Coolest Modern Shower Heads Your Money Can Buy in 2018 – Reviews Below

Bathroom faucets and fixtures present a beautiful and functional way to create an idealized interior aesthetic for your bathroom. And it’s especially true when you have modern-looking shower heads in your bath. If you’re looking for one, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will get into why you should consider one, what other people thought of their modern shower heads, and a few things you should know prior to purchasing one for yourself.

ProductNameFlow Rate (GPM)Price
Yakult 100% Brass Handheld Shower Head L-Style High Pressure2 GPMbuy3
AKDY Bath 8" Square Modern Chrome Finish Rainfall Style2.5 GPMbuy3
HotelSpa Cool Shower Ultra Luxury 7-setting 7" Rainfall Shower Head2.5 GPMbuy3
Moen 6300 One-Function Easy Clean XL Shower Head, Chrome2.5 GPMbuy3
VDOMUS Metal Handheld Modern Round Bar Hand Shower2.5 GPMbuy3

Top 5 Coolest Modern Shower Heads With Reviews

VDOMUS Modern Round Bar Hand Shower


If you are on the hunt for the coolest shower head available, you’re going to want to really zero in on everything that this particular shower head brings to the table.

With clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic, and a pressure amplification module that gives you the kind of luxurious shower you’re looking for all from a ridiculously compact footprint.

This just might be the coolest of the cool shower heads out there on the market today.

I mean, just look at it.

It finishes with brilliant chrome, offering versatility thanks to its 60+ inch flexible stainless steel shower hose and helping you to maximize your time in the shower with a wide spray angle.

This is everything you’ve been looking for in a shower head and then some.

Yakult L-Style Handheld Shower

I like this one.

And if you’d love nothing more than your new shower to look a lot like a chromed out smart phone, then this is the product for you!

Looking a lot like it was designed by the geniuses over at Apple.

This is the kind of shower head that your guests are going to notice immediately.

And this also is the kind of shower head that’s going to make you regret getting out of the shower every single morning.

You’re going to want to stay under this jet spray for hours and hours!

It offers 2 gallon per minute pressure, but it feels a lot more powerful thanks to the unique aeration technology that this shower head takes advantage of.

This is definitely one of the best modern shower heads out there!

AKDY Bath 8″ Square Modern Chrome Finish Shower

I have to admit.

As far as traditional shower heads are concerned, this particular option is anything but the norm!

It offers you the amazing rainfall shower head capabilities that you’re looking for from the best products on the market today.

That means you’ll be able to enjoy a luxury spa like experience from the moment that you step into your shower up until the moment that you step out.

It really doesn’t get a lot better than this!

Combine that with all of the advanced shower technology integrated into this square shower head, it’s easy to see why so many people go absolutely crazy for it.

HotelSpa Cool Shower 7-Setting Rainfall Shower

Now, pay attention to this bad boy.

For those looking to jam out while they shower, this is the ultimate solution!

Not only does this high-end luxury rainfall shower head offer you seven different pressure settings and spray options to wash with.

But it also looks up through Bluetooth technology to any of your music or media enabled devices.

This allows you to enjoy your music or your audio-books in the shower without having to worry about destroying your device along the way.

If you want to spruce up your shower, this is the kind of shower head for you excavator what.

Check it out while it’s still available.

Moen 6300 One-Function XL Shower

You know what?

Though this particular shower head option looks a lot like most of the standard ones you’re going to come across, literally nothing could be further from the truth.

This is a shower head that offers extreme pressure (2.5 gallons per minute, to be exact) while still conserving energy and water at the same time.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Like taking a refreshing shower for just as long as you’d like without having to worry about creating a negative footprint on the world?

Then this is the kind of top-notch shower you’ll want to look a little bit closer at.

Not only is this one of the cooler shower heads on the market, but it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly.

Go check it out.

What Exactly is Considered a Modern Shower Head?

