Can You Paint Your Bathroom Faucets?

Giving your bathroom faucets a newer look is within reach. You can detach from those old bathroom faucet look with spray painting. This will probably answer you unresolved question as to whether you can paint your bathroom faucets.

The process of giving your bathroom faucets a newer look can be daunting if not planned in advance. Planning enables you to choose the right spray paint whether it is oil-rubbed bronze, oleum automobile premier or any of your favorite as can be recommended by your local paint store. The big thing here is to get it right with the first move.

Spray painting is the best when it comes to doing partial bathroom painting. You probably don’t want to mess your bathroom walls and floors with sticking paint which will consume your time to clean. With spray paint, you do not need to worry about dropping paint as they will quickly fall to dust within seconds of release making it easy to sweep when done.

Old bathroom faucets are rich in rust and to get fantastic uniform paint, you have first to use Grit sandpaper and thoroughly sand the entire bathroom faucets you are about to paint. Sanding may not remove entire accumulated rust, and this calls for additional sanding material, the steel wool.

After using the sand paper, use steel wool to remove any left rust to guarantee seamless painting experience. Next, use a damp rag to wipe the faucet to remove any steel wool and sandpaper particles and leave it to dry for about minutes.

Although stray spray paints are not hard to remove, it is advisable to use painter’s paper to cover the surrounding bathroom faucet area before applying the paint. Remember you don’t need to hire a plumber to fix all these, you can do it yourself.

Once every area near the faucet is covered, apply the spray paint and leave it to dry off before remove the used painter’s papers to admire your captivating modernized faucets look.