Can Shower Steam Damage Speakers

Shower steam can easily damage speakers, especially by corroding the delicate inside wiring. This can cause the speaker to get muffled and quiet until it just stops working. The best thing to do in high humidity environment like the bathroom is to buy waterproof speakers and other electronics.

Especially if your woofers are paper, you do not want to use them in the bathroom – generally, this applies more to older speakers than newer ones, but caution is still required. If you know that your speakers have paper woofers, absolutely do not use them in the bathroom, as the paper will get wet and distort your sound.

Another trick you could use to prevent damage to speakers and other small electronics is to place them in a zip lock bag before taking your shower. This may help cut down on damage and keep your speakers and electronics running longer.

However, this is not a guarantee.One thing to remember about steam is that it is generally hotter than the temperature of the water. This can help to cause damage by heating up the components of your speakers and then condensing as it cools, causing water damage. Steam is a double whammy of sorts. It is invisible (other than wet steam) so you aren’t entirely sure where it is going. Wet steam is when steam starts to condense into water vapor.

Using electronics or speakers for music while in the shower is generally not a good idea. Even the zip lock bag trick isn’t a guarantee that your electronics or speakers will be safe from the steam of your shower, as it will still cause the air inside to heat up and possibly damage your speakers. The best thing to do is get specially designed speakers for the humidity of the bathroom.

Remember, steam is invisible – what you see is not all that will damage your speakers. Wireless, portable, Bluetooth shower speakers are a must if you want to be safe as they are generally waterproof and designed to take the steam from your shower and the humidity levels of the bathroom, and with Bluetooth, you can have all your music on your fingers.