water softener shower is not that hard if you know where to look for them and the important things to keep in mind. Let’s put the information into actions and see how many good products can you pick up.