Buying Low Flow Shower Heads? These 5 Products Have What You are Searching for

Buying Low Flow Shower Heads These 5 Products Have What You are Searching for

There are many brands of low flow shower heads in the market. They have different features this makes some to be more superior to others. Below is a comprehensive list of the best brands of low flow shower heads.

Delta 75152 Adjustable

This is among the best tops selling low flow shower head in the market. It has a very low flow though the face amplifies the pressure making you have quality shower. You can easily adjust the water pressure you want according to time. The pressure setting ranges from 2.5 to 1.85 GPM. While showering you cannot run out of hot water because of the low volume.

Sava fixed –Mount

Do you want your bathroom to have a sense of style and at the same time conserve water?  Sava Fixed-Mount is the best option for you. It has a 1.5GPM which is quite less than a standard low flow shower head. This translates in cutting your electricity bills by half the expenses. While showering the high pressure makes you feel as if you are using high volume water.

Economy Super Spray

Do you want to have a high quality shower and the same time save on expenses? Well this is the low flow shower head that you need to get yourself. The flow is less than 1.5 gallon of water per minute. The out flow of water is low but the pressure is quite high which makes you to enjoy your shower.

My Stunning Abode water saving

This low flow shower head is quite affordable and it has features that make it stand out from other low flow shower heads. It has a range of flow settings and the same time it is eco-friendly. The settings are five and they range from rainwater to the pulsating showering.

It is quite easy to change the setting all you have to do is turn the adjustable switch to your preference. While switching to the mode you prefer it is made much easy by the large thumb rest. It is also easy to set up the shower system all you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the manual.

Niagara Earth Massage

This low flow shower head is of high quality and at the same time helps you save on water. This shower head saves about 75% than a traditional shower head. This low flow shower head has a flow rate of 1.25 gallon of water per minute. You have a chance to choose the flow rate that you want to suit your needs.

This low flow shower head is especially good when you live in an area the water pressure is low. You do not have to adjust the pressure since the shower head is automatic. Niagara Earth Massage has an ABS thermoplastic body which is made of a very durable material. Therefore you should not expect it to corrode anytime soon. Niagara Earth Massage has a low maintenance since you do not have to clean it, it has a self-cleansing mechanism.