A modern shower head can be one of two things. It can be a shower head that has a modern or post-modern design. It can be a shower head that adds in eco-friendly features, additional features, or a new approach towards the showering experience.

A modern shower head will separate itself from other shower heads in both form and function.

One of the best ways to categorize modern shower heads is with creativity. Typically, if you see a shower head that is a non-standard design (wall mounted, cone-like shower head shape) then it is a modern shower head.

Typically, modern shower heads are near brutalist in their simplicity, allowing strong and bold angles to create a visual affect that focuses more on the overall shape.

Why You Should Have One in Your Bathroom

Living in any drought inflicted area will quickly make it apparent why you need a modern shower head. Even if the shower head as a typical design, it will have features that help to reduce water waste, leading you to experience a more efficient showering experience.

Other functional features of modern shower heads include improved spray patterns, multiple angles, rain-like above shower options, and more. In the end, you have a lot to choose from.

The aesthetic of modern shower heads are one of a kind. Some panels held in the air by metal arms that release water either as a stream or as a mini waterfall. Some varieties include multi angle shower head, providing an experience from several different places at once. Whether you want to compliment a modern bathroom setup or you want to impress friends with your incredible shower head, modern shower heads are the way to go.

While costs will vary, the selection is incredible. If you are up for covering the cost and the installation, you will have countless options to select from.

The experience with modern shower heads is better than most other shower heads, providing greater pressure. While this can change depending on the brand, going with modern typically means going with quality.

What Other Customers Like The Most About Their Devices

Selection: Customers loved the ability to select between a number of unique and interesting shower heads. This includes models that replicate older designs, as well as models that defy expectations and leave you feeling fantastic after a great shower experience. Even for the hardest most challenging bathroom redesigns, modern shower heads offer an incredible versatility and are much easier to match.

Warranty: Customers appreciate the warranty on many modern shower heads. Coming with 1, 2, or 5 year warranties, customers have enjoyed the ability to return the product if it stops working, reporting relatively good customer service experiences with the leading manufacturers of modern shower heads.

Experience: Customers love how much their modern shower head improved their showering experience. Transforming a shower into something more, customers love how the shower head managed to impress their guests while providing a great showering experience time and time again.

What to Look for When Buying If You Want to Bring Home Good Products

Purpose: Individuals who loved their modern shower head did research prior to purchase in order to find exactly what they were looking for. Understand that with modern shower heads, you will be spoiled for choice. There will be hundreds of options for you to choose from. The design, functionality, and material it is made out of will change per shower head. First thing you should do is to determine the material aesthetic that will match your bathroom. After that, consider the functionality of the modern shower head itself. Do you want a shower head that reproduced a familiar experience that provides a ‘rain-like’ affect that provides water like a water fall, etc.

Price: Understand that modern shower heads will be a tad bit more expensive than other shower heads on the market. While a cheap shower head may run you around $30 to $50, some modern shower heads are up to $300, $400, and even $500. Prior to putting your money down, carefully read reviews left of the product on sites not sponsored by the manufacturers of the product. In addition, take a moment to examine the company itself, and its history with customers. If a company is too small to have reviews of its products, then consider an alternative brand. As a final consideration, do not go with anything that is priced well below the competition while advertising the same level of quality and functionality. With modern shower heads, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Installation: Because modern shower heads vary so much in their design and utility, it can be challenging ahead of time to figure out what installation will be like. While many can fit easily over the existing feature, others will require the installation of a support arm. Others still will require reworking how the plumbing operates, creating an entirely new plumbing headache. Carefully review what the installation instructions are like.

Water Pressure: No examination of possible shower heads would be complete without a look at the kind of water pressure the shower head releases. Not every modern shower head will improve water pressure. Read reviews and select according to the needs of your home.


I hope that after reading my guide, buying a shower head that adds modernness to your bathroom becomes an easier task now. But in case you still don’t know where to go next, then try reading some other guides that I have on my site. I’m sure you will find the things you want soon.