DIY Bathroom Projects

Remodeling your bathroom? Check out all of these DIY projects, tips, and tricks for the ultimate bathroom update.

How Do I Tell How Old My Water Heater Is?

It is only a few months before we the seasons of water heaters is going to be upon us again. The use of water heaters has gotten so common that hardly do you get to find someone who doesn’t utilize it…
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How a Hybrid Water Heater Works

Hybrid water heaters can be viewed as the compromise between traditional storage models and tankless systems. They offer substantial savings in terms of energy, like a tankless unit, without the high installation costs associated with tankless systems. Some of these…
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What NOT to Do When Shopping for Rain Shower Heads

In order to purchase the most appropriate rain showerhead, you should start narrowing down the available options. There are handheld versions as well as fixed versions. You can go for wall mount or top mount as per your convenience. There…
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7 Benefits of Showering With Double Shower Heads

Most people nowadays cannot do without a shower in their bathroom as it gives them a raining experience. But what most people do not know is that with the changing technology showering experience has become even more exciting and rejuvenating….
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How to Find Shower Filters That Actually Work

Shower water filters help you to purify the water used for cleansing yourself in a hygienic manner. Not only do they save you from disease-causing bacteria and other micro-organisms but also protect your skin and hair from the ill-effects of…
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How to Buy Good Shower Panels: a Handy Guide

shower panels

If you want to make your bathroom a more attractive and functional place to be, you may want to consider purchasing shower panels. Showers panels are ultra-modern and they feature shower heads, taps and an array of sprayers. All of…
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How Does a Water Saving Shower Head Work?

water saver shower heads

Nowadays, the electric consumption is somehow increasing. It is the result of the hot temperature. Once the temperature becomes hotter people are using electric fan and air conditioning unit. In the same manner, huge amount of water is also needed…
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How to Clean a Shower Head?

how to clean shower heads

Most of the complaints regarding shower heads come on the issue of its cleanliness. The shower heads might be clogged due to the dirt it filters and sometimes it even has woeful layer of unpleasant grime. Because of this, some…
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