Culligan HSH-C135 Hand Held Filtered Chrome Shower Head Review

ctaThe Culligan HSH-C135 shower head is one among the necessities in your household.

The shower head has been designed to reduce the chlorine elements freely available in water, sulfur scale and odor for a cleaner and a softer body experience.

Here is a complete Culligan hsh-c135 review for you, to fully explore all you need to know about this wonderful product.

Unique features

The HSH- C135 model has unique specification geared specifically to suit the bathroom demands.

The hand-held design of the rubber spray nozzle includes a metallic shower hose that allows for an easy reach of the isolated muscles for a through massage.

The shower head has an easy installation procedure with a maximum water flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

This is the recommended ASME standards since it is both efficient and economical in terms of water conservation.

With a capacity of 10, 000 gallons of an equivalent of six months filter life, it has an operating pressure ranging from 40 to 100 psi and an operating temperature ranging from 40 to 120 Degree F.

A package of this product comes with a mounting bracket, hand held-designed shower head, and a five-foot extension hose.

The shower head works perfectly when enough amount of water is allowed to run through the shower filters for a minimum of five minutes.

That way, it can flush out any loose filtering media and to fully soak the filter cartridge.

Here you are guaranteed to enjoy the five different spray settings where you can customize the shower experience to fit your desire.

Provides a friendly user interface

The Culligan hsh-c135 shower head is all you need in your bathroom.

It provides an easy user interface with the normal 1/2” (shower arm plumbing) standards of installation.

Bathroom experience has never been that efficient without this unique kind of shower head that can effectively reduce the chlorine impurities by 97%.

This product will work its way out to protect your hair and skin from the health-hazardous chemical compounds.

It also gets rid of the rotten-egg-like smell from the sulfur components and scale deposits to a greater percentage.

Great warranty policy

The good warranty allows you to fully experience the product’s services before declaring it for long-term use.

When it comes to durability, ease of use and the quality of service it delivers, the Culligan HSH-C135 has got your back!

This product has been in the market long enough and has passed the test of time and still remains the source of joy to its customers.

Water may fail to flow properly and consistently to the spray nozzles via the head if the filter cartridge is not well-installed.

It is highly recommended to replace the filter cartridge after a regular period of six months for the best refreshing shower.

This product has been tested and fully certified by the NSF after meeting all the ANSI set of standards.


Chlorine elements, sulfur smell, and scale deposits are the worse your skin should experience every time your body needs a fresh shower.

They have a negative impact on the skin texture and the human health in general.

Feel the difference by having this spectacular product serve your bathroom needs.