Can Bathroom Sinks be Painted?

A rusty, dull and unappealing sink is a common sight in old houses. Sinks bear the burden of excessive soap and water usage on a daily basis. Over time, they lose their lustre and need replacement. However, replacing a sink can be costly. One of the ways you can give a new makeover to your sink is by painting it at home.

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Why Should You Paint Your Bathroom Sink?

1. Painting your bathroom sink will help you save money in the long run.

2. If your sink has a crack or a fissure, a new paint can help you conceal it.

3. With so many colors and textures in the market, you can select a color that matches with your bathroom or kitchen.

Factors to Consider When Painting a Sink

Your painting job will depend a lot on the type of paint, the type of surface of the sink, and your painting techniques. Expensive surfaces such as marble and granite are almost impossible to paint, because of their costs. Normal paints will have a hard time adhering to the smooth sink surface, which is why epoxy and primer paints are preferred instead.

How to Paint a Sink?

Step 1 – Remove the sink if possible, otherwise protect the surrounding area and wear a mask before starting the paint job.

Step 2 – Repair all cracks and chips present using either hard glue, cement or epoxy.

Step 3 – Wash the sink with the appropriate degreasing solution to clean the area from any oils.

Step 4 – Sand the entire sink down to roughen the area so that the paint will adhere better.

Step 5 – Give thin and even coats of paint in layers using one-directional strokes.

Precautions to take When Painting

Keep the work area well ventilated- Wear protective equipment including apron, gloves and mask- Keep the young ones and pets in the house away from the area until the paint is completely dry.