Can Bathroom Vanities be Painted?

We all have that one part of the bathroom that makes us want to spend even more time in the bathroom. Even the site of it just makes you hold on to your chest in pride and amazement.

Our focus here is on the bathroom vanities. These are inbuilt cabinets located inside or outside your bathroom and in some cases, they have sinks on top. They are used for the storage of clean and dry towels for use after a bath. Supposing they have been around for a quite some years and are wearing out, is it possible to repaint them? Yes, it is, let’s see how you can paint your bathroom vanities. Using appropriate tools from your toolbox, detach the doors of the cabinets from the main piece and remove also the drawers in order to maneuver your way through easily.

For better results, wash the surfaces with trisodium phosphate (TSP) and then rinse twice with plenty of water.
Make sure that the floor adjacent to your vanities is completely and adequately covered preferably by old newspaper because once the paint comes to contact with the floor, getting it off could be quite a hustle.

Get your paint and brush then roll on the first coating and give it enough time to dry. Failure to this, the finished surface will not be smooth and reflective and will definitely not be appealing for the eye to behold. Once you are sure that it is dry, add two more coatings on top of the previous ones and give it ample time to dry. The reason for this is to protect it from fading due to daily contact.

If you are dealing with new hardware then you need to drill holes to hold the knobs and handles in place.
Return the neatly painted doors back to the cabinet frame by tightly screwing the hinges where they were initially.
Give it extra time to dry before going about your usual duties on it.